Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Two)

miami drawing 2

With only a few days in Miami, Emily and I were determined to make the most of it! It wasn’t quite warm enough to lie out by the pool or spend time in the sea, but that wasn’t going to stop us from having a damn good time. Take that, weather!

We climbed into our cutest (and most comfortable) outfits, and went out adventuring.

lido 1

We were staying at The Standard Spa, so on our second day, we started our day with tea at the hotel restaurant, Lido. The people-watching was fantastic: sassy 50 year old women with teeny-tiny dogs, models relaxing between shoots, and a gaggle of skaters were all on display.

As the queen of research (hello, Virgo!), I had done a little pre-emptive sleuthing before we arrived. The top recommendation for a beautiful brunch was at Cecconi’s within Soho Beach House. Hidden out the back of an art deco building in a courtyard strewn with fairy lights, Cecconi’s delivered!

cecconis 2

With striped tiles, purple, pink and green pillows, and leafy trees everywhere, I couldn’t have imagined a prettier spot to eat breakfast. Our food was great, too. I had eggs on toast with avocado and grilled tomato, and Emily ordered a goat cheese frittata. Delishimo.

Escape From Snow Island

My dress is from Free People, my hot pink mala is by Miss Sally Smith, and my crooked sunglasses are Celine!

tea cecconis

Milky Earl Grey tea for Emily!

hand 1

…But we had an agenda. As you can see on her hand, we needed to hit up an ATM, visit a CVS drugstore, and buy hats. So we headed towards the beach and walked along it to the shops.


I love this view of the turquoise ocean peeking through…

ocean miami 1

gala beach 2

I can’t express how blue and mesmerizing the water was. Ugh. So awe-inspiring.

miami ocean 2

sunscreen 1

Eventually we got to a drugstore, and decided that we needed to procure the perfect sunscreen. No joke, we spent about 20 minutes standing here, sniffing every single one. (Of course, later on, Emily told me about Coola Pina Colada-scented sunscreen! My life is forever changed!)

walgreens 1

We went a little bit nuts in this drugstore. It was loaded with magical things: weird sunglasses, cheap kaftans (we ended up buying one each in blue and yellow — just you wait!), and tacky souvenirs. It was great. (I bought this hat, of course.)

walgreens 5

After our drugstore stop, we headed to Alvin’s Island for flamingo mugs, bracelets and Miami Beach keychains. After years of travelling, I have finally started to embrace the art of being a tourist. My new thing is to buy a couple of souvenirs wherever I go. It’s really fun to drink my morning yerba mate out of a tacky flamingo mug!

flamingo mug 1

Honestly, best mug ever.

magnets 2

We didn’t buy any of these magnets, but now, I wish we had!

Loaded down with loot — kaftans, mugs, and hats — our next quest was to walk all the way back to The Raleigh and have lunch, because by now we had trekked what felt like miles, and worked up an appetite!

pink building

There are beautiful pastel buildings like this the whole way along the beach. They look so amazing against the bright blue sky.

raleigh 3

Sitting outside The Raleigh in my new pink hat! Haha. The Raleigh is gorgeous. In fact, almost of the major hotels in Miami Beach are in old art deco buildings which have been meticulously restored. The Raleigh is decked out in black and white stripes — a perennial favourite — and dotted with palm trees. Swoonsville.

palm coconuts


lemonade 1

Emily swore up and down that this was some of the best lemonade she’d ever tasted. As we sat at this table, overlooking a pool with the sun shining down, I experienced a feeling of extreme gratitude for my life and everything in it. It was one of those perfect moments. (I even saw a pint-sized lizard skittering around! What!)

raleigh 11

raleigh 10

I am obsessed with these chairs. They’re just so good!

