Tell Us About Your Worst Job EVER And Win A Miracle Worker Scholarship!

Miracle Worker

Ellen and I created Miracle Worker because we believe life is too short to do work you don’t love. This is not merely some feel-good platitude — it’s something we’ve both experienced in our own lives. Between the two of us, we’ve started seven businesses, hired and collaborated with dozens of people, and raised — and reached — millions. Believe us when we say that doing work that fulfills you is one of the fastest ways to live the life of your dreams.

The class has been selling like hotcakes and the excitement in our private Facebook group is palpable! It’s always such a delight to receive a positive response to any project, and this is no exception.

Now we want to reward you for your enthusiasm! We’re offering five Miracle Worker scholarships to five lucky babes, and entering is easy!

To enter, be sure to like our Facebook page and then comment on this post telling us about your worst job ever! We’ll be awarding bonus points for hilariously cringeworthy anecdotes, photographic evidence of hideous uniforms, and teeth-gnashing details.

We’ll be choosing our “best of the worst” on Sunday night (the 26th of April), so if you’d like to be part of our Miracle Worker class, don’t dilly-dally! (And feel free to pass this post onto a friend who is stuck in a dead-end job and could use some help!)

There’s only two weeks left before registration closes for good, and then class opens on May 4th. I’m chomping at the bit to get cracking, and I’d love to see you work your miracles.

Love FOREVER (and don’t you forget it!),

Photo by Made U Look Photography.

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Radical Self Love Letters

New Moon Magic: April 2015

New Moon Magic: April 2015

Aloha, magical kittens! Well, it’s that time again: time to clear our minds and hearts, to take a look at the the cycles of our lives, and reset our intentions. Remember, if you want to share the way you celebrated this New Moon with our #radicalselflovecoven, be sure to snap a picture and hashtag it!

The New Moon kicks off tomorrow, and it’s going to be gorgeous. No matter where you are on the planet, I encourage you to harness this energy: it is potent, powerful and glorious! As always, Mystic Medusa gives an astrological overview below, and I’ve got suggestions to help you make the most of what’s going on in the sky!

New Moon Magic: April 2015


L.A. – Saturday at 10.57am
NEW YORK – Saturday at 1.57pm
LONDON – Saturday at 6.57pm
DUBAI – Saturday at 9.57pm
HONG KONG – Sunday at 1.56am
SYDNEY – Sunday at 4.57am

IN THE SKY… (Mystic Medusa)

FINALLY, a New Moon that is not an Eclipse nor even remotely connected with the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto mid-2012 until early 2015) that is now behind us and soon to be receding into the distance.

By now whatever revolutionary upheaval in your life it was that you needed is most likely done with and you’re now setting about the hard but awesome work of building the new paradigm.

Happily, this New Moon ushers in the most amazing ten days for building anything. A Grand Earth synergy blesses rebuilt rapport, new or rapidly improving relationships, shoring up home security and domestic stability or the making of money via a rebooted attitude toward prosperity.

It’s sensual, avaricious and grounded.

There ARE some Mars-Venus squares around the New Moon so if you’re basing your assessment of an attraction or a romance on dodgy data, you find out by the New Moon. But it’s not drastic astrology – it’s just SO good for self-actualisation that you’re not going to drag anyone unsuitable into this fab new terrain with you.

New Moon Magic: April 2015

ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

This has been a big transitional period for many of us. By now, you probably know what it is you need to do to evolve, and to align your day-to-day life with your vision and values. Like Mystic said, this is a wonderful time to do this — you are being totally supported by the Universe. Take a big breath, and start making plans!


One of the fastest ways to bring your dreams to reality is to create a vision board. Don’t be intimidated by the name, they’re easy to make: it’s basically just a collage! You can either cut clippings out of magazines, or get really specific and use Pinterest or Google Image Search to find photos of the exact things you want. Tempting though it may be to make a digital vision board, there is something extra-magical about cutting out the pictures, sticking them down, and shaking a little glitter on it!

