A Candy Pink Dress And A Whole New Silhouette

Hello, again! It me, your intrepid narrator, hanging out with a bunch of really old rocks, and wearing one of my favourite dresses. It was from Pinup Girl Clothing’s Deadly Dames collection, but it looks like they stopped making it. You can buy the skirt as a separate though!

I can’t believe it’s already September, and summer is officially over. It’s grey outside, it rained overnight, and we’re heading into cozy times. (I’ve been swaddling myself in a baby pink cardigan — this one! — like it’s my job.) But these photos remind me of this summer and all the silliness that went down. Oh what a time it was it was, oh what a time it was.


Look at them there rocks!


It has been really fun to start experimenting with new silhouettes and try out different things stylistically. For the last decade, I’ve been wearing a uniform of sorts, and it almost always boiled down to a t-shirt with an A-line skirt and ankle boots.

But over the past year, my body has completely changed. (These photos were taken just over a year ago, for contrast.) My breast augmentation has played a big role in that, but it’s also been over a year now since I stopped eating sugar. My workouts are totally different too: I use my whole body and I think about fitness in a whole new way. (Thanks, genius boyfriend.) So that has led to me trying new looks, and let me tell you, it made getting dressed up this summer so much more enjoyable!

I’ve been investigating more form-fitting styles (hand me that bandage skirt!), rocking a pair of black denim cut-offs on the regular, and even wearing booty shorts to the gym! WHAT?! This time last year, I would have shrivelled up and died at the mere thought.

But the thing I’m discovering is that we can only smash our fears when we face them. When you wear booty shorts in public and no one dies, you realise it’s not a big deal after all. The only “big deal” is in your head. And that, my friend, you have the power to change.


I’ve been getting so much joy out of dressing up lately, and it feels amazing. I’m not totally sure what my Fall/Winter style direction will be… But I’m excited to think about it!

Love always,

Photos by Made U Look Photography.


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