Escape From Snow Island: Day Two

Liberace’s bathroom! No, not really, but this mirror belongs somewhere outrageous. Opposite this bathroom is The Raleigh’s gift shop, which is killer. I ended up buying a hot pink fan, and narrowly avoided buying some really sick sunglasses…

delano 4

Next up: The Delano, one of my favourite hotels in Miami. I stayed there with my girl Jess years ago, and it’s sublime. Their pool area is — as you can see — endless and immaculate.

delano 3

Don’t you just want to wade in?! Yes, yes, yes!

me swing 1

We were exhausted from all our adventures so we headed back to The Standard and plopped down in a couple of swinging chairs, which, for the record, almost put us to sleep. (P.S. #kaftanlife)

swing 1

So much fun!

gala and emily 1

All about that drugstore kaftan!

couches 1

There are lots of really cute hidden areas at The Standard. The swinging chairs are right next to these embroidered loungers, which are super-cool. (I even filmed a video there on our last day.) In the middle of all these chairs is a fire-pit, which we visited on our last night. At night, it becomes a little gathering spot.

me chair 1

I love this photo.

standard pool 2

We spent some time paddling in the pool and ordering drinks before we headed upstairs to The Standard’s spa for some serious indulgence. Since we’d been on our feet all day, we each had a glorious foot massage. Divine.

For dinner, we headed to Matador Bar at The Edition, the newest hotel in Miami. The hotel is spectacular and so is the food and the service. We had sweet pea guacamole, shrimp in garlic and chili oil, and black truffle and fontina pizza. Then for dessert, we ordered warm vanilla fritters with Mexican chocolate and a salted caramel “impossible flan”. I don’t know how impossible it was, but it sure was delicious!

Our final stop of the night was The Edition’s bowling alley, which we had heard was full of psychedelic lights… But it was a club night full of people, which made Emily want to throw herself out of the nearest window. Haha!

The next day was our most action-packed, so stay tuned!

Photos by Emily Faulstich.

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Radical Self Love Letters

Carousel: Girly Fitness, Acting Your Age, And Vitamin D Acid Blotters!


Here’s to the end of February! Surely, it can only get warmer from here… Right?! To be fair, I have no right to complain: I’m currently in LA (we’re teaching Blogcademy tomorrow!) and heading to Vegas next week, and the weather has been pretty damn dreamy. If you want a hit of California sunshine, be sure to follow on Instagram!

Your life is a hot date. Show up.

Looking Like Money: How Wellness Became the New Luxury Status Symbol.

Grace wrote a great piece on Illness Etiquette and to say (and not say!).

The CEO of Twitter says trolls are costing Twitter users.

Keeping your feet outside the covers helps you fall asleep faster. (I always do this.)

What’s it like to date your dad? WHOAH! The comments are even crazier than the article, if you can believe it!

Here’s some tips on removing facial hair!

How to pick up girls, written BY girls. So funny!

Never call yourself a “gin enthusiast” or a “coffee snob” in your bio. Beverages are not a substitute for a personality.

Oh, comments. Such a controversial issue. Tablet is now charging its users to comment.

Kathleen Hanna on buffalo chicken, Destiny’s Child, and the sketchy things she did to McDonald’s apple pies.

I endorse this: No more girly fitness bullshit. On that subject, have a read of Training, Tanning, and Branding With The Bikini Bodybuilding Stars Of Instagram.

The secret to artistic success? Make art. Make art with people you love. Respect the art you make.

“It works better if you enjoy it.” 36 things I wish SOMEbody would have told me along the way about money, sex and business, by Danielle LaPorte.

On Madonna, Annie Lennox, and acting your age.

This is what it’s like to sell drugs at fashion week.

L7’s Donita Sparks did an interview… And did you know they’re releasing a documentary?!

Can The Next Generation Of Morticians Breathe Life Into The Death Industry? Any article which starts like this is alright with me…

Advanced Embalming begins Monday morning at 8.

The trouble with “It girls.” We’ve used the term for nearly a century. But what does it tell us about the way we label women and their work?

A Belgian chocolatier wants you to snort chocolate like cocaine.

James Altucher on how to make money with 10 ideas a day.

Marie Forleo asks, Are The People Around You Dulling Your Drive?

Here are some of the best online art resources!

