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Transform how you see the world — and yourself — in six weeks. Because you deserve to love your life, truly, madly, deeply… And I can show you how to do it. This is not about trying to become an immaculate person. It’s not about dieting and turning your life into a miserable slog. It is about looking at your messiness and realising that you have an inherent beauty regardless. Radical self love is about seeing yourself as you truly are — with no delusions — and choosing to believe that you are pretty goddamn great. Your flaws are what make you beautiful. In Radical Self Love Bootcamp, we’ll flip your perceptions. One of the major secrets of happiness is learning to see with new eyes, and it’s as easy as changing your mind.


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Radical self love might seem like an abstract, amorphous concept, but this is not some airy-fairy, woo-woo thing. It is a very real way of living your life. And while I’ll be sharing some guidelines and stories — both from my life and others’ — radical self love works best when it fits with YOUR lifestyle. Our definitions of radical self love will have differences, and that’s wonderful. Together, we will create something that works for YOU.


In 2006, I couldn’t have been more different than the person I am today. I hated my life… And myself. I was suffering from depression, and even worse than that, I was destroying my body with an eating disorder, which took up 95% of my mental capacity. I could barely think about anything else.

It wasn’t until I started to make some big adjustments — both in how I treated myself, and the way I looked at the world — that things began to change. And best of all, the changes started to happen quickly. It felt like nothing short of a miracle, but looking back, I can see it was as simple as taking consistent, positive action.


A lot of people talk about self-love, but very few of them have crawled from the pit of despair like I did. Trust me when I say I know how to change lives… Because mine couldn’t possibly look any different today.

When I think back on the girl I was — alone, depressed, and feeling stuck in New Zealand — it’s an incredible transformation. None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t decided to make some major changes in 2006.

You can make that same decision. You can make that choice to turn your life around. You can start today.

The real question is, if you don’t, what will your life look like this time next year?



Q. What do I need to get started?
You will probably want a notebook in which to complete the exercises. You might also want access to a printer, so that you can print off your worksheets, but this is definitely not compulsory!

Q. Can I get access to Radical Self Love Bootcamp on my phone?
There is so much material in Bootcamp — and the files are so big! — that I don’t recommend it. Use your computer to login and download the material, and then transfer it to your phone if you’d like!

Q. How can I get the most out of my Radical Self Love Bootcamp experience?
Commit to doing the work as regularly as you can. Don’t just read the exercises: actually do them. You cannot think your way into radical self love — you have to act your way there!

Q. I’m so excited! But my life is really busy. What if I can’t complete the activities on time?
No worries, babe! The course is yours to keep, so you can follow it at your own pace. Even if you’re away for two months, whenever you’re ready, you can look at the lessons and pick up where you left off.

Q. I’m hearing-impaired. Will you have transcripts of your MP3s?
Yes, absolutely. Transcripts will be available for all audio files.

Q. What is your refund policy?
As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. However, I’m confident that Radical Self Love Bootcamp will help you realise your own beauty and encourage you to fall in love with yourself. I can’t wait for you to get started!



“I just want to say that this course has been so informative and transformative! I have come a long way since lesson number one. I have introduced daily 10 minute meditation into my life, gratitude lists every morning & night and inspo boards for my dreams… amongst others. I feel much calmer now than I used to, I have noticed that I focus on the positives more and I don’t react as nuclear to certain events or situations. I have gotten so much out of this course. Best money spent. You are an incredible woman, Gala. Thank you for being you and teaching all us other babes that we can be as amazing as we want.”


“Gala Darling seems to have magic following her everywhere, and is a true testament to what she teaches. Her 4 week, in-person class was absolutely amazing. Candles, sigils, manifesting, magic, and most important, love. It was a beautiful experience and I gained so much from it. I am now left full of inspiration to keep taking action to manifest my dreams. So much magic happened to everyone during the 4 weeks, it was insane. Gala IS love!”


“I realised that I had been my own gatekeeper to authentic happiness for more than two-thirds of my life. I was the one who had crawled after men’s crumbs, feeling like I didn’t deserve any better. I was the one who constantly sabotaged herself, so that the light of my passion for life wouldn’t shine too bright (and maybe blind someone). Even though I had already done so much self-love work before buying this adventure, it showed me new paths to walk on and explore. I feel softer, more feminine, more grounded and just more “me” than I did before I started.”


More Testimonials

“I was at the the start of my self love story. Now I understand my past mistakes as lessons. I’ve always been perfectly imperfect. I’m more confident in my abilities and sincerely believe in myself. The cool, confident woman that I’ve always wanted to become has always been in me. I learned that creative pursuits bring me straight to the present and open up so many opportunities. I understand that I should celebrate ALL my accomplishments. I’ve learned to accept compliments with a solid “thank you,” and continue on with my life, because they are life’s treats and I effing deserve them.”


“As a professional entertainer it seemed like I was already living the dream, but I was so stressed out that I had foregone much of the magic in my life. Working through the modules gave me the mental space to examine my fears, re-evaluate my dreams, and look at the elements of my life (and business) that were no longer serving me. Each day, I felt that I could apply the lessons to any struggle I was facing. I feel confident that I can always change my life if needed. I was able to adjust my life and business to better fit my dreams!”


“I have always been a classic self sabotager. But it wasn’t until you explained how this is rooted in fear and gave me some great, actionable tips on how to understand why it happens that I was able to make changes to overcome it. It also opened my eyes to new ideas like affirmations and manifesting. I have since incorporated my take on these into my own daily practices (I’m a nutritionist who specializes in fertility). I kept every email in a folder and refer back to them. Those emails are a treasured reference I’ll always have. You brought glitter and unicorn farts into my life and I love it.”


Radical Self Love Bootcamp



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