For bonus points, take a photo of your vision board, and set it as your wallpaper on your computer and phone. You’ll draw those things towards you with lightning speed!


This is a very grounded New Moon, so embrace that. Instead of meditating on a cushion, go outside! Instead of living in your headphones, listen to the song of the birds. Take off your shoes and scrunch your toes in the grass or the sand, give yourself a mud mask, pick flowers, buy some new crystals, spend time in a garden or up a tree. It will feel great to get connected with the Earth in a real way.


Aries know how to make things happen. To celebrate the New Moon in Aries, try these…

Honour your head! Aries rules the head, so do something that makes you feel like you’re worshipping your own noggin. Try a radical scalp massage, wearing a beautiful flower crown, or spraying your hair with perfume!

Move your body! Dance ecstatically, go for a swim, jump a fence into your neighbour’s yard and “borrow” their trampoline for a little bit. It’ll feel incredible.

Do some brainstorming. Aries loves to invent and create new things, so harness this energy to get those creative juice flowing.

Own your decisions. You don’t need to apologise to anyone else for feeling the way you do, or wanting the things you want. It’s your life, and you are allowed to live it however you want!

Just start! No matter what you want to do next, take one little step towards making it happen. Remember, absolutely everything is progress.

I’m going to be spending my New Moon on a beach in Mexico… With a flower crown on my head, my toes in the sand, and a big smile on my face. I hope your New Moon is sensational. If you give any of these suggestions a try, I’d love to see what you get up to! Just post your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #radicalselflovecoven!

With love,

P.S. Mystic is on the cusp of creating month-long subscriptions, so if you want to pop in and out — check your Tarot, get the Scopes — but you’re not ready to commit, you can! It should be up and running by the end of April. Keep your eyes on her site, although you should be doing that already!

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How To Find Meaningful Work: The Miracle Worker Q&A

Miracle Worker

On Sunday, Ellen and I held a Miracle Worker hangout to answer many questions you guys had about career, surviving a job you hate, and figuring out what you should do with your life!

It was great fun, and if you missed the live event, it was recorded in its entirety! Click below to watch. (If you’re viewing this via email, you’ll need to click through to see the video.)


Hopefully, this video will give you some clarity around what your next moves should be. Now, go out there and kick some ass!

Don’t forget, Miracle Worker kicks off on May 4th, and if you’re thinking about signing up, we’d recommend doing it sooner rather later! (Awesome friendships are already being formed in the Facebook group, and being firmly entrenched in our community will make the class experience way more fun.)


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The Best Birthday I Ever Had… And How To Shine Brightly And Change The World

Spirit Junkie Masterclass

When it comes to birthdays, I firmly believe you should spend them doing something fabulous. Like sailing a boat around the Greek Islands, for example… That was a good one! And I have this recurring fantasy that one day, someone will throw me a surprise party complete with sparklers stuck into a cake. (That really appeals to me on a deep, visceral level!)

But last year was one of my best birthdays. I spent it in a theatre with 300 other women, utterly enchanted: watching, listening, absorbing, singing, meditating and growing. I was at Spirit Junkie Masterclass, an incredible two-day event held by one of my favourite people, Gabby Bernstein.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is happening again this year, June 5th-7th in New York City, in a beautiful theatre in Chelsea… And I’m going to be speaking there!

So, what is Spirit Junkie Masterclass? It’s an out-of-this-world two day training for anyone who wants to elevate their business with integrity and purpose. Gabby is a spiritual rockstar whose purpose is to create teachers. If you’re a coach, a writer, a speaker, a healer, or anyone who is here to illuminate this world, this is where you need to be. In addition to boosting your spiritual practice, you’ll learn how to grow your brand, manifest media for your message, publish books and lead groups. Her training is hugely powerful and purposeful, and you will walk out of the theatre on Sunday night as a new person.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass was — hands down — the best live event I’ve ever experienced, and yes, that includes concerts by the likes of Marilyn Manson, Jay-Z and Bjork! I’ve never been taken to another place like that. Seeing your favourite band can be sublime, but seeing someone on stage who is committed to helping you transform, to bust through your blocks, and doing it all with unbearable compassion, is utterly transcendent.

