The Blogcademy’s Spring Fling!


The birds are chirping, little green buds are appearing on trees, and there are buckets of tulips outside every bodega in New York City. This can only mean one thing: Spring is coming!

At The Blogcademy, we’re huge proponents of out with the old and in with the new, so we’re doing a little spring cleaning!

We launched Home School — our series of short, sharp and to-the-point videos — this time last year, and to say they’ve been a huge success is a massive understatement. We’ve helped thousands of women write great about pages, create killer media kits and make money through advertising, and that’s just for starters.



We’ve been delighted to see the real life results from Home School, and there are plenty of examples on our site!

But it’s time to shake things up. We’re working on a whole host of brand new digital and live course offerings — to say we’re excited is a drastic understatement! — so we’re clearing the decks to make space for them. Home School is on the chopping block, and in fact, after Sunday, Home School will disappear forever… But until then, you can snap up any of the videos for 50% off!

If you’re ready to improve your blog, make it more beautiful, or start making money, this is the perfect opportunity. ALL of our Home School segments are $10 each from now until Sunday… And then they’ll be gone forever!

Just use the code springfling to get the discount. (This deal is not retroactive, sorry!) The code will expire on Sunday night, so you only have a few days to snag this excellent deal!

Here are our modules: media kits, creating an about page, doing a blog brand audit, how brands can work with bloggers, how bloggers can work with brands, PR and marketingmaking money through advertising, creating killer content, Pinterest for bloggersdealing with negativity, still life 101, how to set your rates and building your audience. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of delicious information to help you grow your blog, make more cash, and start feeling creative again!

Got any questions? Just hit us up on Twitter.


P.S. If you’ve bought Home School videos in the past, don’t worry: your access to the videos isn’t going anywhere!

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Radical Self Love Letters

True, Deep, Intense Friendship Looks Like This

Real friendship

As time marches on, I appreciate my friends more and more. It might be a cliche, but it’s true: what really counts is the quality, not the quantity, of your friendships. I’d rather have a handful of ride-or-die friendships than 1000 casual acquaintances!

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship, what it means and what it looks like, and I came up with a little list. I hope it inspires you to invest more in your friendships, and to treasure the babes you love.

Real friendship

What’s on your list of friendship must-haves? I’d love to hear!

Photo by Made U Look.

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Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Our time in Miami flew by. We couldn’t get enough, so on our last day, we decided that we should get as much done as possible! We woke up to a crazy tropical thunderstorm — I’ve never heard or felt such fat raindrops!

Thankfully, since we knew ahead of time that there would be a storm rolling towards us, we had earmarked Thursday as our spa day. The Standard Spa is known for its massages, so it made sense to keep it super-local! We grabbed umbrellas and walked over to the spa.

We kicked off the day with Vitamin B12 shots. We were both B12 virgins, but I was swayed by Emily’s insistence that her sister-in-law loved them and that it makes you feel like you’re full of sunshine. How could we say no?! The process was quick — a jab in the arm which took less than 30 seconds — but neither Emily nor I felt much… Maybe it was a dud batch?!

“Do you feel anything?!” we kept asking. The other would shake her head. Oh well. We gave it a go! (Have you ever tried Vitamin B12 shots?)

Our next stop: 90 minute massages — exactly what the doctor ordered — followed by sublime floral facials. My esthetician used Tata Harper products, and massaged my face with teeny glass balls full of chilled water. It was really odd, but it felt amazing!

Escape From Snow Island

Feeling relaxed and refreshed, we took showers, put on our matching kaftans (oh YES girl) and headed to The Edition for lunch. We had been gobsmacked by its beauty the night before (when we ate at Matador), and this time, we wanted to check out Market.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Market is a little more low-key than Matador. It’s a food hall, but it also a food hall done by Jean-Georges, so… Y’know. It’s not that low-key. Emily was psyched on her ice-cream sundae with rainbow sprinkles, and I ordered miniature donuts because I couldn’t resist their cuteness.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

I also ordered a slice of marshmallow chocolate cake (YOU CANNOT IMAGINE) and a salted chocolate-chip cookie… Because life is short, sugar is delicious, and why the hell not? Fuck yeah I ate that.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

After our enormous lunch, we decided to take advantage of Edition’s enormous blank white walls and shoot some weird portraits of each other. Emily snapped this dancing montage of me, and then…

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

I shot this picture of her, which makes me laugh so hard. “This is my new favourite photo of me!” she exclaimed.