Sarah is an incredible radical self love warrior who made a new life for herself after leaving an extremely difficult situation. Bravo!

These artists want to cure your winter depression with Vitamin D acid blotters.

I love this: Confessions of a Virgo Pilates instructor.

Bill Cosby and how sexual predators feed on victim guilt.

Um, this hotel looks like an amethyst. #radicalselflovecoven retreat, anyone?!

Here are some lessons we can learn from Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s feminist friendship. Awww! So many positive feelings!

Great for wanderlust: 50 Ways to Have an Adventure Without Leaving Town.

I got lost on Danielle LaPorte’s site the other day, and here are two goodies: Skin, joy, boobs, and the right hair colour: My random & rarely dispensed beauty notes and My travel tips: Rose water, keyboards, peppermint, and mantras.

The Burden of Flawless. Beyonce’s unretouched photos leaked, shocking us with the fact that SHE IS HUMAN, OMG. Reality-shaming, indeed!

Would you buy a selfie toaster? It toasts your face onto bread…

Two of my favourite creative women, Anjelica Huston and Sofia Coppola, sat down for a lunch, and this is what happened.

I’m so in love with Suzan Drummen’s kaleidoscopic crystal floor installations!

Here’s why Richard Branson is so successful. I loved this post.

If you’ve ever wondered how to date people in bands, wonder no more!

You may have been able to hold their undivided attention for the first month or so of the relationship, but after that they will stop looking up when you enter the room because they’re busy looping something on Garageband and assume you will organise your life around their recording schedule.

My friend Louise moved to LA in the name of love. Love for herself, that is!

James wrote about three things that are more important than passion.

The worst troll is always in your head.

Here are all the ways you can hurt yourself masturbating. Cringe! This is an uncomfortable read, and probably not for the squeamish!

Being an unpaid worker at NYFW sucks. (No big surprises there.)

You can rent a boyfriend in China!

Here’s how to be a bad girl in India (includes “have breasts”!).

Mall Makeovers: ex-pat edition.

I loved reading about Esme’s magic-infused daily rituals.

Here’s how the competitive fitness industry pressures women into getting breast implants.

Why Draven’s suicide broke my heart, and the 3 things I do to keep myself alive.

How do we solve the lives ruined by TV talent shows?

Enormous Eye is a project encouraging writers to record their days.

Here are some totally different ways of thinking about a homepage.

Just checking in… SO FUNNY!

For no particular reason we’ve started sending emails to see who can make the other person experience the most profound sense of dread and panic.

Gender-bending the tarot.

Whoah! Do you follow the cute French guys on the Metro Instagram?!

#cuteasfuck is a revolution… And here’s why.

Did you know Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau was a Virgo?

Sarah Wilson asks, “Am I a hypocrite?” (No, Sarah! You are wonderful the way you are.)

This is what I look like without makeup. A very good read.

I loved Shauna’s Q&A post!

Marilyn Manson explains his love affair with makeup. In case you wondered, he wears MAC lipstick in Diva. (Of course he does!)




Love always,

Title image by J. Baylor Roberts for National Geographic.

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway

Your bedroom is a sacred space. It’s the place where you relax, sleep, dream, and get freaky, so it should be a room that you really enjoy spending time in. Even if your room is tiny and dark, it doesn’t have to be depressing! You don’t need to be living in a light-soaked loft to love your bedroom, I promise.

Here are a few quick, easy ways to spruce up your bedroom and make it a place you want to be.

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway

What’s better than climbing into a comfortable bed with adorable bedding? Not much!

In my bedroom, I have glow-in-the-dark Moon and constellation pillowcases teamed with simple IKEA bedding in stripes and dots. There’s something about a white and grey bed that is so relaxing to me!

If you want to experiment with something a little more colourful, An Enchanted Life is an Australian company who do very pretty duvet covers. I love their Into The Dawn mandala and Island Sky mandala covers, plus this magic eye mandala needs to be on your bed!

Ready to splurge? Linen sheets are the way to go, and they only get softer with every wash. Additionally, silk pillowcases really do make you more beautiful in the morning. This is not a myth!

