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Radical self love takes a daily practice, and sometimes it’s hard to do it alone. Love Bomb is an ongoing coaching program to keep you on track and feeling supported, no matter what’s going on in your life. In addition to our beautiful community, you’ll receive exclusive videos, activity worksheets, coaching calls, and homework to ensure that you make yourself a priority.


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When you love yourself, you move with a sense of ease, and radiate magnetic confidence. You’re able to be real with yourself and others. You demand more from your life: soul-sucking jobs and dead-end relationships begone! And you begin to see, with crystal-clear vision, what is and isn’t working. All of these things are possible, but it takes a daily practice. In Love Bomb, you’ll receive regular coaching and guidance, as well as homework, exercises, and activities to keep you on track every single day.


Ready to make radical self love a part of your everyday life? Love Bomb is an ongoing coaching program where you’ll work through every aspect of your life so you can live with more confidence, more joy, and create the life you’ve always wanted.

Every month, within Love Bomb, we explore a different topic and aspect of radical self love, as well as investigating the ways in which we can truly embody new practices. Think of Love Bomb as your personal library which is constantly evolving and growing. And you’re not doing it by yourself, either: as soon as you join, you’ll be invited to a private group full of luscious babes where we will be discussing the lessons, trading our own tips, and sharing experiences!

As a Love Bomb member, every month, you will receive…

When it comes to loving yourself, there’s so much to work on. If you’re not sure where to focus your attention, I’ve got your back! Every month, we focus on one area of radical self love, and you’ll receive a brand new, exclusive video that pertains to it. In this video, I’ll be discussing the subject at hand, sharing my own personal experiences, and asking you questions to help you explore the concept in your own way.

Here’s where it gets juicy: you’ll receive monthly worksheets that directly relate to our topic of the month, to help you assimilate the information and implement it in your daily life! These worksheets are full of questions, prompts, checklists, and blanks to fill in. The best thing to do with this worksheet is print it out and place it in a binder with all your other radical self love materials! When you fill it out and journal around it, you’ll benefit from massive insights and illumination — which you can then put into practice in your everyday life.

Calling all overachievers! If you want to immerse yourself even more, I’ll be providing you with a fun and inspiring activity to help you realise the work in an external way. From style challenges to writing exercises, the Inside Out challenge will make you see yourself differently, and help you come to terms with what a badass you are!

You never have to struggle alone! Every month, you’re invited to join a live coaching call with me and the other Love Bomb babes. During these calls, we’ll go even deeper on the topic of the month, as well as answering the nitty-gritty questions you’re grappling with.

Working through the material with other people will provide you with untold amounts of support. Our thriving group is full of people on the same journey as you, and it’s an incredible resource for your growth!

Who Is This For?

This is an immersive experience for anyone who wants to be truly active in creating their life. Love Bomb is for people who are radiant and strong, and want to be the very best version of themselves. We are focussed on solutions, not making excuses or complaining, and we happily take responsibility for our lives.

Love Bomb is open to all genders, races, ages, and locations around the world. Since the material is all online, you’re welcome to join from any geographic location! You can begin at any time, and if you need to pause your membership, it’s easy to do so.

In over a decade of teaching this material, this is the first time I’ve offered it as an ongoing experience. The journey is the destination, and now you’ll have someone to hold your hand all the way through it. I can’t wait for us to get started!

How It Works

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"I feel much calmer now than I used to, I have noticed that I focus on the positives more and I don’t react as nuclear to certain events or situations. You are an incredible woman, Gala. Thank you for being you and teaching all us other babes that we can be as amazing as we want.”

Renee Braithwaite

"Even though I had already done so much self-love work before this adventure, it showed me new paths to walk on and explore. I feel softer, more feminine, more grounded and just more “me” than I did before I started.”

Cat Bennis

"Gala is soothing, helpful, loving, and truly makes you feel at ease. She provides concrete steps and action you can take to improve any area of your life. She helped me believe that my desires for my life were completely possible."

Jessica Sutcliffe

More Testimonials

“I have always been a classic self sabotager. But it wasn’t until you explained how this is rooted in fear and gave me some great, actionable tips on how to understand why it happens that I was able to make changes to overcome it. You brought glitter and unicorn farts into my life and I love it.”

Kristy O'Kane

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