10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness

No matter who you are, we all have bad days from time to time. It’s a natural and normal part of life. However, even though your sadness might be screaming at you to stay inside and never wash your hair again, you still have the ability to do something to turn your day around!

That is one of the most incredible things about living on this planet: we have free will, and in every single moment, we get to choose how we want to feel.

It can be really tempting to dive into bad habits or take the path of least resistance, and slip further into your sadness… But it won’t make you feel any happier. Next time you’re feeling unhappy and you think your life sucks, try one (or all!) of the following.

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


Often when we feel bad, we find ourselves subconsciously gravitating towards things that will make us feel worse. So my suggestion is to avoid conspiracy theories, the news, and particularly depressing documentaries, no matter how hypnotic and fascinating they might be.

If you find yourself browsing Youtube for Louis Theroux’s bleakest documentaries, STOP! Choose to spend your time on things that will make you feel good, like unabashedly silly comedies (e.g. Zoolander) and uplifting documentaries (e.g. The Eye Has To Travel).

In fact, here’s a list of 33 Movies To Watch When You’re Feeling Sad, Glum Or Bummed Out.

When life sucks, don’t forget to laugh and seek out things that will open your eyes to beauty.

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


Every babe with even the slightest magical inclinations should have a big bottle of lavender oil in her domicile. It smells incredible, it’s relaxing, it lifts your spirits, and it will help you sleep soundly too. I not-so-secretly believe that lavender oil can solve pretty much any problem you throw at it.

Go wild with lavender oil! Saturate your clothes, skin, and house with it. Add it to your bath, humidifier, and oil burner. Dab it on your wrists and your pillow. Inhale the scent deeply when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or sad. Let it open you up and dissolve any tension. Total magic.

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


Even though you might swear there nothing will feel better than staying in your grey sweatpants and lying in a horizontal position, I’m here to break it to you. You’re wrong! Use a bit of soap and some mascara. Resist the urge to dress in black head-to-toe. Lace up your sneaker wedges and head out into the world.

You don’t have to do anything too crazy. Go and sit in a park for a while, or take your dog down to the river. Ride your bike around and drink an almond milk latte. Feel the sunshine on your face, watch people walk by, and remember that this sinking feeling, this despair, this existential crisis, is temporary. This too will pass. I promise.

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


Bring a little bit of nature into your home and it will make you feel just a little bit happier. Buy some plants and put them in your window and next to your workspace. Make your creative area — you do have one, right? — a place you want to be. Clear out the clutter and replace it with green, living things.

In fact, if you don’t know where to begin bringing a little nature inside, here are some magical houseplants to attract love, joy and prosperity into your life!

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


When I was talking to my friend Ellen a couple of nights ago, she told me about something she had learned from a course called Awakening Joy.

Ellen said that one of the secrets of happiness is to really recognise joy when you experience it. You might be walking along the street and feeling terrible, but if you see a colourful flower or you’re struck by the beauty of the sun shining through the leaves, stop right where you are. Say to yourself, ‘This is so beautiful! This is happiness. I am feeling happiness in this moment.’

Then, do your best to hold onto that feeling for thirty seconds. Let it radiate through your body, allow your bones to marinate in the positivity. The point? Firstly, it’ll help you see the happiness in tiny moments. And secondly, you’re training your brain to recognise joy, which makes it easier to be aware of it in the future. Pretty awesome.

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


One of the easiest ways to get yourself out of a funky mental situation is to do something creative, because it forces you to use another part of your brain. (Art therapy exists for a reason!) Don’t put any pressure on yourself: you don’t have to write the next Great American Novel! Just take it slow and have fun.

Grab a colouring book and lose yourself in kaleidoscopic colours, or doodle weird little characters while you half-watch old episodes of Sex & The City. Make a mess with pastels or fold little origami stars. Rearrange your bookshelf by colour or put little flower arrangements in each room of your house. Enjoy yourself! Get consumed by colour and you’ll remember the world isn’t so bad after all.

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


There’s a reason why we love watching movies we’ve seen before, and why songs released in 2001 light us up like human-shaped Christmas trees. It makes us feel good! It’s comforting, and it actually makes us feel more optimistic about the future. Indulge that impulse!