Be thoughtful about where you position your bed, too!

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway

There are so many ways to bring more light into your bedroom. The first step is to hang mirrors, or even replace your normal sliding closet doors with mirrored ones. This will bounce light all around your room, and make it so much brighter!

One of my favourite things in our entire apartment is my double rainbow maker. It suction-cups onto the window, and is solar-powered. When the sun hits the rainbow maker, the little gears start to turn, and it projects rainbows (from fancy Swarovski crystals) all over your walls. Let me tell you, it’s really hard to be cranky when there are rainbows dancing around your room for a few hours!

You can also hang a crystal ball prism in your window to get a similar effect, or if you’re a rainbow obsessive (like me), hang it up next to your rainbow maker. Double (or even triple) the joy!

For nighttime, I say bring on the psychedelic! The Aurora Master projects — wait for it — ocean waves onto your ceiling, in an undulating rainbow of colours. What?! This is one of the coolest things I have ever heard of! It runs for an hour before clicking off, so it’d be perfect to set and forget just before you climb into bed. If the ocean isn’t your thing and you’d prefer the vastness of space, try a star projector!

I also firmly believe every babe needs a Himalayan salt lamp in her life. They emit such a warm, pretty glow at night, and the salt is great for you, naturally clearing the air of allergens like smoke, pet danger, and pollen. It’s wonderful for your sinuses, and can help asthmatics breathe easier. Do it!

Don’t forget the awesomeness of fairy lights, especially when hung behind a mosquito net: just be sure to buy the kind with a white cord! Another idea? Replace the majority of lightbulbs in your bedroom with pink bulbs! Meow! (Very flattering.)

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway

Your bedroom should smell fantastic, and not like old socks. Yuck! Here are some ideas for a sweetly-scented boudoir…

In addition to the obvious, like washing the bedding regularly and vacuuming, keep your room smelling good by burning scented candles (Diptyque Tubereuse is one of my all-time favourites), using an oil burner (and a selection of your favourite scents), or even putting essential oil into a humidifier. (My humidifier changes colours while shooting mist: it’s very techno-witch!)

No bedroom is complete without a bottle of lavender oil. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, prepare for your world to change! Lavender oil is ideal when your mind is just too whizzy to drop off to sleep. I always use NOW brand: for some reason it smells so much better to me than normal lavender, and I just dot it on my neck and wrists before I get into bed. Alternatively, you can put some on a tissue and sniff it, or even put the tissue inside your pillowcase.

If you’re in need of some serious rest, you can go a step beyond lavender oil with Essence Of Vali: Sleep, a blend which contains lavender, marjoram, cedarwood and ylang-ylang. They call it “A Bedtime Ritual”, which makes it sound so enticing!

By the way, if you want more information on oils and how to use them, Magical Aromatherapy: The Power of Scent by Scott Cunningham is an excellent place to start.

Plants never go amiss in the bedroom either: they add life, lusciousness and colour!

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway

Make your bedroom a happier place to be by adding a bit of sparkle. It could be as simple as the reflection of a candle burning in a mirror, or it could be elaborate. (By the way, if candles make you nervous, these flameless candles even come with a remote control!)

As a bonafide magpie, I seem to naturally end up scattering shiny things around. A sequinned skirt hung on the wall, a bedazzled pair of rabbit ears propped up in a metallic pink bowl, and even mercury glass drawer pulls added to my white IKEA dresser all help to make the room a little more sassy.

…But you could certainly go bigger and better than that. How about hanging a crystal bead curtain behind your bed, like an impromptu headboard? What if you hung a silver circle bead curtain in each window? Try draping a Moroccan wedding blanket over the end of your bed. Scatter miniature disco balls along your dresser, or even install a big mirror ball above your bed! Instant party!

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Magical Hideaway

Every girl needs a few essentials by her bed. I think you’re barely living without the following on hand…

A beautiful purple notebook to write down your dreams. (If you make this into a regular practice, you’ll get better at recalling your dreams — which helps you figure out your unresolved issues — and even learn how to lucid dream!)