I had never seen someone stand in their power with as much integrity or clarity. I didn’t know someone could be that “on”. Gabby was a divine channel. The room crackled with electricity, and hummed with love, support and authenticity. On that stage, bathed in light, she soothed our souls, called out in encouragement when it got tough, and gave us the loving ass-kicking that we came for. It felt like a yoga adjustment for my entire psyche.

Last year at Spirit Junkie Masterclass I spoke briefly to the audience about the fact that I was about to publish my first book, and I emphasised the importance of choosing yourself. This year, we’re going even deeper. I’ll be joining Gabby on-stage to discuss the process of publishing my first book, and how you can turn your blog into a business, and use it to support the work you do in the world. I’m psyched beyond belief to be part of this event, because I know that if it could change my heart and my business, it will change yours too.

I’d love for you to join us, and to celebrate I have a special discount code to help you save $400 off the earlybird price! When you buy, you’ll also get access to a one time only pre-training call with me! Spirit Junkie Masterclass is all about elevating your business, and I want to share my secrets with you! On this call, you’ll learn about the ten best things I ever did to grow my business, as well as participate in a live, rapid-fire Q&A! Let’s make this the most amazing, expansive year of your life!

The earlybird price is $2200, but my discount code gets you $400 off, bringing the price down to $1800. Simply use the code gal400 at checkout! (The code expires Sunday the 19th of April.)

Even though I attended Spirit Junkie Masterclass last year, I’m doing it all over again this year, and I can’t wait. There is always so much more to learn! I admire Gabby and the work she does so much, and I am deeply honoured to call her a friend.

I can’t wait to see you there, hopefully in the front row, dancing, singing, laughing and flourishing right next to me!

Love always,

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Got Questions About Your Career? Join Us For A Live Miracle Worker Q&A Session!

Miracle Worker: Live Q&A!

You guys! The response to Miracle Worker has been insane! To say that this class is necessary is a massive understatement. Over 100 people have signed up so far, and it’s only day four! The Facebook group is hoppin’, and we are so excited about jumping into this course with both feet!

Ellen and I know that when it comes to investing in a class like this, it can all seem a bit intimidating. That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to our live Q&A session this Sunday! It’s a Google Hangout so you can watch from home, submit questions, and hang out with us for an hour. Yay!

We’ll be talking about the class and what you can expect, teasing you with some of our favourite tidbits from upcoming lessons, and — perhaps most importantly — answering any questions you might have about your career, starting a business, or Miracle Worker itself!

Miracle Worker: Live Q&A!

Stumped for question ideas? Ellen and I have an enormous amount of business experience between us — we’ve launched seven businesses, hired dozens of employees, raised millions of dollars, reached millions of readers, been quoted in the best newspapers, taught at ivy league universities, and changed jobs (and passions) multiple times! — so don’t be shy!

You might want to know…

How to commit to your side passion while you work a day-job
 When’s the right time to start something new
 How to choose between a few, equally interesting opportunities
 How to survive a soul-sucking corporate job
 Whether you should pack it all in and start a blog!

…And the list goes on! No question is “stupid”, and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. We recommend asking your question in advance right here — that way, we won’t accidentally miss your query in the heat of the moment!

Our live Q&A session happens on Sunday 12th April at 3pm (Los Angeles), 6pm (New York), 11pm (London), and Monday 13th April at 8am (Melbourne) and 10am (Auckland). RSVP here!

If you can’t join us live, don’t worry, there will be a recording available, but be sure to submit your question so we can help you out!

Love always,

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