Listen to music that takes you back to a comforting, fun time in your life. Lately for me, a playlist called 90’s House Party 2000’s Hangover has been doing the trick. the same goes for movies or books you love: load up on the stuff that nourishes your soul, no matter how silly.

This is an especially powerful thing to do during Mercury retrograde, which is all about looking back at your past and acknowledging it. You’ve done so much and you’ve come so far. Celebrate that!

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


I’ve written oodles of lists over the years full of ideas to make you feel happy again. If you’re not sure where to start, check out 100 Ways To Be A Love Letter To The Universe, 10 Really Easy Ways You Can Love Yourself More Today, 100 Things To Do When You’re Upset (The Sad Trombone List), 100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now, 10 Ways To Snap Yourself Out Of A Slump, and 50 Ways To Put The Light Back In Your Heart.

I mean, damn. That’s 370 ideas right there!

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


One of the exercises from week one of Miracle Worker is to email 10 friends and ask them what your three best qualities are. This can be extremely nerve-wracking, but everyone who has done it has been delighted with what they received. (A really nice way to keep the circle of love going is to reply with their three best qualities. Everyone wins!)

The reason why we suggest this exercise is because it can be so hard to see our best attributes, especially when we’re not feeling great about ourselves or our lives. The truth is that we are our own biggest critics, and so taking the leap and asking for someone else’s opinion can help us wake up to our own magnificence. You are rad as fuck, and you should know it!

10 Ways To Jolt Yourself Into Happiness


If you just can’t seem to regulate your thoughts, if you’re thinking about suicide or how much better life would be if you ceased to exist, it’s essential that you talk to a professional. Feeling this way is not your “fault”, and it doesn’t make you defective or flawed. It’s just an illness that needs to be treated — and urgently.

You are way too magnificent to spend another day feeling terrible about who you are and what you’re capable of. I believe in you! Take care of yourself and the people around you.

Love forever (and ever and ever),

Images by Todd Weaver, Krashing Motions Photography, Best Friends For Frosting, Jack Yong, Miranda Skoczek.

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Radical Self Love Letters

How To Survive Mercury Retrograde!


Oh, Mercury retrograde. You are here, AGAIN. You have arrived on our collective doorsteps in all your messy glory. You are our dreaded but regular house-guest. You stagger in the door, kick over our furniture, leave crumbs all over the couch and hog the bathroom. Then, as quickly as you appeared, you disappear again, leaving us slightly stunned but much better equipped to continue with our own lives!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here we go. The planets are swinging around at all times, and their movements affect us all in different ways. All planets go retrograde, but Mercury’s journey seems to impact people much more than any other. (Even people who “don’t believe in astrology” often “believe” in the crazy aftershocks of Mercury retrograde!)

Why is that? It’s because Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, so when the planet goes retrograde — which means that it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky — all those things go backwards. They start to get ugly and tangle up. Mercury isn’t really going backwards, it’s just hanging out by the sun, but from Earth, that makes it look like it’s in reverse. It typically runs for a couple of weeks, a few times a year.

Check out these dates below and put them in your calendar!

In 2015, Mercury is retrograde from…
January 21st to February 11th
May 19th to June 11th
September 17th to October 9th

Note: We sometimes start to feel the effects of Mercury retrograde a few days early. It’s nice to give yourself a bit of leeway on either side of the prescribed dates!

What happens when Mercury goes retrograde?
All sorts of things! It’s like everyone you know has suddenly gone mad! You might find yourself getting into bizarre arguments about nothing at all, being unable to finish sentences or barely even able to form a coherent thought. Your computer and other electronic equipment is more likely to go on the fritz. You could experience travel delays, too. Double-check your flights and take a book with you to keep you occupied while you wait for the train! We don’t tend to get all the information we need at this time, so it can be hard to make big decisions and it’s not always the best time to sign a contract, either.

Expect to hear super-loud complaining from your friends who are Gemini or Virgo, since both are ruled by Mercury! Mercury also rules a lot of industries like publishing, writing, editing, advertising, sales, public relations and anything to do with transport, like airlines, the post office and cabs! This means it can be particularly rough for Gemini train conductors and Virgo magazine editors, so be kind to any you know!

