Happy Hallowe’en!

Mystery Hallowe'en Cuties!

Who are these mysterious Hallowe’en cuties?

Ashley Olsen & Marc Jacobs!

Why, Ashley Olsen & Marc Jacobs, of course! (Awwwww!)

I am loath to admit that I do not have a Hallowe’en costume of my own yet. Nor do I have anywhere to wear it. Bummer! Tell me about your amazing costumes & extravagant parties-to-be & let me live vicariously through you!


Decorating A Room

10.31.2007 · lifestyle

1. Vivre Bohême, 2. C Deco, 3. Flea Market Style, 4. Chinoiseries, 5. Marie Claire Maison, 6. Baroque’N’Roll, 7. Elle Deco, 8. Elle Deco, 9. domino magazine, 10. french-lilac bedroom, 11. 17.jpg, 12. scan, 13. bed Lots of people have written to me recently, asking for tips on decorating their bedroom or their new apartment. […]


Embracing Your Inner Nerd

10.30.2007 · style

Recently, my friend Nadia & I went to a “nerdcore” themed party. We were trying to think of ways to appear nerdy but still stylish, when I came up with the idea of wearing blinged-out calculators. I bought a couple of cheap calculators for about $2.50 each, then went out & bought cellphone stickers. We […]


Daily Outfit — 29th October 2007

10.29.2007 · style

Pink striped headscarf D&G sunglasses Sheer jersey short sleeve deep v-neck in white from American Apparel Black button-down jumper dress Dali button Black matte lamé leggings Black Alexandre Herchcovitch for Melissa wedges Rings by Tarina Tarantino Strawberry princess cake necklace by Faeriesmak… & it’s SCENTED! Black quilted bag by Trent Nathan Yes, it’s definitely getting […]


Style Tips — 29th October 2007

Wake up at a ridiculous hour to photograph the sunrise. Start keeping your receipts. Chuck them in a shoebox & thank me later! Things are actually meant to last & if they break, you should take them back — it doesn’t matter WHAT you paid! Dance in every elevator you catch today, alone or not. […]


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Daily Outfit — 26th October 2007

10.26.2007 · style

Pink glasses Sparkly purple/blue bow-tie from Nadine! Royal blue fine jersey racerback tank dress from American Apparel (new!) Black matte lamé leggings, also from American Apparel & also new! Long grey cardigan from Country Road Pearls around my ankles Black Manolo Blahnik open-toe heels Swarovski crystal bracelet, rainbow bracelet from Tokyomade, & three lucite bangles. […]


Carousel — Week Ending 26th October 2007

Happy Friday! I wrote a little piece on kissing a while back, but for those of you who want more information on one of the best activities ever, Violet Blue has released a DRM-free ebook that is exactly what you’re after! How To Kiss is a measly $10 & while I haven’t read it (I […]


Things I Love Thursday

10.25.2007 · things i love thursday

Photo key: 1. Striped, 2. Untitled, 3. KK, 4. Dynamite, 5. Too Many Notes, 6. it’s getting colder, 7. Untitled, 8. Motherf#cker Halloween at the Roxy, 9. my ugly feet, 10. Untitled, 11. Motherf#cker Halloween at the Roxy, 12. blow up, 13. i’m having a conversation, 14. 10_6_4, 15. tara toes, 16. poised ballerina Soft, […]


More Blogging Questions

10.24.2007 · blogging

I’ve had a few questions from sweet kittens wanting to know more information about starting a blog. Here are some excerpts from those emails! “Hosting – this part has me totally lost. Templates – do these appear as they do when you sign up for livejournal/blogspot etc? HTML – is it a lot different than […]


Ideas For iCiNG Day #001

10.23.2007 · miscellaneous

iCiNG Day is in two & a half weeks! (More information here!) I am so excited, are you? I’ve had some questions recently from people asking what I was going to do for iCiNG Day. Well, it’s a secret, but rest assured, I have plans! Great ones! It seems like some of you are stuck […]


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