(And — I told you we wore matching kaftans! So much comfort. So much joy. #kaftanlyfe)

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

We headed outside to investigate the pool area, which was surrounded by glorious cabanas and quite a bit of astroturf. I have always had a soft spot for astroturf. For years, I wanted an office that featured an astroturf rug… And some strategically-placed flamingos. Maybe one day!

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

The Edition hotel has its own private entrance to the beach. It looks like this. Thankfully, it had stopped raining, but the mercurial skies remained. It was so beautiful.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

We got our toes wet and plodded along the sand.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

I was a little bit in love with these striped huts dotted along the beach. Wandering around was great: the weather was so weird that we didn’t see any other people, except for one woman who asked us to take an iPhone photo of her with her bicycle. I don’t know what everyone else in Miami was doing. Probably holed up in their hotel rooms ordering room service! (Always a good use of time.)

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

After our beach adventures, we hopped in a cab and went to Flossie’s, a metaphysical shop owned by a woman — named, you guessed it, Flossie! — in her 60s with pale pink easter egg hair. I always love to research metaphysical shops on Yelp whenever I go somewhere, and her store sounded intriguing.

We were not disappointed. Her store is chockablock with crystals, candles, oils, and, sort of inexplicably, Tupac posters!

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Choose your incense: lavender, black coconut, sandalwood, or money?

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

The most incredible thing about Flossie’s is the array of oils. This photo only shows a small selection — there were hundreds. The majority of her oils are perfume dupes which smell identical to all of the major fragrances on the market today: think Tom Ford, Balenciaga, Gucci, etc. I don’t usually go in for replica perfumes because the idea kind of weirds me out, and 99% of the time they smell terrible. Imagine my surprise to discover that the oils at Flossie’s smell incredible and cost a pittance: $3 each or 6 for $10! Needless to say, I stocked up, and have been wearing a new oil every day!

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Flower Bomb, Escada, Michael Kors, Jay-Z, Jimmy Choo… The list goes on. I don’t know who makes them, but whoever does it has a mighty good snoot! (I love that word. I learned it from Steve Braunias, one of my favourite New Zealand writers.)

Flossie has an assortment of her own oils that she mixes by hand. She has one for every astrological sign, an oil for gratitude, and many others. Of course, I snapped up a bunch!

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Baby Phat Fabulosity.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

A couple of hours flew by as we inhaled oils, chose crystals, and picked out jewellery.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Flossie also carries the classic old voodoo oils which probably don’t smell amazing but which have fantastic labels. Yessssssss!

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Emily and I both bought this one because the label was so damn good. Anyway, we had a blast at Flossie’s — totally worth the $25 cab ride each way! In fact, we covered ourselves in so many different oils that when we got in a cab back to The Standard, our driver sighed with disgust and rolled down his window. Hahah.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

The day was starting to wind down. This beautiful cotton candy sunset was such a pleasure to behold on our last night in Miami.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

We headed back to our hotel with our bags full of loot. The sun was starting to go down, the fire-pit was glowing, and we told ourselves we’d pay it another visit at the end of the night.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

For our last meal in Miami, we went to Bianca at Delano, where we sat outside, ate shrimp, researched unsavoury nightspots on our phones, and enjoyed coconut, chocolate and strawberry sorbet and gelato. …And then we took photos in the bathrooms, because how can you not when there’s a chandelier over the sink?

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

If you’ve never been to Delano, it’s a must-visit. It’s very Alice In Wonderland-inspired, with oversized chairs, voluminous billowing curtains, and towering hedges.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Plus, more palm trees than you can shake a stick at.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

Their cabanas are gorgeous, even at night.

