2018 Radical Self-Love Almanac


The Radical Self-Love Almanac is your ultimate companion for a kickass year. Goal setting with intention? Check. Activity sheets? Check. Tips on how to throw the best parties, feel confident around other babes, be your own style icon, and advice to keep you happy throughout 2018? Check! If world domination is on your bucket list, the Radical Self-Love Almanac will help you get there… In a damn cute outfit.


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For the first time ever, the Radical Self-Love Almanac is a physical book in full colour! This 120 page manual will inspire you to make the most of the year ahead. Keep it beside your bed for flashes of insight, advice that reminds you of your own magnificence, and activity sheets to help you access your best self.

It’s our most gorgeous Almanac yet, bathed in unicorn gradients and sprinkled with delicious tropical photos from one of my favourite places, Tulum. You’ll discover the tarot card that will set the tone of the year, get deep astrological insights from The AstroTwins, and delight your eyeballs with photographs by Emily Faulstich and illustrations by Gabriella Rosie.

The theme of the 2018 Almanac is feeling good. How can we feel good when things seem horrible, and does that even help? (Of course, the answer is YES!) The 2018 Radical Self-Love Almanac is designed to help you get back in touch with yourself — your true self, your joyful self, your most radiant and glorious self.

There are tips on how to get your goals into alignment with your soul, advice on celebrating Valentine’s Day without losing your mind, perfect party ideas for any babe, and how to be happy without conditions. You’ll learn how I manifested my man, uncover a recipe for an adventurous life, and find out how to stop overthinking (and really live). We talk about feeling insecure in relationships, how to spice up your love life, comparing ourselves to others, how to get inspired to be creative, and so much more!

The 2018 Radical Self-Love Almanac is available on Amazon. You can either click that link or the BUY NOW button above or below!

If you’d like to purchase the digital version (PDF), you can snap it up right here! Then, you’re welcome to print it out at home if you please.


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