Daily Outfit — 31st December 2007

It is 42 degrees. Yes, that is 110 to you. HELP!

Daily outfit

Last outfit of the year… how time has flown!

Silver hoop earrings from Sportsgirl
White Stella McCartney for Adidas tennis dress
Navy blue cardigan by Country Road (I really don’t need this tonight, but I wear weird & over-exposed without it!)
Purple lamΓ© leggings by American Apparel
Platform New Rock boots
Two clear lucite bangles
Knotted pearls
False eyelashes!

Have an amazing night, everyone — whatever you choose to do! & if you see me out & about in Melbourne tonight… come & say hi!


Fetish Wear

12.31.2007 · advice

“I was wondering if you would write an article on fetish dressing. I always find fetish dressing comes off looking extremely tacky and “goth” looking which of course is not the way I want to look. I’d like to be able to incorporate items such as platform “hooker heels”, bondage corsets, pvc, etc. into a […]



12.30.2007 · style

I thought I would introduce you to a little clothing house called Gibbous. They say, “modern culture has lost all scent of a soul. mass production & the disposability of fashion & style have ripped away the purity of clothing. sweatshop labor infuses garments with the stench of slavery. we are fighting against this epidemic […]


How To Set Amazing Goals

Tomorrow is the 31st of December. Why not start 2008 with a fleet of fantastic goals & driving ambitions? Here’s how to go about it. Think big If you don’t know where to begin, or you feel like you have absolutely no ambition, take some time out for yourself & just allow your mind to […]



This is a public service announcement! It is rather sad for me to have to tell you this, but as of now, my columns in Cosmopolitan magazine are no longer. I was head-hunted by their editor back in June, & had an amazing few months getting to know the team & writing columns. But sadly, […]


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Daily Outfit — 29th December 2007

12.29.2007 · style

Pink glasses Black cardigan from Ricochet ‘House of Flying Daggers’ dress from World Black Manolo Blahnik heels Tarina Tarantino heart earrings I received my samples from Lucky Scent the other day, by the way — I am so impressed with the speed, especially over the Christmas period! Props to Lucky Scent! Tonight I’m wearing The […]


How To Be Charming

Being charming is greatly underrated. While some people believe that charm is like style — in that you either have it or you don’t — I prefer to take a more lenient approach. I think some people have a natural advantage but I also think that practice makes perfect in any arena, & it’s with […]


iCiNG’s Best Of: 2007

12.28.2007 · miscellaneous

It’s been a major year! I’m so happy with what we’ve achieved here. I’ve said it before, but I couldn’t have done it without you — so thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart! If you’re after some light reading for the next few days, here are my favourite articles from the past […]


Things I Love Thursday

12.27.2007 · things i love thursday

Super-size it! Photo key: 1. my 10 cent granny garage sale slippers, 2. untitled, 3. 觸及, 4. moc 18c dresses in store, 5. deadhavefriendsingoodplaces, 6. serenity 21, 7. serenity 31, 8. baby pink, 9. pistacho-rosewater cupcakes, 10. sprinkles and stars, 11. untitled, 12. 15, 13. wonderland, 14. neuschwanstein’s castle, 15. heart sugar cookies, 16. untitled, […]


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