A few of your favourite crystals: maybe rose quartz (love and empathy), amethyst (meditation, intuition and calm) and moonstone (helps guard against nightmares!)

A big stack of intriguing books that you look forward to climbing into bed and reading. Next to my bed right now are Teen Spirit, A Magick Life, and The Glitter Plan: a nice mix!

A jolly good sex toy (my pick is the Jimmyjane Form 2)

An eye-mask. If you’ve never used one before, prepare for the best sleep of your life! Bliss…

A smudging stick, for banishing the ghosts of lovers past!

Having said this, be sure to keep your clutter at a minimum. Unnecessary “stuff” has been proven to increase cortisol levels (aka stress levels), and that is so not the goal. Keep it calm in there!

What do you do to make your bedroom feel like a magical space? I’d love to hear!


P.S. Here are some more ideas to make your bedroom a happy place.

Images from Lesfemmesportive, Soul Makes, Urban Outfitters, Flickr, Indie Bedrooms (great photos!), Amazon.

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Sydney, Melbourne, And Auckland… Oh My! (Plus A Live Discount! HELLO!)

The Blogcademy

There are few things better than getting on a plane in cold weather and emerging somewhere warm, and that was exactly what happened to us when we flew to Australia and New Zealand for the last stops on our 2014 world tour. Sweet relief! Give me sunshine or give me death!

After a couple of lovely days wandering around Bondi Beach and getting totally lost in inner-city Sydney, we were ready to teach our Australasian beauties all about blogging!

Our first class was in Sydney, at Studio Soma in Surrey Hills. We started our days with full breakfasts at a great cafe called Orto (just up the street), and spent the rest of our days teaching a gaggle of enthusiastic Sydney-siders everything they wanted to know about blogging. Our class had two men in it (a record, I’m sure!), 3 pregnant women, and at least 4 or 5 energy healers, who, unsurprisingly, all ended up sitting next to one another on the first day. So cool.

Why didn’t we go to Sydney earlier?! They were so positive, bursting with vitality, and made us feel so welcomed. Babes, one and all!

Blogcademy Sydney

Blogcademy Sydney Day 1_108

Who could resist a Blogcademy mug? Not me. I have at least 3 Blogcademy mugs in my kitchen. In fact, I’m drinking yerba mate out of one right now!

Blogcademy Sydney Day 2_060

We really do mean it when we say you’ll fill up a notebook or two. In fact, our transcript for Blogcademy Online is 62,000 words! Holy MOLY!

Blogcademy Sydney Day 2_026

Blogcademy Sydney Day 2_050

Blogcademy Sydney Day 2_057

We were blessed with so many happy faces in Sydney. There’s nothing better than looking out at people who smile and laugh with you all day long!


Shauna does such an incredible job designing custom totes for each city. Our bag for Sydney featured a two-tone koala, definitely inspired by last year’s love affair with Brandy!

In their custom branded city tote our attendees received greeting cards from Love Ideas Ink, confetti from Fizzy Bunting, tattoo transfers from Pepper Ink and eye shadows from Violent Maiden. There were Blogcademy branded mugs and cute coloured pencil sets from Brand Me for our Aussie classes and of course there were sparkly ears for everyone from Crown and Glory. Finally, each attendee was given access to a free download of Reeta Krishna’s amazing WordPress for Beginners book!

Blogcademy Sydney Day 1_180

One of the things that makes Blogcademy really special is the amount of personalised feedback each attendee receives on their blog or business. In addition to writing report cards, we make ourselves totally available for two days, so that we can answer absolutely any question you might have. If you’re in need of some branding advice from Shauna, an advertising brainstorming session with Kat, or a pep-talk and pondering digital products from me, you can have it in abundance.

Blogcademy Online is selling like mad (and the feedback has been incredible!), but the only way to get one-on-one advice from us is to come to an in-person class… And P.S., there’s a special deal for in-person classes! Scroll to the end for more info!

