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#radicalselflovejanuary: Let’s Leap Into January With An Instagram Challenge!


The calendar flips over to 2016 on Friday and I’m so excited! Are you?! The new year is so much fun and provides us with a beautiful blank slate. 2015 has been incredible for me — and I hope it was for you too — but I have this feeling that 2016 is going to surpass all our expectations. I’m practically jumping out of my skin with anticipation!

Let’s start January off with a big, delicious bang, shall we? Je te presente#radicalselflovejanuary, an Instagram challenge!

Here’s how it works. Save the graphic below to your phone — so you have a record of it — and upload it to Instagram. Be sure to add #radicalselflovejanuary to the caption, so everyone else who participates can find you! Then, every day, post something that relates to the theme. You can take it literally or be abstract: it’s totally up to you. Just remember to use the hashtag, and to browse it often! You never know who you’ll discover!


Here’s a breakdown of each prompt in case you need extra inspiration!

It’s always nice to start out with a selfie so we can see everyone who’s participating! Plus, I am totally pro selfie culture. As Frida Kahlo said, “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

Sometimes people say, “If you could do anything, what would it be?” I want to flip the script on that. You can do anything, so what’s on your list? Tell us what you dream about all day long. And who knows, maybe someone who sees your post can help turn your dream into a reality!

Pull a tarot card today and share it on your Instagram account! (If you don’t have a deck, try the Tarot! app on your phone.) Use Biddy Tarot to research the meaning of your card, and then tell us how it relates to your life right now.

Who do you really admire and why? Share a photo of the person who you’d most like to resemble in your daily life. Then ask yourself, what attributes do they possess that you’d like to blessed with too? How can you embody some of those qualities today?

What are you thankful for? One of my favourite ways to use Instagram is to write lists of the things I’m happy about in the moment: it serves as a kind of love diary that I can look back on later and always smile over. Tell us what you love!

Where’s your dream location? What’s your favourite place in the whole world? Show us a picture and tell us why it’s so inspiring to you. Is it the colour, the atmosphere, the people? Let us know.

You might find it challenging to narrow this down to one if you’re a flower pervert like I am… I can never get close enough to flowers. To me, they are beautiful little individual miracles. But do your best! Hunt out your favourite flower and show us what makes them so special to me.

It’s dress up day! Wear something that makes you feel amazing today and let us know all about it. Alternatively, you can share a photo of yourself when you felt your best. What was it that made you feel so good on that day and why?

Action shot time! Get some air and show us your best jumping photo. This can take some practice, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it on the first try… But at least it’s fun to attempt!

What does your journal look like? Where do you write your most secret thoughts? If you don’t have a journal, share your Radical Self Love Bible, art journal, or a screenshot of the Evernote file where you write down all your flashes of genius!

If I know you — and I think I do! — you love to read. What books are you working your way through right now? What are your favourite books of all time, and why? It’s always great to get book recommendations, and this is a great opportunity to share with others.

Go in search of a rainbow and share what you find. ROYGBIV it up!

Who’s your favourite artist and what is your favourite piece of their work? Show us and be sure to tag the artist in the photo (it’s good online etiquette, after all). Tell us what you like about what they do: is it the colour, the subject matter, the texture?

Throw it way back and share an old photo for Throwback Thursday. Bonus points if it’s a photo from halloween or your first day of school!

What do you believe? What thought keeps you going every single day? Write it on a piece of paper and take a photo. We want to know what your life motto is.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen? Hunt out that video clip or ridiculous meme and share it with us.

It’s a beautiful day to take yourself out and treat yourself right. Get dressed up and go and do something you really want to do. Take photos of the experience and at the end of it, let us know how it felt for you. (It can be a little uncomfortable to spend time alone sometimes. That’s okay, and it’s all part of the process.)

Who’s your favourite person in the whole wide world? Show a photo and tell us how you met, what your greatest adventure together has been, and why you love them so much. Be sure to tag them too, to share the love!

Do you have a vision board of images to keep you motivated? If so, show us what you got! If not, maybe this prompt will inspire you to make one to keep you on track for the rest of the year!

What was the best day of your life? People often think this should be a “milestone” day, but sometimes it’s the quiet day you spent by yourself swimming in the sea that brought you the greatest sense of joy and peace. So, tell us about it!

Words words words. Share your favourite poem with us — again, be sure to tag the poet if they’re on Instagram — and if you have a few, it’s okay to post more than once!

