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When The Flame Of Your Passion Starts To Flicker


No matter who you are and no matter what level you’re at, you will — at some point — inevitably feel stuck when it comes to your passion. You could be five years in or twenty years deep, but rest assured: this will happen to you!

However, expected or not, it still feels like shit. Questioning what you love and wondering whether you should bother is an epic bummer. It really can be a dark night of the soul moment. And while you might feel like you’re being endlessly thrown around on the cruel seas of your subconscious, no feeling lasts forever. You can get out of this position, but it will require some work.

Here’s what you should do.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” — Banksy

We’re taught to push push push, no matter what. The fear is real: ‘If I stop now, will I be forgotten in a week?!’ We think that doing nothing would be worse than burning out, and that only goes to show how desperate our addiction to “doing” is. (If you’re not constantly doing, then there’s time for… Gasp… THOUGHTS! Emotions! Dealing with your actual life! How terrible!)

On her Magic Lessons podcast, Elizabeth Gilbert was speaking to an author who was having trouble writing her second book. She felt stuck and uninspired. Liz’s prescription? Don’t work on your book for a month. Do anything and everything else instead. Fill up your life with living. The author she gave this advice to said she initially thought, ‘Oh, good! I have permission to take a month off!’ But her next thought was, ‘I don’t know if I can stay away from it for 30 days… I have so much to say!’

This is exactly how a break should make you feel. If you end up charging back into your passion at the end of week two, that’s perfect. But if you need the full month, TAKE IT!

There are a few reasons why.

1. Most people outside your industry or interest will empathise with your plight but they won’t fully understand, simply because they haven’t really been there. It’s essential to talk to people who actually get it.

2. Commiserating can be a deeply healing experience. Sometimes, let’s face it, you just need to vent.

3. But the best reason to talk to your friends who are also artists, or teachers, or macrame enthusiasts, is that they will be able to brainstorm with you, and most crucially, they have the ability to connect you to people who can help.

As much as we all love to think that we can go it alone, that only works up to a certain point. Eventually, we have to reach out and expand. Our lives are only as rich as the relationships we have with other people. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends or peers about what you’re facing, because, believe me, you are not alone.

I have yet to hear about a role model who was blessed with a flawless childhood, sailed from one grown-up success to another, and then died peacefully in her bed. Do you know why? Because that is not the stuff of heroes! Heroes struggle. They have their imperfections and inadequacies. The reason we love and revere our idols is because of their humanity.

If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated, one of the best things you can do is to get down in the trenches with your heroes. Watch a documentary about their life, and realise that a blemish-free history is not what makes life interesting. Everyone experiences trying times. The trying times are not what define you. The only thing that counts is how you bounce back.

If you don’t feel reinvigorated — and full of ideas — after watching a documentary about your #1 inspiration, I will eat my hat.

This sounds so obvious, but it works! If you have writer’s block, google it. If you’ve lost your inspiration, google it. If you can’t find a good coach, google it!

As much as our problems cause us pain, grief, and anxiety, they are not unique or special. Thousands (if not millions) of people have had the exact same problem you’re going through right now, and the great thing about the internet is that everyone is sharing their stories and experiences.

You don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel. As Tony Robbins is so fond of saying, “Success leaves clues.” Use other people’s ideas to get you out of your slump!

Feeling stuck or unsure is not a sign of your lack of commitment, or weakness, or ineptitude. It is simply part of the evolution process.

Want to go really big? Doubt and distress are mandatory. In order to get to the next level of what you’re doing, you have to experience some pain and some discomfort. Those are the essential ingredients of transformation.

Don’t be afraid to look your pain in the eye and acknowledge its existence. The longer you dance around it, the bigger it will become. Invite your demons to brunch and have a nice, honest chat. Once you get a fix on the exact size and shape of your pain, you’ll have more information on how to maneuvre around it.

Then maybe it’s time to call the whole thing off. If your passion has become more pain than pleasure, and if just thinking about it makes you want to go back to bed, it might be time to do something else.

It sucks to quit something that you’ve poured your essence into, but if it ceased to be fun a long time ago, then you have to listen to yourself and act accordingly.

Pushing through mindlessly is the not the road to success. It is the road to an ulcer.

The upside? Think of all the free time you’ll have to pursue something that truly gets you going. There’s nothing better than feeling excited about what you do, and you deserve to feel that way every single day.


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Feng Shui For Creativity: 10 Ways To Get Inspired And Invoke Your Genius


Radical Self Love Coven has been such a fun adventure. We’re onto our third module, Feng Shui, having already completed our spellwork and tarot classes. This module is really fun because as we all complete the assignments (like writing love letters to our apartments!), clear clutter and rearrange furniture, we can feel the energy in our lives change and expand.

