Want to get your product, service, or blog in front of hundreds of thousands of eyeballs? You’re in the right place. receives an average of 400,000 unique visitors a month, and around a million page views. I have over 120,000 followers on social media (Facebook 32,000+, Twitter 28,000+, Pinterest 38,000+, Instagram 23,000+).

I offer a variety of packages, from banner advertising to sponsored posts and giveaways. If you have something more unique in mind, I can work with you to create a bespoke package for your particular campaign. Don’t be afraid to reach out for a copy of my media kit! I’d love to work with you to bring my audience to your door.

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Want to get the most out of your advertising campaign?

Over the last seven years, I’ve seen a lot of advertisements: the good, the bad, and the ugly! I’ve been able to recognise what works, and how to get the most bang for your buck. Below are some of my top tips.

Use a clear and attractive image
Advertising is all about grabbing attention, so be sure that your graphic does exactly that! Make sure it is a good quality graphic: something that looks shrunken or pixelated is sure to give the wrong impression. Also, take care to use an image which illustrates what you do. If my readers see a photo of a woman in a dress, they’ll think you sell clothes; if they see a bunch of flowers, they will assume you’re a florist. You get the idea: make sure your graphic ties into what you actually do!

Make sure all your text is legible
Be sure that any text in your ad is easy to read. Use simple fonts: handwriting might seem cute at first, but can be really difficult to comprehend. Pick just one or two fonts, and two or three colours. Keep it simple and uncluttered!

Think about the audience
My readers are smart, stylish, and positive. They’re edgy and love to push boundaries, so tailor your advertising with that in mind! Don’t use a lame stock image of a woman in a suit, or a beige living room. I guarantee you will get no love!

Give people a reason to click!
Think about the advertising you’ve seen which works. People don’t often click just for the fun of it. Either their curiousity has been piqued, or they feel like the deal is too good to refuse. Don’t be shy about offering a discount for first-time customers, free shipping, or some other enticement. This is known as a “call to action”. Your ad needs one!

Create a landing page
You will get a much higher rate of engagement if you have a custom landing page which addresses the deal you’re advertising. Keep it simple, and watch your conversion rate soar!

Stay the course
It’s impossible to know if your ad is working after two weeks, let alone a month. Ask anyone: you need at least a three-month period to test results. I’m happy to book you in for a month at a time, but I really recommend letting your ad sit for a while to see how it performs.

Don’t limit yourself to a banner ad!
The best campaigns are multi-pronged, consisting of a banner ad, a sponsored post, and social media mentions. Please contact me for my media kit, and information about these offerings.

Got questions? Just email me and I’ll be happy to sort you out!

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