A Reminder

Stop comparing yourself to other girls, no matter how pretty, clever, cool or cashed-up they are.

No one will ever have your unique twist of talents, perspectives or beauty.

You do enough. You have enough. You are enough.

Stop comparing yourself to other girls, no matter how talented, well-dressed, popular or capable they are.

You improve the world more than you can possibly comprehend, just by being true to who you are every day.

Go outside & be fabulous. Watching who you are, & seeing what you’re becoming, makes us so proud to know you. The world delights in your presence. We all love you very much.


I Want To Be… A Poet!

09.29.2008 · lifestyle

Is it really possible to eke out a living in the literary world? As a poet, no less?! Just ask Claire! The fabulous redheaded Claire Askew is a working poet, arts editor & part-time tutor living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s a very busy & ambitious girl, with lots of good advice as to how to […]


Something Ridiculous For Your Sunday

· travel

For those of you who weren’t with us on the Virgo Vegas Vacation (to be hereafter referred to as V3) — which would be, well, all of you — I edited up some clips from our trip that I thought you might enjoy! There is no real way to capture the Las Vegas experience, but […]


Style Tips — 27th September 2008

09.27.2008 · lifestyle

Buy teeny figurines & decorate your plate with them. Plant an army man on top of your potato, put a monster in your porridge & bury the smallest matryoshka nesting doll inside a pile of fries. Write pornographic haiku on napkins at restaurants. Come up with some new birthday traditions — like a colourful photoshoot, […]


Carousel — Week Ending 26th September 2008

09.26.2008 · carousel

Agyness Deyn for POP. I loooove this photoshoot, which consists of her falling off buildings. It’s so, so good! Be with Her Now from Sera Beak. Destroy all limits with love. I met Janelle from Sans Artifice outside the tents at Bryant Park during fashion week. When I got home, I checked out her website […]


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Things I Love Thursday

09.25.2008 · things i love thursday

      My list of things which are making me smile & giggle this week! Having my parents in town — My parents came to NYC once in the late 80’s & weren’t very keen on it. Anyway, when I was in Wellington in August, they were planning their trip to the UK, & […]


Daily Outfit — 21st September 2008

· style

A daily (or nightly?!) outfit photo from our last night in Las Vegas — the final evening of the Virgo honeymoon! To take these photos, we had to sneak into the pool area. As we did that, we set off an alarm, so I set up my tripod with lightning-quick speed & we took a […]


Letting Go Of The Past & Getting Back Together

09.24.2008 · advice

“I’m the the middle of a complicated, possibly-getting-back-with-my-ex situation. One of our biggest problems we had in our first relationship was my issue with not being able to let go of the past, and live in the now. I’m always wondering about my other ex’s, and other ways my life could have turned out. I […]


I Want To Be… A Graphic Designer!

09.22.2008 · lifestyle

Who is Nubby Twiglet? …What, are you kidding?! Have you been hiding under a rock for the last 2 years? GEEZ! As well as being a fabulous Virgo, Nubby has one of the strongest senses of personal style of anyone I know. She works full-time as an artist & graphic designer, & also runs a […]


How To Cope With A Quarter-Life Crisis (Part Two)

09.20.2008 · lifestyle

The other day I started talking about the quarter-life crisis phenomenon, & how I believed it could be boiled down to two essential elements. To me, it’s quite clear that there are major differences between the people who experience quarter- or mid-life crises & those who don’t. Believe me, I did my research! For the […]


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