Oh boy. Let’s take a look back at our teenage selves and try our best to be compassionate! What was going on for you and what did it look like?

What’s your favourite thing about yourself? This could be a physical feature but it could just as easily be a personality trait, habit or characteristic that makes you proud. Why do you love that about yourself?

This is one of my favourite things to see on Instagram: lip sync videos! Pick your favourite song, press play and record your best lip sync! (Alternatively, you can use Dubsmash to make this really easy.) Give it everything you’ve got!

Do something nice for someone else today. Maybe you offer to look after their dog, you buy their coffee or you simply give someone a compliment. If you find this hard to capture in a picture, you can always write what you did and then take a photo of the piece of paper!

What are you looking forward to at the moment, and why? Research has shown that often, anticipation is the most pleasurable part of an activity, so today I want to encourage you to indulge that impulse!

Who is your ultimate style icon? Who do you like to channel when you’re getting dressed in the mornings, or whose wardrobe do you wish you could raid? Show us your favourite look of theirs.

Time to bring it in and write yourself a radical self love letter. It’s just like a love letter, but it’s addressed to you. What advice do you really need to hear? What do you wish someone else would tell you? We’d love to see the whole thing but just a portion is good too.

Who was most inspiring to you as a teenager? Who lit up your cells, excited you and gave you hope for a brighter future? Show us a photo of them and tell us what it was about them that was so aspirational to you.

What does love look like to you? Show us your interpretation of l-o-v-e.

Dance your ass off! Bonus points if you film a video of yourself doing it, and even more bonus points if it involves your best friends, family members, or pets. This is definitely the right way to end January on a high note!

I can’t wait to see your images! Don’t forget to tag them with #radicalselflovejanuary… And I’ll meet you on Instagram!

Click click,

Photo by Made U Look Photography.

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It’s Instagram Challenge Time! Get Ready For #radicalselflovejuly!

#radicalselflovejuly Instagram Challenge!

July is one of my favourite months of the year. It’s hot and wonderful in New York City, and the city pulsates with people and potential. Last year, we celebrated with #radicalselflovejuly, an Instagram challenge… And it’s time to do it all over again.

Never participated in an Instagram challenge? No sweat! All you need to do is save this image to your phone (for reference), and — optionally — upload it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #radicalselflovejuly. Then, on the corresponding days, upload images that tie in with the prompts.

You can be really literal with your interpretation, or you can play it fast and loose: it’s totally up to you. The only real criteria is that you enjoy yourself and have fun with it! The #radicalselflovejuly Instagram challenge is an awesome way to meet likeminded radical self love warriors, and also dare yourself to be creative on a consistent schedule!

Here are the prompts for #radicalselflovejuly…

Radical Self Love July Instagram Challenge

July 1: Draw a self-portrait
Get out the marker pens, watercolours, or even Post-It Notes: we want to see your vision of yourself!

July 2: Favourite colour
What colour makes your heart palpitate whenever you see it? Share a photo that illustrates your passion for your most-loved hue.

July 3: Laughter
Nothing is as wonderful as a big, loud, authentic laugh. Show us what you look like when you’re cackling up a storm, or offer up a photo of something that makes you laugh.

July 4: I believe
What do you know to be true? Let us know something that you believe.

July 5: Your babes
Who are your best friends and what does it look like when you get together? We want to see!

July 6: Rainbow
Find a rainbow! It could be in the sky, in a reflection, or even a line-up of lipsticks…

July 7: Makes me happy
What’s making you happy today? Share something that’s lifting your spirits and making you smile.

July 8: Nail art
Bust out the teeny-tiny brushes and paint a masterpiece on your nails (or go to a nail salon for a lovely treat). Need ideas? Check out Pinterest!

July 9: #TBT style evolution
We’ve all had stylish ups and downs. Show us an old photo of how you used to dress, and then tell us how you got from there to here!

July 10: Tarot card
Pull a tarot card or oracle card and share what you got. (Try Facade for a free online reading if you don’t own a deck.) How do you think this card is relevant to your life right now?

July 11: Lip sync video!
Turn up your favourite song and lip sync along to it! YES! Need inspiration? See Jimmy Kimmel’s lip sync battles for awesome ideas.

July 12: Celebrate yourself
How can you celebrate yourself today? It could be big — like throwing yourself an unbirthday party — or small — like buying yourself a bunch of flowers. Show us what you get up to.

