Movie Time! Radical Self Love Temple: Vow

Words cannot describe how excited Veronica and I were to be hosting our first ever retreat. As is often the case with me, I don’t like to start small. My first tattoo was a half-sleeve, and my first retreat was in Africa. It all makes sense!

Veronica and I met at JFK, our suitcases full of crystals, to fly Royal Air Maroc, whose logo is a pentagram! (You cannot make this stuff up!) Before we knew it, we were in beautiful Marrakech, getting ready for two groups of twenty women.

We had the most amazing trip. Every single woman was incredible and so special. The friendships that were made, the experiences that were had, and the healing that occurred was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a little video that shows some of what went on…

If you’d like to join Veronica and I for even more magic in Tulum, Mexico on October 5th, we would be absolutely thrilled to have you, hug you, spoil you with love, dress you up, and celebrate with you every night. All the details are here!



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My Honeymoon In Tulum

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In Marrakech, on the last night of our retreat, we celebrated choosing ourselves with a moonlit wedding ceremony. Dressed in white, I walked to a mirror illuminated by tealight candles, stared into my eyes, and told myself the words I needed to hear. That evening changed me for good. In that moment, I finally recognised my power, […]


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