After dinner, we headed back to The Standard, where we made lists of things we wanted to let go of, and then burned in the fire-pit.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

The next morning, we only had a few hours before we had to head to the airport. I scampered over to the fire-pit area to film this video, and then we had pancakes and French toast. Delicious.

Escape From Snow Island: Our Mid-Winter Trip To Miami (Part Three)

We changed back into our un-cute hobbit clothes, finally triumphed over the battle to zip our suitcases closed, and flew home to NYC, where — spoiler alert! — it was still freezing.


Thank God for Miami.

Love ever,

Photos by Emily Faulstich.

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New Moon (+ Eclipse) Magic: March 2015

New Moon Magic

Hello, witch babies! I’m delighted to bring you another installment of New Moon Magic. I absolutely love getting the opportunity to check in on our hashtag — #radicalselflovecoven — and see what you, my magical sisters, are up to! You’re such a powerful bunch! (Heart-eyes emoji!)

Time flies, no? The New Moon happens next Friday, and it’s SUPER-powerful and potent because it’s not just a New Moon, it’s also a Solar Eclipse!  Mystic Medusa has the astrological overview, and I’ve got suggestions to help you make the most of this time.

New Moon Magic


L.A. – Friday at 2.46am
NEW YORK – Friday at 5.46am
LONDON – Friday at 9.46am
DUBAI – Friday at 1.46pm
HONG KONG – Friday at 5.46pm
SYDNEY – Friday at 8.46pm

IN THE SKY… (Mystic Medusa)

Yes that’s right. This is not just a New Moon – it is a New Moon and an Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse to be technical about it.

It’s also right at the end of the Zodiac, gracing the magical, strange degree of 29 Pisces.

So what does this mean? It makes for a super-heated New Moon vibe, all the usual fresh start potential of a New Moon, octupled.

One mighty phase ends and another begins. The whole WEEK of this Eclipse is geopolitically intense – if an “emperor” is wearing no clothes, we find out. It is also linked to the events/emotions around December 20 2014 and – if you are old enough – to choices made or people encountered in 1988.

Think dramatic endings and beginnings. This is especially so as this Eclipse/New Moon comes straight after the Zap Zone exact just a few days before.

I literally cannot exaggerate how potent this energy is for starting over, falling in love without your old baggage or resentments, a rad makeover and/or ending a Qi draining habit.

It only hurts if you’re insisting on remaining stuck in some old, stale pattern of relating or functioning.

Slough off cynicism and be open to the new era being born now. It’s also nearly at the end of the Zap Zone – the almighty evolution of basically everything that has been challenging us non-stop since mid-2012.

If you feel like you’ve been all change and heated intellectual development but that your psyche has yet to catch up with the rewired you, this IS your opportunity.

It’s particularly intense for Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini – these signs need to definitely take care not to linger in an old love rut. Lift your game, open your heart – something big and awesome is en route.

Think also; dream messages. As Louise Gluck wrote in It Is Daylight – “the soul is silent, if it speaks at all, it speaks in dreams.” This is a good time to listen. In the olden days, it was said that the veils between dimensions thinned out during eclipses.

This is a surreal, poetic and romantic Eclipse IF you’re refusing stagnation at any level.

New Moon Magic

ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

At the moment, life feels like a table which has been beautifully set with shiny silverware and a big bouquet of flowers… But nearby, a dastardly magician lurks, just about to swoop in and pull out the tablecloth. Will the cups and spoons, plates and forks — that is to say, the relationships, projects and constructs of your life — remain upright and in position? Only time will tell, but if you’ve been actively evolving — by which I mean taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions, clearly identifying your triggers and motives, and not simply burying your head in the sand when it comes to the stuff you’d rather not deal with — then there should be minimal breakage.

But be aware: change, it is a-comin’. Next Friday is going to be a big day!


