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Wonderland Sessions #3: Radical Self Love

Hello you gorgeous thing! Yesterday, I sat down to do my third Wonderland Session — these are live broadcasts where I talk about the concepts I’ve been learning and practicing lately. I’ve been enjoying speaking live to you so much! The coolest thing about the Wonderland Sessions is that the advice is truly actionable… And during […]

Movie Time! Radical Self Love Temple: Vow

Words cannot describe how excited Veronica and I were to be hosting our first ever retreat. As is often the case with me, I don’t like to start small. My first tattoo was a half-sleeve, and my first retreat was in Africa. It all makes sense! Veronica and I met at JFK, our suitcases full […]

Radical Self Love Fest #2: Vagina Angst And Open Relationships with Alexandra Roxo

Happy Friday! I’m so excited to present you with a little surprise for the weekend: the second Radical Self Love Fest podcast. In this episode — which clocks in at an hour and fifteen minutes — I talk to my friend Alexandra Roxo about sexuality. Alexandra is a modern muse: a filmmaker, writer, healer, and coach. She […]

Radical Self Love Coven Is OPEN For 2017!

We are always being encouraged to turn away from our intuition. From sisterhood. From regarding anything as magical or mysterious. “Be logical!” they say. “Competition between women is inevitable,” they splutter. “There’s a perfectly rational explanation,” they retort. I call bullshit on all that. Because we can live in any kind of world we want. So […]

Essential Radical Self Love Practices In An Uncertain World

There is a lot going on right now. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t worried, grinding my teeth, and flying into furious rages. But even as a whole lot of crazy shit is being said and done, we still have to make our self-care a priority. We do not have the luxury of […]

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