I often find that Mercury retrograde makes me want to go into hermit mode. I feel like half my brain is missing so I’m really not that interested in interacting with anyone, plus every conversation seems to go in an unusual, confusing direction. I feel much more irritable and frustrated and things just don’t seem to go how I want them to.

So that’s the bad news. Mercury retrograde can be a total kick in the teeth for those of us who normally pride ourselves on having our karmic shit together! The GOOD news is that Mercury retrograde provides us with lots of beautiful opportunities if we can just tilt our head and squint.

Mercury retrograde wants us to move back spiritually. It is providing us with a chance to re-examine various areas of our life which may need a little more work, so that we can move forward to a bright new dawn. Now, more than ever, the time is right to look at things with clear eyes. Delicious, fresh perspectives are revealed. We often have major breakthroughs — intellectual, emotional or spiritual — during this time.

It’s also a terrific period in which to tie up loose ends. So many of us have unfinished projects… Maybe that door just needs another lick of paint, or you’ll decide to put away your ex-boyfriend’s love letters once and for all. Having said that, this is also a time where it’s very common for old lovers, friends and acquaintances to get in touch! If you hear from someone from your past, get together with them and see what eventuates!

One of the best ways to cope with it — as with anything, really — is to just “go with the flow”. When you fight Mercury retrograde, that’s when life gets really ugly. Just take some time, go slowly, be careful, don’t freak yourself out by expecting to be uber-productive-perfect right now. Be good to yourself and the people around you, now more than ever!

A quick and dirty guide to surviving Mercury retrograde!

Be sure not to take things too personally. People will often say offensive things they didn’t mean around this time, because their thinking is clouded and their communication skills are on pause! If your best friend suddenly became the most insensitive person in the world, give her the benefit of the doubt.

Back up your data!

Don’t purchase any big ticket items, because they will often have flaws or issues that you weren’t aware of! Of course, life doesn’t stop just because of wacky planetary movement, so if you absolutely have to get that car, computer or iPhone, TRIPLE-check all the paperwork, and make sure you have a warranty!

Take things with a grain of salt. Everyone is a bit confused, and people are much more inclined to change their mind once Mercury goes direct. Mercury can be a bit of a trickster — could it be that the next few weeks are a big karmic joke?!

Read the small print on any contracts. Ask lots of questions. Again, you can’t put your life on hold just because of some silly planet, but adapt your lifestyle a bit so that things run more smoothly. Communication can be a mess right now, but do your best to get as much information as you can.

Finish things you started a while ago. Home improvement projects? Wardrobe re-organisation? Short stories? Love affairs?! This is an excellent time to tie up loose ends and file things away forever.

Get together with old friends, reminisce and laugh!

Double-check any information you’re given, especially as relates to travel arrangements! During one particularly formidable Mercury retrograde, I actually caught a cab to the wrong airport! Check times, delays, baggage allowances, reservations… everything!

Allow Mercury to nudge you in unusual directions. If you seem to find yourself “back to the future”, don’t just try to wriggle out of it — look at what the universe is trying to show you. What can you learn from this situation? This is a fantastic time to re-examine, accept and move on.

Use the things you’ve discovered in the past to create a dazzling new vision so that you’re ready to blast ahead when Mercury goes direct!

If you want more tips, read 10 Magical Ways To Make The Most Of Mercury Retrograde!

Fingers crossed for the next few weeks, and best of luck to you!

Love and sanity,

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My Book, Radical Self Love, Is On Sale NOW!

Radical Self Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dream

When I was a little girl, I could usually be found in one of two places: either in my bedroom, working my way through an enormous stack of books, or sitting at the kitchen counter, writing short stories, stapling them together, drawing covers (and even barcodes on the back).

Those are two habits I’ve kept up. I am constantly reading, and cannot resist writing. I’ve filled dozens of diaries, created endless websites, and written thousands of blog posts.

I’ve always been a writer, but until now I couldn’t call myself a published author. That all changes today.

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream

I cannot put my excitement into words. My first book, Radical Self Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dream, will be released on June 16th, and it is available for pre-order now!

Because I love you, everyone who buys Radical Self Love during the pre-order will receive the audiobook FREE. (Details are at the end of the post!)