If you’re anxious about what’s around the corner, tarot and oracle cards can be a wonderful way to receive messages. The decks I use most often are The Wild Unknown and Love Your True Colors, but I also love the Truthbomb deck for quick insights. (It’s a very invigorating pack!)

A three card spread is easy. Shuffle your deck of choice while you think about whatever is going on in your life right now, then select three cards. Lay them down in a row, left to right. The first card (far left) represents your past and background. The middle card shows your problem or difficulty. The last card (far right) shows you your future and gives advice to help you navigate whatever you’re going through.

You don’t have to be a kickass card reader to do a spread like this: you can Google the meanings of individual cards if you don’t have them all memorised. And if you don’t own a deck, no problem! Try Facade, Llewellyn, Lotus, or Salem, all of whom offer really quick, simple and free online readings.

If you want to go more in-depth and benefit from the objectivity of a pro, get a reading from someone who really knows their shizz. Paige Zee — who I have met on multiple occasions, and adore — read for me this week and blew my socks off! She is amazing! I recommend her to the ends of the Earth and back.


I know a woman who wakes up, writes down what she is afraid of or worried about, and burns it every morning. This is an excellent practice to take up over the next couple of weeks. There is something incredibly powerful about watching your fears burn away.

The most satisfying way to do this, in my opinion, is to get your hands on a small cauldron (eeee! YES! I have this one with the sign of the Triple Goddess on it) and some flash paper, which sparkles and sizzles as it burns. I like to cut it into thin strips, write one thing at a time, and watch it burn! Oh, so satisfying!


This is not the time to forget about your daily practices, whatever they might be: green juice, meditation, working out, journalling, etc. Whatever it is that keeps you sane? Do more of it. Keep it up. When the magician comes in to pull the tablecloth out from under you, your daily practices will keep you stable and upright. Don’t forget about radical self love!


Don’t be freaked out. Evolution can be scary, but it always leads to something wonderful, and it’s easiest when you go with the flow. Try to stay relaxed and not grip onto anything too tightly. Spend time with the most open-minded, versatile and creative people you know — they will help you see how to make the most of this energy!


I’m so excited to see what happens for each of us… And if you give any of these suggestions a try, I’d love to see what you get up to! Just post your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #radicalselflovecoven!

Love eternal,

Photos from Tais Sirole and Wildfox.

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What If I Don’t Know What I Want? (The Blank Vision Board Blues)

What If I Don't Know What I Want?

Something weird happened to me recently. When I was in L.A., Shauna started asking me about vision boards. She had heard about how effective they could be, and was keen to give it a shot. When I asked her what she’d want on her vision board, she immediately rattled off a very specific list. I was psyched for her, and as we talked, I could see her future blossoming in my mind’s eye.

I love vision boards and I’m always up to make them, but there was just one problem: I couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted. Nothing really lit me up. I just felt kind of empty; tapped out.

This feeling followed me around California, to Nevada (where we had a debaucherous and wonderful few days), and even home to New York City. I returned to an empty house — my husband has been racing motorcycles in Florida — and spent the majority of the week in bed. I was exhausted and demotivated. I slept 12 hours a night more than once. I accidentally fell asleep in the middle of the day. I didn’t want to update my blog. I just wanted to lie around and do nothing.

I was filled with conflicting emotions. On one hand, it was thrilling to not have to do anything. (This has been the first time in over a year that I’ve legitimately had nothing urgent on my to-do list.) But on the other, I felt immense guilt and pressure. My blog, my book, my other projects were all waiting… And I was excited about them! But I just couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm.

After a period sitting on the couch staring into space, I Googled Danielle LaPorte to see if she’d ever written anything about how it’s okay to take a break. Sadly, I couldn’t find anything. Next, I Googled “is it okay for me to take a break?” like I was asking the internet for permission.

An hour or two later, I looked at Instagram… And I got the sign I had been looking for.

