Carousel: Happy Vendredi!


Vendredi! Hellooooooo! This week has gone by super-quickly for me & I am in the midst of a slight panic attack over the fact that it’s JULY on Sunday! Where does the year go?!

I ended up walking allllll over the city today & felt like I was going to pass out from sunstroke. Very glamorous!

Did you — or would you — take your partner’s name in marriage? Kat wrote a really insightful post about it, including the opinions from a bunch of people. I chipped in too, since I changed my name when I was 23 & didn’t take my husband’s name when we got married…

Beauty Bender interviewed me about my beauty routine!

I love Tina’s tips on how to take a good “selfie” (self-portrait!). Useful hints!

Next time someone pisses you off, be sure to send them this image! HA!

You can do that? Great. Go ahead is a piece from Chris Guillebeau about all the excuses people make.

It’s always fun to read about something which feels totally foreign. In my case, this article on food & prop styling for food bloggers was FASCINATING!

9 beliefs of remarkably successful people… This is brilliant. Success is based on action, indeed!

My amazing hairdresser Kristin just lost 30lbs & these photos of her are so so cute! I’m super-happy for her. Her blog is really inspiring for anyone else wanting to make the same kind of change!

If you wanna get your craft on, Creative Bug has video workshops for DAYS!

Missing The Boat: A Case For Marriage from the New York Times. Ouch. Also, I relate. I never believed in marriage, either… Until, all of a sudden, I did.

Kembra Pfahler is rad.

Do we fetishize “being offline”? This piece is interesting, though a little cynical (I think). It’s so true that the moments we cherish offline become fodder for our online lives, though! Isn’t that weird?!

One of my favourite people, Rachel Rabbit White, compiled a piece for The Frisky entitled 12 Famous Women Who’ve Used Their Sexuality To Get Ahead. I love when she says, “Why can’t a fantasy-driven femme, submissive, seemingly heterosexual display of female sexuality be a genuine one?”

“Live your life so well that death will tremble to take you.” (Bukowski)


Behind The Scenes: alice + olivia & MAGNUM Shoot!

06.28.2012 · sponsored

When I lived in New Zealand, MAGNUM Mini Ice Cream Bars were one of my favourite things. They’re a little bit of luxury. So of course, I was very excited to take part in their collaboration with alice + olivia! It’s no secret that I’ve been following Stacey Bendet’s Twitter & Instagram feeds like a […]


Things I Love Thursday: The City By The Bay…

Painting by Federico Saenz-Recio. Last week’s big event was my whirlwind trip to the West Coast. I spent last Thursday, Friday & Saturday in San Francisco, & had an incredible time. I was invited out with 25 other bloggers (!!!) to celebrate the re-launch of, & boy, did they treat us good! We had […]


How To Feng Shui-erise Your Wallet For More Prosperity… & Maybe Even A Unicorn Or Two!

06.27.2012 · lifestyle

Rebecca Minkoff Party Girl pouch; Lulu Guinness Round Coin purse; Vivienne Westwood Greek Eye wallet; J. Crew Edie wallet; Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich Embossed Passport wallet; Orla Kiely Rik Rak Printed Leather wallet; Comme Des Garcons Embossed Billfold wallet.   I believe that our attitude towards money determines money’s attitude towards us! Kooky? Maybe! But that’s […]


California Dreamin’…

06.26.2012 · style

Warning: if you need a holiday, these photos could trigger a MAJOR California yearning. You have been cautioned! Nubby & I fell in love with the colours at The Viceroy: that deep turquoise with emerald green, black & white stripes, & acid yellow accents. It was the perfect palette for a California getaway, & our […]


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If Your Dream Is To Move To New York City…

06.25.2012 · advice

Chloe, I loved getting your letter, because you sound exactly like me when I was 14 years old! I have been obsessed with NYC for as long as I can remember. When I was about 13 or 14, I started to realise that when I was an adult, I had the ability to live wherever […]


My #1 Beauty Secret… At A Grocery Store Near You!

· beauty

Photo by Luis Guillen. No, it doesn’t come in a fancy bottle. It doesn’t smell like an expensive French spa or feel luxurious when you use it. In fact, it smells like salad dressing & it tastes downright disgusting. My #1 beauty secret is apple cider vinegar… & based on the number of questions I […]


Carousel: Live From San Francisco!

06.22.2012 · carousel

Print by Kevin Dart. Good morning! As you may have gathered, I’m in San Francisco! It’s a whirlwind trip for sure, with a full day of events before I fly home early tomorrow morning! Either way, here are some of my favourite online discoveries from the week. I hope you enjoy them! I basically love […]


Things I Love Thursday: Miss Muck!

06.21.2012 · things i love thursday

Bonjour from 35,000 feet! I’m heading to San Francisco for a really fun event, but of course, gratitude doesn’t grind to a halt simply because you’re in the sky! In fact, I think you’d be a bit crazy to NOT feel more elated & enthusiastic about life when you’re soaring above the clouds! Call me […]


Brooklyn Bridge Babes!

06.19.2012 · new york city

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favourite NYC landmarks, & it’s not just because it’s an engineering marvel. It’s the bridge that Mike & I rode over a million times while we were falling in love; it’s the bridge that Mike’s great-uncle worked on as a foreman; it’s the bridge that we got married […]


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