Los Angeles Coven: Sunday September 23rd!

On Sunday the 23rd of September, you are invited to join with me in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the Fall Equinox. This is a beautiful time of transition: you might be feeling it already! Our lives are shifting. Maybe your focus on work is changing, perhaps your relationships are transforming, and maybe — like me — your entire life is in a state of metamorphosis!

If you are making big changes, believe me when I say that you are not alone! As we watch the summer recede, the mood moves. The energy evolves. We start to turn inwards and ask ourselves new questions: Am I comfortable with my own company? Where do I want to put my energy? What do I want to create in my life?

This is such a powerful and potent time if we can harness it properly, and face the changes without fear. When we work with change, we can use it to sweep out the things that are no longer working, and welcome in things that are more closely aligned with what we want. But if we’re afraid of change… We will self-sabotage, play small, and refuse to take advantage of the opportunities we’re being offered.

In the many years I have been closely examining my life, I have realized that my ability to zoom out, look at what’s working (and what isn’t), and rededicate my energy and focus is one of my superpowers. This is something I bring to my private clients and in these live events, I point my Virgo vision right at you! If you love my weekly High Vibe Honey sessions, this is a perfect opportunity to work with me more intimately.

During this workshop, we will look back at the year we have had, ask ourselves what we want to leave behind, and what we want to reclaim or recommit to in order to finish the year feeling good. I will lead you through a beautiful ritual to help you gain clarity and move forward with joy.

We will dream together and investigate new ways to step more fully into our power. In addition to our ritual, we will be journalling, meditating, tapping, and laughing… A lot! Of course, you also have access to ask me any questions that you might have around radical self-love, manifesting, feeling good, or boosting your confidence.

This picture makes me smile so hard! I love these ladies! This is from my last event on August 5th. The end was so bittersweet. We didn’t want to leave! There were endless hugs, numbers exchanged, and selfies taken! It reminded me: we don’t have to do this work alone. Meeting other high vibe honeys who want the same things you do is super-powerful!

It’s so essential when we are in a period of change to be around people who inspire and uplift us, and at these events that’s exactly what happens. You will learn from everyone in the room. You will make brand new friends. You will see yourself in a new way. And you will walk away feeling more powerful, more confident, and full of joy.


Your ticket includes…

A live guided meditation by Jessica Snow (my favourite magician) to release the year we’ve had and create a delicious future

 customized morning tapping practice that you can use every day to boost your energy, fill you with confidence, and help you focus on your dreams

 An inspiring and affirming talk about how we can harness the energy of change to step more boldly into what we want

 Prompts, activities, and group discussions to help you gain clarity around what it is you want, and how to move toward it

 And we’ll finish the day with a beautiful group ritual to bring more love, magic, and beauty into your world!

Sunday September 23rd

[Questions] Who is welcome? Anyone who identifies as female! What should I wear? Anything that makes you smile. What should I bring? Water! A notebook and pen. And little items (jewellery, crystals, tarot cards, etc.) to charge up on our altar. Is it weird for me to come alone? No! Most babes who come to my events make friends there! But of course you can bring your BFF if that makes you happier. What happens if I can’t make it? There are no refunds but you are welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else! Just let us know. OMG, wait, am I in a coven now?! Yes, you’re always welcome in our coven if you want to join us! xo



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