REST IS PRODUCTIVE : THE SAVASANA OF CREATIVITY + WORK At the end of a big project, you will be pulled with equal force in three directions: CLEANING UP. You’ve been in the creative bubble. Your auto-responder was set to “don’t bug me,” your door mat said “Unwelcome.” Now your inbox is encrusted with emails like barnacles on an ocean-liner. There are many things that legitimately need tending to, people you care about are waiting, and you genuinely want to move into responsive mode. But you also really need… STILLNESS. Your mind has been burning for so longing that needs the cooling effect of suspension and ambling. A nap. Reading a book unrelated to your line of work. Unscheduled time. Listening, receiving. NEWNESS. Part of you is raring to get going on the next Big Thing. You’re wired to make stuff. It’s what you do. If I was more chemically imbalanced, I would have started my new book the day after I submitted my last book, (it crossed my mind. The next tome is burning a hole in my heart.) But I knew it was Savasana time. Prone on the floor with your eyes closed, it’s easy to fall asleep in Savasana. Some yoga instructors discourage this because it’s not about escaping per se, it’s about integration. I used to consider it nap time. But now I listen, and I hear so much more. And I re-enter the world more energized. The same approach applies to work. I used to wrap a project, crash hard, and then zip into the next thing. Now…I sit with both the discomfort and the enthusiasm. I stay awake and look at where I’ve been and how it relates – or doesn’t – to where I want to go. We rest to integrate the benefits of the work that we have done. CLEAN UP without rushing, without panic or guilt, and with respect for the patience you’ve been shown. BE STILL in the ways that your body and mind crave. LET THE NEWNESS ROOT. Allow yourself to be sensationally excited…without acting on it…yet. When you rest, you have space for all of it. And when you rise to meet the future, you will be very, very ready.

A photo posted by Danielle LaPorte (@daniellelaporte) on

That’s when it dawned on me: I needed to take a fucking break! Since January 2014, I’ve launched 365 days of Radical Self Love Letters, The Blogcademy Home School, Radical Self Love Bible School, Blogcademy Online, and Radical Self Love Bootcamp. This is in addition to editing and finishing my first book, blogging around three times a week, flying around the world to teach The Blogcademy, and holding Radical Self Love Salons in NYC and London.

It’s no wonder I’m exhausted. Just looking at that list makes me want to take a big nap (yeah, another one)! It’s an enormous amount of content, marketing and customer service to juggle.

It’s so obvious: after you create something, you need to recover. As wonderful as it is to make new things and put them out into the world, you can’t do it 24/7… Because your creative energy is a finite resource.

The reason I can’t think of what I want — and the reason my vision board would be blank right now — is because I’m so burned out and tired. I haven’t taken any breaks. I have been, as they say, “burning the candle at both ends.”

What If I Don't Know What I Want?

Yesterday, I asked Google if it was okay for me to take a break. I mean, if you have to go to Google to get permission for something, stop! The answer is simply yes. You are clearly exhausted (and slightly delusional). Just allow yourself to do what you want to do. You are in charge!

Let me say that another way. If you’re looking for a permission slip that says it’s alright for you to step away, THIS IS IT. Nothing good will come from pushing through, forcing yourself onwards, and gritting your teeth. You need space to figure out your next moves. Your imagination needs traffic cones placed around it so your thoughts can percolate.

If you’re feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t know what you’d put on your vision board, this is a sign that you need to back off and relax. Make yourself some space. Ideas will start to flow back in when the time is right. (Trust that. There are always more ideas.)

Close your laptop and go for a walk. Sit in the sunshine and close your eyes. Go and see a movie with one of your favourite people. Play with your dog. Buy some plants. Do whatever it is you have to do in this moment to recalibrate your soul. (You already know what you really need.)

I needed to take a rest and let things sink in. That’s what I’ve been doing this week, and what I’m going to continue doing for as long as I need it.

Being creative and doing your work — especially when it’s meaningful and fulfilling — is fantastic, but it shouldn’t be your entire life. Go do something else!

Take a load off, mama.

With love,

Images by Nick Thomm, Danielle LaPorte and Jen Gotch.

Want more like this? Try In Praise Of Calling It Quits: What To Do When You’re Burned Out, & How To Get Your Spark Back.

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