Les Vacances!

Thank you two-thousand-&-divine — 2009 — for all that you have been.

Thank you for your lessons & challenges, your blessings & beauty.

Thank you for your introductions & endings, your magic & surprise.

Thank you for holding us close as well as letting us sprint off into the distance; thank you for simultaneously wrapping us in cotton wool & giving us a swift spanking!

Thank you for your protection & love.

We jump into two-thousand-&-amen — 2010 — with wide eyes, racing hearts & blazing visions. We are so very excited to see what you have in store for us!

Have an incredible new year’s eve. If you don’t go out, you might like to watch the Imagine Peace Tower (it’s lit all day & night of the 31st of December!) while you listen to music, laugh & make vision boards for the next decade.

If you do go out, be sure to dress up (see also!), kiss someone who makes you feel fabulous (even if it’s just your grandma, & even if it’s just on the cheek), stay safe & start 2010 as you mean to go on!

…& with that, I’m going on holiday for a week or so! Time to love on my family, catch up on some reading, bliss out over magical blueprints for the coming decade & get some delicious rest. I’ll be back soon with some mega-yummies! (You can still keep up with me on Twitter if you need your fix of the Galaverse!)

As always, I love you more than words can say. Thank you for being part of my experience of 2009. Here’s to a decade of splendor!


Getting Organised For 2010

12.29.2009 · lifestyle

Moleskine’s Colour A Month Daily Planner Box Set. Swoon! It’s the last week of 2009! God, how exciting. I LOVE the prospect of a new year! Fresh starts, new goals, rejuvenated ambition & no idea what the future might hold — it doesn’t get any better than that! We all have ideas (some vague, some […]


Carousel: Week Ending 25th December 2009

12.25.2009 · carousel

Ana Beatriz Barros by Ellen von Unwerth. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! If you’re dying to escape from your relatives, shhh, come with me! I have stockpiled some distractions! Trust the spark within and find your own path from No Impact Man. Oh my god, everyone, let’s pool our money & make this apartment the new International […]


Things I Love Thursday

12.24.2009 · things i love thursday

First up, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone in the antipodes! Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather & having a fantastic day. There is still lots of snow on the ground here & though the sun is out, it sure isn’t warm enough to melt it! Okay, so I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but even […]


Snow Storm!

12.23.2009 · video

Bonjour! I just cobbled this together & thought you might like to see it — it’s footage of Hank Williams, The Dish & I in the snow storm we had over the weekend! The song is Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead. We had so much fun just walking around. I’ve never lived in a place that snowed […]


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Love & Sequins #7!

12.22.2009 · miscellaneous

Happy holidays from magical, snowy New York City! I’m really excited to announce the latest installment of Love & Sequins, my monthly podcast series. Love & Sequins #7: BLOGGING 101 — Living & loving online, monetisation in the new world & thinking beyond the 9-5! On December 16th, iCiNG celebrated its third birthday. In the […]


Carousel: Week Ending 18th December 2009

12.18.2009 · carousel

This is a super-cute, super-girly Carousel, even moreso than usual! Lots of things gathered up just for you. Yum. Let’s begin! She has had some flack for it, but I actually really like this video of Lindsay Lohan & no, it is not safe for work! I discovered Frocktastic the other day & it’s brilliant! […]


Things I Love Thursday

12.17.2009 · things i love thursday

I love love love… Christmas shopping with my cutie MAC Cosmetics’ Saint Germaine lipstick bright pink Betsey Johnson dress bags hanging on my closet door (ahhhhhh!) polaroids tulle bunny ears hanging on my wall making beautiful new vision boards for 2010 Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace candy canes the “yule channel” (it is a loop of a […]


A Letter

12.15.2009 · lifestyle

Hi cutie, How are you doing? It’s very grey outside & 45 degrees. (That’s 7 to you & me.) I am distracting myself by looking at extremely overpriced dresses. You know how we do. Anyway, I just wanted to write & tell you how amazing you are… in lieu of a Christmas card. ‘Cause “Happy […]


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