July 13: Silly selfie
Take a silly selfie. Don’t be shy: it’s time to embrace #radicalselfielove!

July 14: Favourite beauty product
What beauty product can you not be without? A kick-ass cleanser, your favourite mascara, a killer 99c lipstick? Share your secrets!

July 15: My power word
What word do you hope to embody in your everyday life? What does it mean to you? How do you embody it on a daily basis?

July 16: New Moon ritual
It’s the New Moon, so let’s honour it! (I’ll have suggestions on my blog the week beforehand.) Show us how you get down with La Luna!

July 17: Favourite book
Tell us about a book that changed your life. What was it, when did you read it, and how did it challenge your perceptions?

July 18: Flower power
Flowers make the world so much more beautiful. Snap a photo of some of your favourites and show us!

July 19: Street art
Take a shot of something awesome painted on the street, on a wall, or somewhere it’s not supposed to be…

July 20: My hero
Who do you admire? Why do they inspire you and how do you emulate them in your life?

July 21: Make-up free selfie
Yes! Show us your gloriousness! Today’s a big one for many of us — take a risk and post a make-up free selfie!

July 22: Vision board
What does your vision board look like? What do you dream about? Show us a snippet!

July 23: Things I Thursday
Share a list of things you’re grateful for. I like to break mine up with emojis, like this!

July 24: My wish
What do you wish for more than anything else? (When you tell people what you dream about, they can help you…)

July 25: Write a love letter
Get romantic and write a love letter to yourself, to a friend, to a crush, to your long-time lover… Ooh la la!

July 26: My altar
Do you have a special space within your home full of treasures and crystals? Show us where you light candles and do magic.

July 27: Dream vacation
If I gave you a plane ticket tomorrow, where would you go? What would you do? Indulge your imagination and take us on a virtual trip!

July 28: Dance moves
You’ve got sweet dance moves, I know it! Show us some… And make it a video if you can!

July 29: Favourite artist
Who creates art that makes your heart sing? Share a piece and be sure to tag them or let us know their name in the caption.

July 30: #TBT best day ever
Share a photo from one of the best days of your life and tell us what made it so special.

July 31: I’m rad because…
Let us know your favourite characteristics. What is the best thing about you? Don’t be shy!

I’m so excited for #radicalselflovejuly! Can’t wait for it to start. Let’s do this!

Kisses and Instagram filters,

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Get Up, Get Out, And Do Good. Introducing #megababemission!


We start the new year with a sense of renewed hope. This will be the year, we tell ourselves. The year I change it all! But it’s easy to lose that sense of optimism, that lust for adventure and wonder. To get bogged down in your 9-5. To spend too many nights in front of the TV. To get mired in your routine.

Now, work and television and routine can all be fantastic. But if you’re anything like me — and if you’re reading this, I know we are already way more alike than you think — you know that life could be so much more fun. Supersonic, even.

That’s why I’m introducing a monthly Mega Babe Mission!

It’s part adventure prompt, part radical self love exercise, and I’ll be assigning one every month for the entirety of 2015!


Last year, I was bowled over by the response to #radicalselflovejuly and #lovetober. As well as connecting us all together in a whole new way, it was a great way to get us all out of our respective comfort zones. It gave us a purpose, a mission, a reason to leave the comfort of our couches and go out into the world.

The goal of the #megababemission is to get you up and out, and doing something good. Take a photo — or have a friend take a photo — of you doing it. Hopefully, in addition to making you happy, it will inspire others to do the same!

So, without further ado… Here is your #megababemission for January!


Hint: the notes could be postcards, emails, or even text messages. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you get it done!

You can start whenever — right now if it feels good! Save the image above and post it to your Instagram account if you want to spread the word. Then, connect with everyone else and show us what your #megababemission experience looked like by using the hashtag on Instagram! Tell us what transpires. How does it make you feel? How does it change things?

I’m so excited, and I’d love to hear your ideas for our next eleven (!!!) missions! Share them with me here!

I love you,

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#lovetober Is Over! Did You Win?!


Lovetober is officially over, and I must admit, I’m a little sad to see it go! I always have so much fun dreaming up these challenges for you, and by the looks of things, you enjoy participating!

We had close to 20,000 entries this month, and it’s safe to say I am blown away!

