Mike Dooley Seminars!

Hello sweet people of Melbourne!

As some of you know, the amazing Mike Dooley (of Notes From The Universe fame) is coming to Australia & New Zealand in March! He’s going to be presenting seminars in Perth (March 8/9), Melbourne (March 11/12), Brisbane (March 13/14), Sydney (March 15/16) & Auckland (March 18/19). I am so excited about it & can’t WAIT to hear him talk!

I’ve been talking to a woman called Tracy who is helping organise the tour, & she told me that they require some people to work on the crew in Melbourne. As a member of the crew you would need to turn up a bit early to help register people, put out products & stuff like that. However, the trade-off is that you would get into the show for free! (How great is that?!)

If any of you are available & keen to do this, please check the details (to make sure you can get to the location!) & then email Tracy telling her which city you’re in & that you’d love to help!

On the other hand, if you want to book tickets, you can do so here! (Affiliate link.)

Merci beaucoup & I hope to see you there!


Carousel — Week Ending 29th February 2008

02.28.2008 · carousel

Mmmm… sweet, sweet distraction courtesy of the carousel! Throw a coin at the operator & pick a horse! The Fug Girls: Our ANTM All-Star Dream Team. I don’t usually dig what the Fug Girls do, but… well, this is pretty funny… Things I Have Learned In My Life. I like this very much. Strangest book […]


Daily Outfit — 28th February 2008

02.27.2008 · style

Daily outfit photos, complete with Gala dancing for your entertainment! Do you like my heart-shaped mirror ball? It’s my new favourite thing. Silver dangly earrings from Sportsgirl Blue cotton hoodie (I have owned this forever) Sweater by Lenko — so comfortable & the print on it makes me laugh so hard! I obtained this on […]


Things I Love Thursday

Hello cuties! I know that lots of you are now doing Things I Love Thursday on your own sites & blogs! It makes me so happy, I’m like a proud mother! Cluck cluck! Anyway, I have made up some little banners that you can use if you want to (it’s not compulsory!) — they just […]



02.26.2008 · miscellaneous

This video just rocked my world. Imagine how different your life would be if watching this was part of your morning routine!


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Umbrella Lurve!

02.25.2008 · style

It’s getting very cold around here, so I thought it was a good time to present you with an assortment of the best-looking brollies I’ve found recently… as well as who I can imagine owning them. The woman who loves the Haba Leafy Roof umbrella is actually an art teacher who found this umbrella left […]


Weekly Resolutions

02.24.2008 · miscellaneous

Bonjour! Good morning my darlings! Welcome to a new week! The response to my first Weekly Resolutions post on Monday was so stupendous that I’ve decided it is definitely something we should carry on! Tell me: how did you do on yours? What would your weekly resolutions report card say? Would you give yourself an […]


Daily Outfit — 24th February 2008

· style

Blue sunglasses Earrings from Tokyomade (they are make-up themed! Little brushes & compacts & eyelashes!) Knotted pearls Vintage leather jacket (yes, the one I was so excited about!) bought from mademoiselle vintage — the tag says XXL so I think it was made for a chubby child! I find this unequivocally hilarious. American Apparel striped […]


Coming Out To Homophobes

02.21.2008 · advice

“I’m bisexual, have had past secret relationships with females and I haven’t told anyone except my boyfriend, who I know is one of the most open minded people out there. Do you know how I could tell my parents, friends and other people I know? My parents make fun of gay/bi/lesbian people. My friends stopped […]


Carousel — Week Ending 22nd February 2008

Yay, distractions to get you through Friday! Doctor of Sexology — A Profile of Dr John Money. Money says pornography, contrary to persisting beliefs, is not “contagious” and isn’t going to make you do anything you didn’t want to do anyway. “The only kind of pornography you can like is that which corresponds to your […]


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