In addition to the prescribed coursework, all our witch babies have access to the teachers of each module. The questions that have been coming in for this section are great, from, “How can I improve my love life using Feng Shui?” to queries about prosperity.

Recently, witch baby Jayde asked our (truly brilliant) teacher, Amanda Gibby Peters, how she could amp up her creativity and writing through using Feng Shui. I loved Amanda’s answer so much that I wanted to share it with you. I hope it helps you too!


AMANDA SAYS: “Another fabulous Q, Jayde, and it just so happens I work with so many writers + creative artists! So, I know these shifts + suggestions make magic happen! Don’t feel the need to hustle + do all of these – this list is for you to graze on, pick a few to get you started, and come back to as you need more motivation!

1. It is important when we begin any new endeavor to create open space for inspiration + flow. So, two immediate suggestions: Clean your desk completely. Take everything off + out. Wipe it down, top to bottom, and hold the vision of your writing intentions steady while you clean. Only put back what you need, use, +/or LOVE. Secondly, clear a small space {if possible} and leave it empty. It could be a shelf or drawer or a few folders. Intention here is key — you are leaving open room to receive.

2. If you like to pile things, give yourself ample horizontal space. If you like to file things, allow yourself plenty of vertical space. This will help feed your creative flow + momentum early in the process.

3. What inspires your creativity? Find one way to anchor a talisman as you begin — personalizing your work space is like working from the inside out, and it will help pull out the stories you are ready to tell.

4. Bright yellow flowers invite clarity while writing, and orange flowers inspire + connect us with new ideas {plots, characters, development}. Print a small picture of some blooms you LOVE + place it in a white frame on your desk or wall.

5. The sound of water playing softly in the background creates a nourishing + ‘in the flow’ feeling. {Most important, though, is that you LOVE the sound.}

6. On those white boards, hang up any letters, notes, or words of encouragement to boost + corral energies for future recognition of your writing. (Jayde said that she had white boards hung up near her desk.)

7. Light a candle at the beginning of each writing session. Set the intention that you will hold focus on your writing until you blow out the candle. It is more ritual than magic, but it sets the tone and quickly communicates to our subconscious that we are ready to write. And getting our conscious + subconscious aligned makes the process so much easier.

8. Quartz crystals improve our luck with creativity and helpful people {connections, network, word of mouth, etc.}.. The pyramid shape is representative of the fire element, specifically helping us reach for something that feels beyond us + encourages us to joyfully accept and acknowledge what is. On a side note: triangles, pyramids, diamonds, etc. send energy out + up and keep things moving. So, if you come across a quartz pyramid serendipitously, take that as a sign + bring it home with you for your desk!

9. Since horizontal surfaces represent creativity, clear any chaos off your desk at the end of every writing session. And see this ritual as the invitation for creativity to have room to show up again the next day.

10. Finally, as a writer myself, I can’t possibly emphasize this enough: Write every damn day. This clears the cobwebs + makes us lighter and more relaxed + helps us identify our voice. Your best stuff will come to the surface if you get all those tight spots inside you open, so write. Make lists. Journal. Commit to the craft, and the creativity will follow. xo”

So helpful! I love these tips, and I’m going to use a few myself…

And if you’re interested in being part of our Radical Self Love Coven, click the link and add your name to the list. I’ll email and let you know when we open our doors again!

Love and clear spaces,

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Bad Witch Workout This Weekend… And A Hypnosis Session To Boot!


Last week, I wrote about how we can view working out as a magical practice. Since then, the gears have been turning in my head. I have so many ideas about how to expand Bad Witch Workout and make it super-potent. We don’t want to just work your butt, we want to work your mind, your imagination, and your ability to turn ideas into reality.

Our second Bad Witch Workout happens this Sunday at 3pm, and I’m very excited to announce that this session will be featuring a very special guest, my friend Grace Smith! Grace is an incredible hypnotherapist who has helped me with a lot of issues in my own life. I’m thrilled to bring her expertise into Bad Witch Workout! After we’ve worked out, she will be leading us through a hypnosis session to help lock in our goals, release resistance, and manifest our wildest dreams. It’s going to blow your mind.

It’s still Bad Witch Workout: a killer workout with kickass tunes thanks to one of the most incredible trainers in the city, Garnett Strother. But you’re also going to use all that energy you churn up to create something larger than you. It’s a whole new way of working out, and it’s going to change everything.

You can snap up your ticket right here, and if you have questions, just ask us on Instagram! We cannot WAIT to see you on Sunday in New York City, for a truly magical and transformative afternoon.

