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Our DNA Results And The Roots Premiere


Last week, Garnett and I filmed a video for you where we teamed up with History and talked about our family history, genealogy, and how much knowledge we had of where we’re from. In that video, we promised that we’d tell you our results from the 23andMe kits we used… And now we have them!

Click below to watch the video and discover the answers to questions like: how white is my boyfriend really? Am I the descendent of a far-flung culture? And have these revelations changed the way we see ourselves?


Don’t forget that Roots is on the History Channel tonight at 8/7C. We went to the premiere last week and it was absolutely incredible — it completely blew my mind and I think it’s essential viewing. Make sure you tune in for this momentous TV event!

Love always,

This post was created in partnership with the History Channel. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of History.

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Who Are You And Where Did You Come From?


How much do you know about who you are and where you come from? And when I say that, I don’t mean the usual things we think of, like the city we were born and the home we lived in. I mean your genealogy, your history. Where did your family come from? What’s your ancestry? Who are you descended from?

I’ve always been curious about this, since I have absolutely no idea where my family came from. When I talked to my boyfriend about it, he was on the same page. As an African-American whose lineage was completely wiped out by slavery, he has absolutely no clue about his own genetic makeup or background.

So last week, we spat into one 23andMe Kit each, and FedEx’d them off, before sitting down to discuss what we know about our family history, and how it affects us personally.


As you can tell, we’re both really excited to get our results back! When they arrive in the mail, I’m going to set up my camera again and we’ll reveal the results to you. Will my boyfriend turn out to be 70% Caucasian?! Will I be revealed to be the descendent of some strange and distant culture? WHO KNOWS! It’s a beautiful mystery and it will all be uncovered soon!

Love and baited breath,

This sponsored post was created in partnership with the History Channel. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of History.

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Try These Radical Self Love Exercises And Win A Session With Me!


For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Skrawl to write about radical self love and offer up some quick, easy exercises you can try to help you realise how damn wonderful you are!

Skrawl is a really cool platform where you can start a story and open it up to other participants to have them continue it, as well as vote on the best segments of the story. It’s a fun and totally collaborative way to create, and as a writer, I think it’s important to try new formats just to keep things fresh.

I encourage you to head over and follow my page for some radical self love goodness… And that’s not all! If you follow my page, you go into the draw to win a radical self love one-on-one session with me! We’ll jump on Skype, talk for a while, and I’ll make some suggestions of tips and activities you can do to get the radical self love flowing in your life. It’ll be awesome!

The contest is drawn tomorrow so jump over to Skrawl, follow my page, and be in to win! The people at Skrawl will be in touch with you if you’re the lucky winner. I’m so excited!

Much love,

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Stuck In A Winter Rut? Try These Ideas For Living Out Loud!

Stuck In A Winter Rut? Try These Ideas For Living Out Loud!

When it starts to cool down outside, the temptation to stay indoors and sink into a rut can be overwhelming. A cursory glance outside the window would seem to tell you that you’re missing nothing… But appearances can be deceiving. Winter doesn’t have to be a bore. In fact, there’s PLENTY to do!

You might remember that during the summer, I got a little team together to participate in The Color Run™. It was awesome: exhilarating, good vibe-infused, messy, and marvellous. SHOUT® was perfectly partnered with The Color Run, because the whole idea of the event is to have fun getting messy!

After the event, they invited some of the participants to share how they live out loud on an everyday basis…


Kurt’s story is so beautiful. I can’t think of anything more liberating than becoming who you really are! It’s the ultimate surrender, and takes a whole lot of courage. Kurt, you’re an inspiration!


So cute. I loved all their ideas for living out loud, and it got me thinking about the ways I live out loud in winter!

Stuck In A Winter Rut? Try These Ideas For Living Out Loud!


Even though I feel the urge to bundle up and hide from the elements, I make an effort to stay as active as possible. I make a point of going to the gym five times a week — even if I have to trek through snow to get there — because the payoff is always worth it! I dance around the house to my favourite songs of the moment, I do yoga in the evenings, and I take candlelit baths which I load up with lavender-scented Epsom salts. Few things are as relaxing or serene.

I wear bright lipstick, colourful underwear, and I even use tanning towels to keep my optimism levels up! I give myself little at-home facials (using a Lush toning tab, Exfolikate, and some good serums), get eyelash extensions, and apply more blue dye to the light portions of my hair. Glowing skin and colourful hair is always a mood booster!

I fill my brain up with new inspiration! I believe that the winter prepares us for the following months, so whatever you do in winter will have a profound impact upon the next spring and summer. I read biographies, watch bizarre documentaries to keep my mind open, meditate, and find new blogs to read. I also make a point of unfollowing the people and blogs that are no longer inspiring to me. It’s good to make room for the new!

So, how about you? Here are some ideas…

Paint your hallway rainbow Spend a weekend making a zine with your BFF Go and see a band play Decoupage your headboard Bake something delicious Make a vision board that inspires the hell out of you! Get a glitter manicure Dye your hair your favourite colour Learn how to make the perfect hot chocolate!