I can only say thank you: thank you for attacking the prompts with such gusto, thank you for being sweet to one another and making new friends, and thank you for helping to build this community even stronger. My biggest hope for #lovetober, beyond rediscovering how beautiful your own world is, is that you made some new friends. Being on a path of positivity can feel a little lonely at times, and having people around you who understand and are thrilled to see you succeed is so valuable. Stay in touch with your new #lovetober buddies! Who knows: maybe you’ll be at each others’ 80th birthday parties!

As always, here are some of my favourite images from the end of the month.

October 20: Favourite city


Dani loved St Petersburg (“It is a city with cotton candy pink, bubblegum blue and peppermint green buildings and then it is all dusted in gold”), Catt is dying to get to Tokyo, Lynsey has hometown pride for Glasgow, Kate fell in love with Zanzibar, Kenna chose her home of Seattle, and Silvia is hung up on Helsinki!

October 21: Your babes


It’s so nice to see photos of people having a good time with their friends. Thank you to Krystal, Teri, Jamie, and Sam for sharing these!

October 22: Seasonal love


It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn! Look at all that orange and all those leaves! These photos were taken by Suzy, Regina, sinikristiiina, pquirky, and Kayla.

October 23: Throwback Thursday


This photo is just so great that I cannot share any others from this day. YES Josie, YES!

October 24: Spirituality


I loved the captions on this day, and reading about how differently everyone defined spirituality. For some, it’s a connection to God, to others, it’s just love. Some get messages from feathers, while others kneel at an altar. The diversity here was just beautiful. Photos by Charlotte, Caroline, Katie, and Anna.

October 25: Before and after


Well, Andrea and Vicky haven’t changed a bit! Helen has great hair, and Monica did a before and after jump in front of an amazing wall!

October 26: Self-care routine


Chrissy got messy with Frank, Cristina took care of herself by “having a luxurious shower/EFT session, heading into town by myself for the only time this trip (I’m prone to getting lost and it’s been cold, haha), experimenting with my nails, and reading tarot cards by the water”, hella barbarella snuggles with her pup, and Charlotte enjoys a cup of coffee. Then we have Hilma on the go — she has a goal to run 4500 miles this year! (Holy $%#@!) And Mookie gets silly in a face mask.

October 27: Wonder


Dylan is full of wonder when she’s in nature, and Mary loves the stars. Mel took it literally, and Sam rode an elephant in Thailand. Looks like fun!

October 28: Biggest challenge



What’s your biggest challenge? For Nicolette Michelle, it’s procrastination. And Annie needs to learn to drive so she can get the car of her dreams! I loved what Mary shared about her biggest challenge…

“What was my biggest challenge? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work on my rituals for my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I did an intensive six month session, which at its core is just exposure therapy. I would have homework assignments where I would have to do things that gave me anxiety. Every day I had to sit with a drawer open for 45 minutes and stare at it (among countless other assignments). When I first started I would cry, big bawling hysterical tears, as I stared at it. Most days I couldn’t make it past 10 minutes. But now I can leave the house with a drawer open and I don’t have a problem with it. Facing the thing that scared me the most was my biggest challenge (so far).”

October 29: Beside your bed


What does Hildetje have beside her bed? An adorable dog! What a face! And will you just LOOK at the way Mel has styled her bedroom and bedside table?! Now that is minimalism done right. Meow!

October 30: Advice


I loved these sentiments from Ashleah, Chan Marie, Ashley, and Rachel… And hope that for someone else, it was exactly what they needed to hear.

October 31: Halloween!


So much cuteness! You all look like you had a damn good time on Halloween. (I did too!) Here are some of my favourite shots from Kate, Cassy, Leonie, Kayla, Magnolia Rose and Vanina.


We have two sets of winners! Hooray!


If you see your image in this set, email me! You have won your choice of any of my digital products, from Radical Self Love Letters to Bible School. Take your pick! Let me know what you want and I’ll make it happen!


If you see your image in this second group, again, email me! You have won a CUSTOM radical self love skirt from Devel! Take your pick of circle or pencil skirt, and send through your waist and hip measurements, as well as your address. Your skirt will have a beautiful radical self love patch embroidered onto it. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Beyond cool!

Thank you, again, everyone, for participating. I love you endlessly!

Kisses forever,

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#lovetober: Week Two Winners!


One of the best things about doing a challenge like this it that it proves that everyone participating is learning to see the good in life. Your life may not be perfect, and mine isn’t either, but despite the hardships you may be facing, you’re still choosing to see the positive. That is so powerful, so magical. My definition of magic is learning to see with new eyes, and that’s exactly what you are all doing. I am so proud of you!