The free audiobook is a small token of my deep, immense gratitude. It’s my way of saying thank you. You may not know this, but I love each and every single one of you so much. Without you, there would be no book, no blog, no meeting beautiful faces on the street in cities around the world. The creation of this book has all been made possible because of you: because of your love, because of your enthusiasm, because of your support and your belief in me. Thank you so much for being here with me on this journey.

It means more to me than I can ever say.

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream

Radical Self Love is the ultimate guidebook on learning how to love yourself, discovering how to create the life of your dreams, and recognising your own brilliance. The chapters cover radical self love, finding happiness, romantic relationships, friendships, manifesting and magic-making, personal style, and manners.

The loose basis of this book was Love & Sequins, a 12-chapter serial that I released back in 2009, but it has been entirely reworked and rewritten. It weighs in at a delicious 206 pages, was edited by Francesca Lia Block, and features illustrations by Charlotte Thomson-Morley. Every chapter contains homework assignments to bring more beauty into your life, and a gorgeous, Instagrammable quote.

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream

Radical Self Love should be on every woman’s bookshelf. Gala Darling is the fresh voice of a new generation, encouraging us to love ourselves and rediscover the most magical facets of who we are. This book will crack you open to the presence of your authentic power.” — Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times best-selling author of Miracles Now

Radical Self Love will inspire you to be the infinitely magnificent babe you know you truly are. I hope that you’ll keep a copy on your bedside table and buy one for your best friend. It’s the perfect book to read while you lie in the grass, an ice-cream cone in hand…

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream

In my most satisfying dreams, you’ll carry Radical Self Love around in your tote bag until the cover is dog-eared and well-worn. You’ll fold the corners of your favourite pages and highlight the passages that resonate most. And I recommend using a fresh flower as a bookmark…

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream

The book’s official release date is June 16th, and if you pre-order it, you’ll receive it on that date. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it! (Unfortunately, the pre-order is only available on Amazon.com. However, when the book is released on June 16th, it will be available on Amazon Europe. This doesn’t mean you can’t pre-order if you’re not in the USA, just that your book will ship from the USA.)

Total honesty time: the feeling of terror and exhilaration is massive! This is such a big dream of mine, and I’m chewing my nails like mad even as I write this post. I hope you love the book — I really think you will. It has been an enormous learning experience, and it has truly taken a village. I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes details soon!

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream

Thank you, again, for your support. If you’ve ever emailed me, commented, or shared one of my posts, please know that I cannot express the depths of my love for you. You are my greatest inspiration.

Never-ending adoration,

PRE-SALE BABES: To access the audiobook, take a screenshot of your Amazon receipt and email it to love@galadarling.com with the subject ‘Book receipt’. We’ll add you to a list and email you with a digital download once the audiobook is ready. (It should be finished in about two weeks. Squee!)

Photographs by Made U Look and Emily Faulstich. Design by We Are Branch.

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New Moon Magic: May 2015

New Moon Magic: May 2015

Hello, magical babes! I’m so excited to bring you another edition of New Moon Magic. Remember to connect with your fellow enchantresses on the #radicalselflovecoven hashtag!

New Moons are about starting fresh and beginning projects, while Full Moons mark the completion of a cycle. If you’re ready to get cracking on something different, we’re launching into a New Moon this Sunday (if you’re in L.A.) and Monday (everywhere else). As always, Mystic Medusa gives an astrological overview below, and I’ve got suggestions to help you make the most of what’s going on in the sky!

New Moon Magic: May 2015


L.A. – Sunday at 9.14pm
NEW YORK – Monday at 12.14am
LONDON – Monday at 5.14am
DUBAI – Monday at 8.14am
HONG KONG – Monday at 12.14pm
SYDNEY – Monday at 2.13pm

IN THE SKY… (Mystic Medusa)

This New Moon is classically sensual, grounded and hardcore physical. It is perfectly timed this year as it comes right before Mercury Retrograde in sparkling Gemini AND with the beginning of some mysterious Venusian weirding. Venus in aspect to the Nodes and Neptune is fate, strong attraction and magic at play. But the Retro cycle of first Mercury and then Venus herself makes many a love story unlikely to “resolve” until September.