Here’s to making this winter all it can be! Don’t forget to share the videos and tell me how you live life out loud on Facebook.

With love,

Photos by Chellise Michael. This post was made possible by SHOUT®.

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30 Dreamy Gifts For Witches, Magpies, Gym Bunnies, And Domestic Goddesses!

30 Dreamy Gifts For Witches, Magpies, Gym Bunnies, And Domestic Goddesses!

Haven’t quite sussed out your holiday gifts? Don’t worry, babe. It can be tricky when your power posse is comprised of such different personalities, but I’ve got you covered!

Below you’ll find presents for all your favourites: witches, gym bunnies, domestic goddesses, magpies, and entrepreneursbabes. I’ve chosen to profile small businesses as much as possible, because they need all the love and support they can get! Most of the gifts are around $50 or less, so I hope you’ll find something perfect for all your darlings. (Okay, so one of the items is $940… But it’s amazing!)


30 Dreamy Gifts For Witches, Magpies, Gym Bunnies, And Domestic Goddesses!

You’ll find this one chanting, cleansing her crystals, or hypnotically swaying to an invisible beat. Let’s just say, if you have a magical babe in your midst, you’ll know it! But what can you get her? She probably already has enough Nag Champa to last several lifetimes. Instead, pick her up a lovely little object to remind her that she’s the most enchanting vixen you know.

TRY: Catherine smudge sticks (essential for cleansing your home!), The Cosmic Collective Moon Energy calendar (I own this and love it; there’s also a Southern hemisphere version), Magic Hour elemental candle, The Wild Unknown tarot cards (my favourite deck), Catbird floating wish papers (instant manifesting!), Fat & The Moon Dreamweaver Mist (great for insomniacs).


30 Dreamy Gifts For Witches, Magpies, Gym Bunnies, And Domestic Goddesses!

Perpetually sneaker-clad, this gal is always on the go. She may be obsessed with protein powder, lifting weights, and feeling the burn, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to look cute at the gym! Get on her “nice” list by hooking her up with sassy workout gear and superfood chocolate!

TRY: Femme Fitale Swarovski fitness gloves (I own these and wear them 5 days a week), Nike Pro classic bra (keep her boobies happy!), Nike Free 5.0 sneakers (some of my favourite sneakers), Lorna Jane lover zip-through (the cuteness!), ALOHA Superfood Chocolate (SO DELICIOUS!), Nike compression shorts.


30 Dreamy Gifts For Witches, Magpies, Gym Bunnies, And Domestic Goddesses!

She can whip up a mean meal, her favourite place to be is her own living room, and she’s always searching flea markets for fantastic new artifacts. When it comes to your favourite domestic goddess, the easiest way to bring a smile to her face is to help her feather her nest with something fabulous.

TRY: FunWithMillefiori hamsa wall plaque (protect her home!), Marshykit rose pillow, Kikki.K Live Bright, Be You cup and saucer (perfect for her morning cup of tea), Kikki.K diamond jewellery dish, Jujujust handwoven tapestry (this is the $940 item… And totally worth it), Nashpop Ganesha statue.


30 Dreamy Gifts For Witches, Magpies, Gym Bunnies, And Domestic Goddesses!

You’ll know a magpie by her instant attraction to all that sparkles. Her house will twinkle relentlessly, she will own at least one pair of glittery shoes, and her personality will be just as effervescent. If you can gift her something that glistens, you’ll be in her glimmering good graces forever!

TRY: Dolores Petunia Swarovski friendship bracelet (I wear one every day!), Sehti Na star earrings (so cute), Meghan & Julie glitter hair clips, Dolores Petunia jelly jems bracelet (yeah, I own this too), Daddy Longlegs Elsa glasses (…AND these. I am such a magpie!), iPhone 6 case.


30 Dreamy Gifts For Witches, Magpies, Gym Bunnies, And Domestic Goddesses!

Happiest with a pen in her hand — and a calendar in view — this self-styled entrebabe would rather be working than… Well, almost anything else. Her favourite things to do are plan for the future, move money into her savings account, and build her empire. Don’t buy her anything useless or purely ornamental: the way to this woman’s heart is through cold, hard efficiency!

TRY: Kikki.K 2015 diary (to keep her on track), Miss Poppy I am the boss mug (perfection), Kikki.K vision board kit (to get — and keep! — her motivated), Le Pavillion bluetooth wireless headphones (perfect for bringing a little style to those conference calls), Sugar Paper desk calendar (so damn good), Society 6 laptop skin (so she doesn’t ruin her MacBook with a cup of coffee…).


ALOHA SUPERFOOD GIVEAWAY! Good news everyone! I’ve partnered up with ALOHA to give away a massive, delicious prize pack! You could win their Superfood Chocolate (the best healthy chocolate I’ve ever tried: 100% delicious!), Superfood Protein in Chocolate and Vanilla, and Daily Good Greens in original, Chocolate, and Berry flavours!

Talk about the perfect way to start 2015!

All you need to do is tell me: how do you survive the holidays? Click here to enter. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday night, so don’t dilly-dally!


Title image via poshtottydesign. This post was made possible by the lovely ladies at ALOHA.

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