Blogcademy Sydney Day 2_005

Sydney, you’re crazy, sexy, cool. We love you!

Walking into our Melbourne venue, The Establishment Studios, was like a dream come to life. Behind an extremely unassuming wooden door is a massive photo studio and — the most exciting bit — never-ending shelves full of props! We had two photographers on board, Kate Dyer (who came to class last year!) and Madeline Kate, and we made the most of them! We were also delighted to have The Photobooth Guys in attendance, whose zippy little printer spat out any photo with #theblogcademy hashtag. So cool.

We ate lunch (and breakfast) at Gramercy in The Cullen both days, and drank more Green Press juice than we imagined possible. (Pineapple + mint = a winning combination.)


Our Blogcadettes wear the most amazing things, which of course is a great excuse for us to dress up too! These shoes are Hobes, handmade in Australia, and apparently feel like you’re wearing nothing at all! They sure look cute on Steph!

The Blogcademy Melbourne

There were so many wonderful props on hand, and we were sure to make use of them!


Who can resist chairs up a wall?!




Taryn is a traditional Maori tattoo artist from New Zealand, and she has the best style!


Our photobooth was provided by The Photobooth Guys, and it was a huge hit. There’s a video of some of the highlights further down…



Dueling ears! Gosh, Crown And Glory, you make our world go ’round.

The Blogcademy Melbourne

It’s not a Blogcademy class without some confetti being thrown…



Thanks, Melbourne! You sure know how to take a great class photo!

Despite waking up at 5am to fly across the ditch, our enthusiasm for Blogcademy Auckland was super-high. Class was held at Biz Dojo Gallery on K Road, which was beautiful, and it was decorated by Wink, who did such an epic job! I was so thrilled that our last class of the year was in New Zealand (Kiwi pride!), and of course, they delighted us SO much. What an amazing group of women (and token men — my father was also in attendance).

Blogcademy Auckland

Wink decorated the space with so many fun goodies, including these BLOG balloons, and a Polaroid wall using images from our Instagram accounts! It was so nice to walk in and discover this after weeks away from home — it felt so welcoming and wonderful.


SICK style. Those shoes are too amazing to exist!



These girls knew EVERY piece of blog gossip ever. EVER! It blew our minds!

Blogcademy Auckland



Sometimes our blogcadettes come bearing gifts, which is very flattering and sweet. In this shot, you can see Tannia — owner of Most Wanted, an incredible vintage clothing shop — giving us amazing flower headbands made out of felt! So cool!


“Wait, so you mean I can use FaceTune to remove ALL signs of a hangover in a photo?! Why didn’t someone tell me about this years ago?!”


At the end of class, we were astounded when Te Kiira, an educator and all-round badass, sang us a song to say thank you. It was incredible!



Cuties galore. THANK YOU, Kiwis, for making our last class of the year so goddamn great!

BLOGCADEMY_VDAY_4-640x426 (1)

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we thought it was the perfect time to show your blog a little love! That’s why we’re offering $100 off ALL of our 2015 in-person Blogcademy workshops until Wednesday the 18th of February! Here’s where we’ll be…

February 28 – 1, 2015

June 13 – 14, 2015

September 12 – 13, 2015

September 19 – 20, 2015

December 5 – 6, 2015

December 12 – 13, 2015

Just enter the code blogyourdreams at check-out to have the discount applied. If you’re not sure what you’ll learn, see our site and read our FAQ!

Love forever,

Sydney photos by Janneke Storm. Melbourne photos by Kate Dyer and Madeline Kate. Auckland photos by Steph of Bubblerock.

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Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Ruin Your Day!

Don't Let Valentine's Day Ruin Your Day!

Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day can really SUCK. If you’re coupled up, maybe your babe didn’t rock your world the way you were secretly hoping they would, and if you’re single, well, the sight of all those happy couples might make you want to puke.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone!

I roped Dolly into making a little video with me last night, because she and I are determined that you’ll have a wonderful day!


Sending all our love,

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