Thus this New Moon says score strength and grounding via rebooting your physical practice – yoga/pilates, nutrition and baseline good rules like hydration, sleep and not letting fuqwit muggles destabilise your awesome functioning. If in doubt, go to the gym, get some good food into you, up your sleep hygiene and/or walk barefoot on grass. A New Moon in Taurus is a Moon exalted. Honour your bod and all else plays out over time.

New Moon Magic: May 2015

ON THE GROUND… (Gala Darling)

It seems like everyone I talk to right now is going through some kind of major transition. Whether it’s their career, home situation, relationship, or massive existential upheaval, it feels like no one has been left untouched by the winds of change.

When you’re going through something big, one of the best things you can do is get back to basics. This is all about self-care. If you amp up your radical self love practice, you’ll find it so much easier to get through everything else. I pinky-swear!

Here are some ways to maximise your radical self love practice, and harness the Taurus Moon to do it!

New Moon Magic: May 2015


Good quality sleep can be one of the first things to disappear when we’re stressed out, but if you get more sleep, you’ll be happier, healthier, and smarter. Between 50-70 million adults in the USA have sleep difficulties, and if you sleep less than 7-9 hours a night, you’re not firing on all cylinders. You’ll find it harder to concentrate and remember things, and you’re at a higher risk for diabetes, depression, obesity, and cancer. (Source.)

My advice? Transform sleep into a spiritual practice. Take it seriously! Allow yourself a midday nap when you want one, and try to get as many hours between the sheets as possible. There are a lot of ways to increase the satisfaction of your sleep, too: here are my tips on how to get the best sleep ever.


Taurus is all about physicality. If you’ve been feeling gross in your body, know this: a few stretches can change everything! Try this wake up morning stretch or this feel-good stretching routine when you wake up, and I promise it will transform your day!

I’ve been doing a lot of really deep stretching in Pilates, as well as at home, and it makes my body feel happy and awake. A simple side-stretch or hip-opener might be just what you need!

Don’t forget to give your body the simple things that it needs: sunshine, movement, and delicious (and nutritious) food. If you can swing it, this is an excellent time to get a massage, sit in a steam room, or indulge in some reflexology. It will help you to feel really present and in tune with the world around you.


Make yourself feel good — and attuned to the moment — by embracing all things Taurus. Here are a few ideas…

Use your voice! Taurus rules the throat, so this is the right time to say something that you’ve been dying to get off your chest. This might be scary, but the price is living a half-life. Be honest with yourself and others!

Seek out comfort and peace. Taureans excel at making themselves comfortable, so take a leaf out of their book! Snap up a luxurious new blanket for your bed or buy yourself something sumptuous for the bathtub. Then, relax…

I hate to say it, but Taurus is all about practicality… And that extends to your finances. (I know, I know!) So, take a deep breath and then take a peek at your bank accounts. Maybe it’s time to implement a system so that doing your taxes is easier next time, or perhaps you need to start saving more aggressively. Whatever you decide, the Taurus energy will help you do it!

…Yes, I just suggested sorting out your financial situation as part of a New Moon ritual. But you know what? Magic happens all the time, everywhere. You don’t need to be chanting around a piece of Palo Santo to be drastically improving your life!

I’m excited to do some of these “boring”, practical things to celebrate the New Moon in Taurus. Sometimes it feels really good to go back to basics! If you give any of these suggestions a try, I’d love to see what you get up to! Just post your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #radicalselflovecoven!

With love,

Images by Shae Detar, and Emma Summerton.

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5 Wonderful Experiences To Have In NYC

Photo by Jon Muzzarelli

Every time someone comes to visit in NYC, I find myself rediscovering the city along with them. In the days before they arrive, I flip through my mental Rolodex to figure out how to show them a version of New York that will fill them with delight. It’s a wonderful challenge, and even though I inevitably end the day with sore feet and carrying multiple bags full of treasure, I absolutely adore doing it.

Last week, my friend Kat (not Rock N Roll Bride, another one!) came to town for a hot minute. I first met her at The Blogcademy in Melbourne, and our friendship was sealed forever when she got us access to the craziest vintage clothing store I’d ever seen. In April, we both attended the AstroTwins Tulum retreat, and got even closer. So when she came to NYC last week, it was the perfect opportunity to repay her for our adventures at that vintage clothing store in Australia!