Man, I love #lovetober. How about you guys?! It looks like you are!

October 11: Jump!


Look at you! So spry! I loved all of these images… Thank you to Magnolia Rose, Ary, Kayla, Chan Marie, Nikki, Schenden, Erika, Fran, Jen, Poh, Jacque’s husband, and Nicolette!

October 12: Perfect weekend


Everyone has a different idea about what constitutes the perfect weekend. (I spent a lot of mine in bed reading Lena’s book!) Patty spent hers on a beach, Mrs Bravos enjoyed a bloody mary… in a very big hat, Hildetje got some beach time, too, and Lola and her sister got a bit Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert on it!

October 13: I’m obsessed!


We all have weird obsessions, and it’s great to see what’s occupying other people’s brains! Jen is travelling the USA and is smitten with Portland, OR! Eleanor can’t get enough of painting over the photos in In Vogue: Six Decades Of Fashion. Schenden loves to fill her tub with Dead Sea salts and rose petals, and Miranda can’t stop doing handstands!

October 14: A beautiful place


This prompt was amazing. The #lovetober tag was lit up with blue skies and azure seas. Gorgeous. Here are a few of my favourites…

Thank you for sharing these. I loved the shots of KC at Annapurna base camp, Amy enjoying the private island of Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, Eebie sharing the landscape in Herefordshire, and the way Kamilla thought Norway in winter was adorable. Lauren took a hike in the Columbia Gorge, Bethan loves the view from an airplane window, Loubijou said Lake Bled in Slovenia was “like standing in a holiday brochure”, and Michaela got her bridge on in the Perhentian Islands. jugglingspinster peeped through some greenery in Scarborough, Carmen loves Cozumel, and Teressa shared a shot of Waiheke Island. Leonie adored the Whitsunday Islands, Nicki picked Nice, and Miranda couldn’t resist the turquoise waters of Zakinthos, while Kimiko and Kate both adored Hawaii.

October 15: Pay it forward


Teressa hid an envelope, and Charlotte told a stranger to “treat yourself to a slice of cake on me!” Agnes shared a photo of Mark Bustos, a Filipino-American hairdresser who spends every Sunday (his only day off) cutting hair for the homeless. So inspiring! And I thought this sign, shared by Angela was perfect for the pay it forward prompt.

I really loved what Filiz said on this day…

To make someone happy is the best feeling ever. I will never forget the day when an elderly woman was struggling with her shopping. I walked her home. She held my hand so tight and couldn’t stop thanking me. I will never forget that look in her eyes. I do a lot of voluntary work and it is the most rewarding feeling ever. If everyone did something small to make a difference in someones life… the world will be a better place.

October 16: Big dream


Mlle K‘s big dream is to write a book. Deserie wants to go to Paris. Jo wants to escape in a bright yellow VW bus. Fran wants to make a living from performing… And she certainly looks the part!

October 17: Favourite artist


Francilla is swooning over Ray Caesar, Caro‘s brother did a wicked portrait of Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson, Jenny loves Dalí, and Mumpty is totally impressed by Joanne Gair’s bodypainting skills (and who wouldn’t be?)!

October 18: In the morning


A black and white assortment. How are Kate‘s eyes so dreamy first thing in the morning?! Haha!  The Happy Hotline likes to cuddle with her rescued bulldog, Jarrod enjoys a snuggle with his “munchkin”, and Miranda enjoys a coffee.

October 19: Your bucket list


What’s on your list? The Hipster Housewife‘s bucket list is simply, “Love God, love people”. The Happy Hotline was able to cross “marry this guy” off her list last year. Eleanor wants to visit as many theme parks as possible, and Anna is keeping it simple.

Every week, there will be four winners chosen from the images posted here. This week, each winner will be the recipient of a gorgeous Heartbump necklace from my jewellery collection with NZ Mint! Swoon!


Were you a winner? Email me your address, and I will send you your necklace!

By the way, to celebrate #lovetober, all of my jewellery is 15% off with the code #LOVETOBER (all uppercase). The deal ends on the 31st of October, and P.S., jewels make glorious gifts for your besties! (I wear Sassy Stacker rings every day and I have no intention of changing them out any time soon!)

I’m a little behind on my #lovetober posts, so I’m going to make the effort to catch up today and tomorrow! Don’t worry if you’re running a little behind — all that matters is that you keep trying!

I love you!

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