Love always,

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Your Need For Perfection Is Keeping You Small

James Turrell

The attitudes you have about the smallest things can really illuminate how you behave in the rest of your life. The other day, my friend and I were talking about a fairly non-essential skill, when she said to me, “I’ve tried, but I just suck at it. Really, if I can’t do it perfectly, I’m not interested. I won’t do it.”

This is a tempting attitude to have. When you try something and you suck at it, it challenges your ego. You feel frustrated, and if you allow your ego too much rope, you can start to feel “bad”. Flawed. Useless. Dumb. It’s tempting to just stick to what you know, keep feeling good about yourself, and continue to dominate in your field or specialty.

When you do this, you coddle your ego, avoid feeling “less than”, and skirt around the activities that dare and daunt you.

But the problem with this approach is that it stunts your growth. You keep growing in a linear fashion, rather than broadening your skills and surpassing your own expectations of who you are. You never become more than you could be.

With every challenge, you have a choice. Sure, you can claim your anti-social tendencies and own being a hermit… Or you can accept the challenge of learning how to interact with — and charm — anyone.

You can talk about how exercise hurts and be proudly sedentary… Or you can dig deep, do another rep, and watch your whole life change.

It isn’t easy to work at the things you suck at. But the choice between shying away from your challenges and taking them on is the difference between staying where you are and becoming a supernova.

It’s up to you… But I vote supernova.

Love always,

Art installation by James Turrell.

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What If We Viewed Working Out As A Magical Practice?


“No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.” — Margaret Sanger

Just before our first Bad Witch Workout, I pulled a tarot card to see what guidance it held. This is something I do a lot now, as I become more familiar with the cards: I ask for a little nudge from the universe and see what comes up. The card that appeared was the Five of Wands. This could be seen as a card of conflict, but I interpreted it as that ongoing struggle between outside opinions and inner knowledge.

When it comes to health, fitness, and radical self love, we’re told a lot of different things. It seems like everyone has a different idea about what it means to take care of our bodies. We’re told to do yoga, go for a run, eat this and avoid that, and the list goes on. But those suggestions don’t always work for us, or even feel good. When it comes to loving our bodies, we have to do something that truly works for us… And best of all, when we pay attention to how we feel, we can come together and create a new tribe of people who want the same thing.

It turns out that the Five of Wands really was the perfect card, because that’s exactly what we did in our very first class.

The deeper Garnett and I delve into Bad Witch Workout, the more it makes sense to me as an extension of radical self love. When we start on this path of loving ourselves, it’s very cerebral. We spend hours analysing our behaviour and making adjustments, thinking about how to create a positive environment in our homes, sorting through our friends and assessing who makes us feel good. We create vision boards and light candles to help us manifest a bright future. We’re constantly thinking about what we want to create and how we’ll do it.

But as someone who has spent the greater part of 32 years in her head, I’m realising how limiting that can be. It’s wonderful to think your way through problems, but that’s never the whole picture. Your thoughts can only get you so far. The most important thing is that you take those thoughts and turn them into action. The best, most transcendent, totally transformative moments of my life have centered around physical activity. When lightning strikes, it is always when I am using my body: tapping or touching or dancing or chanting or writing or throwing something into a fire.

That’s when I realised it. You can see exercise as something you do begrudgingly, a boring chore… Or you can see it as another form of worship, and another way of beaming your power out into the world. The strength you build in your body starts in your mind first! As your brain and willpower grows and becomes more potent, so do your intentions. So does your ability to create new and wonderful things in your life.

We generate so much personal power when we move our bodies; it’s like being lit up like a christmas tree. So what if we reframed the way we feel about exercise?

Why not view exercise as another magical practice, another way to manifest your desires? See your dreams while you squat. Conjure when you’re doing cardio. Call all your power back to you while you do planks and push-ups.

Think about how your spirit gets stirred up while you work out. It only makes sense to take all that potential and direct it towards a specific goal, wish, or dream.

Working your muscles in new ways is a process that allows you to literally pour love into your physical container. Pushing through a challenging plank fortifies your mind and makes you feel unstoppable. And it’s not just a solo endeavour. Sweating it out with a group of badass babes can be life-changing, as we harness that collective energy, boost one another, and create incredible new things.

On Sunday afternoon, we finished class with a wishing circle lead by my friend Veronica Varlow. Together we focussed on what we wanted to bring into our lives, and used our combined power to help beam those wishes out into the universe. It felt sensational, and gave me such a spark that I have carried over into this week!

I’m unbelievably excited to develop Bad Witch Workout and integrate even more rituals and mindfulness to bring about radical transformation, not just of your body, but of your mind and spirit. If you want updates about the class, follow us on Instagram!

Our next event is on August 14th. Come and join us!

Witchy love,

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