Below are a few of the things we got up to… And some other favourites just for good measure. I hope these suggestions keep you entertained next time you come to New York!

Cafe Mogador


Cafe Mogador is as old as I am! When a restaurant can sustain itself for over 30 years, you know it’s a goodie. Cafe Mogador focusses on Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, and there is always something delicious on the menu.

For breakfast, I love their Moroccan eggs (which come with spicy tomato sauce, pita bread, and delicious chunky potatoes), but there’s plenty to choose from, any time of day or night. I’m a little obsessed with their chicken tagine, and they do incredible couscous.

It’s cute, comfortable, and you never feel rushed. Invite your best friend to have a Middle Eastern breakfast and enjoy yourselves!

P.S. Last time I was there, Alexa Chung sat down next to me. No biggie!



One of my favourite shops is Enchantments. It’s the oldest occult store in the city — it opened in 1982! — and it’s all you’ve ever wanted from a magic shop. It’s dark, the floor is uneven and covered in glitter, and cats roam freely.

In addition to their large selection of books, incense, herbs and jewellery, they also carve candles to help manifest your intentions. If you’re in the neighbourhood, you’d be mad not to get one.

In their own words:

One of our most popular products is our custom carved candles. These are 7-day pillar candles in a glass jar. We carve them with magical symbols and your name and astrological sign, anoint them with appropriate oil, and rub metal glitter into the carvings to define them. We place a small offering of honey, iron filings and incense into the jar before replacing the candle. The candles are a complete spell that you use as a tool to help manifest your intention.

They can either make you a candle out of their recipe book — like a Solar Blast (“Helps the Sun come through to cleanse, purge and rejuvenate your entire being. Provides positive energy for all your endeavors. Invites joy into your life”), an Empress (“To invoke an abundance of love, wealth, strength and attraction”) or a Mercury (“Invokes the God of speed, speech, commerce, luck, communication and magic. Opens and closes doors”) candle — or they can create something customised to your current situation.

All I can say is that their candles are powerful and super-magical. You have to visit!

Photo by Gery Singer


As much as I like to stay downtown, there are plenty of gems — both literally and figuratively — above 14th Street! One of my favourite places to visit is Rock Star, a tiny shop which is stacked to the ceiling with incredible crystals.

Is it the cheapest game in town? No, it is not. But if you want a great assortment to choose from — and to see things you may have never clapped eyes on before — then Rock Star is your place. In fact, even if you aren’t in the market for an enormous amethyst geode, there is something magical about just being near all those crystals. Mmmm.

Rock Star is always my first stop when I’m in the mood to tszuj up my altar. I promise, you’ll love it just as much as I do.

Polaroids in Soho


If you’re strolling around Soho, be sure to keep your eyes open. Take a turn off Broadway down Prince Street, and you might just be lucky enough to stumble across Jean Andre Antoine, a photographer, who — on his slow days — hangs out with his Polaroid camera. For $10, he’ll snap a wicked Polaroid and tell you a story or two. It’s the perfect souvenir from your day out!

Jean Andre isn’t the only person who does this, either. A couple of years ago, the other Kat and I had our photo taken on this same stretch, except the photographer transferred the image onto a piece of paper. It was super-cool, and for that reason, I would definitely recommend scoping out Prince St between Broadway and Crosby St next time you’re in Soho!



Get a private room ($8 per hour per person) at Sing Sing and get ready to let ‘er rip! I was introduced to this legendary establishment by Ophi, one of the AstroTwins. This isn’t like your usual cheesy karaoke places: Sing Sing’s songbook is loaded with greatness (Lana Del Rey, I see you!), and they don’t care if you just hang out and sing for hours. It’s awesome.

Last week, Ophi, Colin, Mui and I spent a couple of hours in a private room, completely sober, belting it out to great hits like Poison, Say You’ll Be There, Ex-Factor, and Real Love. It was great therapy, excellent bonding, and one of the most economical nights out I’ve ever had!

Here’s to having the best day ever!

Love ever,

Photos by Jon Muzzarelli, Su-Chan, Nicole Franzen, Gery Singer, and via Enchantments.

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