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It’s Time To Throw Away Your Vision Board


Babe, if you were with me on Facebook last night, you know that I am going through it. I am having a spiritual awakening, and it’s not some fluffy, namby-pamby nonsense. I feel like I am finally seeing without illusion for the first time in years.

A few days ago I woke up with an entirely new perspective on the world and how it works. How some “new age” concepts can be damaging. How we make excuses for ourselves constantly. How we are all desperately trying to escape our pain, and the ways we attempt to do that, and the way we dress it up as an “enlightened” process. How we place our power outside of ourselves, and how the only way to make real progress and change in our lives is to TAKE RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY and quite frankly, stop bullshitting ourselves.

That’s what I jumped onto Facebook Live to talk about last night. And girl… It got heated. I was ON. And I loved every minute of it. (Fair warning: I also swore a lot, so, be aware!)

Like I said… A lot of things have shifted for me in the year since my book got published, and I want to share them with you, because I believe that when we get really clear on what works and what doesn’t, nothing can hold us back. We can change our lives, transform our behaviour, and create the world we want because we know that the power is within us. And we don’t need anyone or anything else to “give” it to us. It’s inside us and it’s inherent and it’s dying to be unleashed.

I’d love it if you joined me for the Radical Self-Love Online Class. We get started on September 14th (the day after my birthday!), and it is going to blow your head off.

Yes baby.

Love to you,

Photo by Made U Look.

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#blacklivesmatter And What We Can Actually Do About It


I woke up this morning thinking about #blacklivesmatter and I couldn’t get my mind off the subject. If you’re anything like me (aka a human with even the smallest amount of compassion and empathy), I’m sure you’ve been thinking about it too. And you’ve probably been feeling similarly helpless as you watch the news updates roll in and feel the swell of outrage from your friends on social media.

#blacklivesmatter is acutely real to me, made even more visceral by the fact that my boyfriend is African-American. I asked him yesterday whether hearing about yet another murder of a black man by the police made him afraid to leave the house. “No,” he said, “It just makes me more angry.”

If you’re feeling the whole spectrum of emotions — from fear to rage to confusion to helplessness — you are not alone. I sat down on my couch to make this video about what we can actually do in the face of so much ugliness. I hope that it inspires you to get involved and be part of the change that we want to see.


Love and awareness,

P.S. These ideas are gleaned from a number of sources, including the Washington Post, Huffington Post and Mic.

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My Weekend With The Midsummer Moon Coven (aka Witches In Woodstock)


Love goddesses, rituals in the river, mojo bags and hand-crafted incense… Making our own flower crowns and calling the corners… Pulling tarot cards and picnics on the grass. This was my weekend, and it was wonderful.

Any time spent with my friend Veronica Varlow is always intensely magical. Trust me when I say that this girl knows how to create an atmosphere! This past weekend was no exception. It was her annual Midsummer Moon Coven retreat, held upstate in her enchanting home in Woodstock. (Every window is a different shape, there are love spells poured into the foundations, and I always sleep in a secret room accessed through a fireplace.)

I couldn’t resist filming some of our adventures, and so here are a few highlights for you… Set to the sounds of Cocteau Twins, of course.


Magic always,

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Our DNA Results And The Roots Premiere


Last week, Garnett and I filmed a video for you where we teamed up with History and talked about our family history, genealogy, and how much knowledge we had of where we’re from. In that video, we promised that we’d tell you our results from the 23andMe kits we used… And now we have them!

Click below to watch the video and discover the answers to questions like: how white is my boyfriend really? Am I the descendent of a far-flung culture? And have these revelations changed the way we see ourselves?


Don’t forget that Roots is on the History Channel tonight at 8/7C. We went to the premiere last week and it was absolutely incredible — it completely blew my mind and I think it’s essential viewing. Make sure you tune in for this momentous TV event!

Love always,

This post was created in partnership with the History Channel. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of History.

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Who Are You And Where Did You Come From?


How much do you know about who you are and where you come from? And when I say that, I don’t mean the usual things we think of, like the city we were born and the home we lived in. I mean your genealogy, your history. Where did your family come from? What’s your ancestry? Who are you descended from?

I’ve always been curious about this, since I have absolutely no idea where my family came from. When I talked to my boyfriend about it, he was on the same page. As an African-American whose lineage was completely wiped out by slavery, he has absolutely no clue about his own genetic makeup or background.

So last week, we spat into one 23andMe Kit each, and FedEx’d them off, before sitting down to discuss what we know about our family history, and how it affects us personally.


As you can tell, we’re both really excited to get our results back! When they arrive in the mail, I’m going to set up my camera again and we’ll reveal the results to you. Will my boyfriend turn out to be 70% Caucasian?! Will I be revealed to be the descendent of some strange and distant culture? WHO KNOWS! It’s a beautiful mystery and it will all be uncovered soon!

Love and baited breath,

This sponsored post was created in partnership with the History Channel. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of History.

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