Things I Love Thursday: Blissed Out Babe!

As I write this, I’m sitting in Virgin Atlantic’s Heathrow Clubhouse, & may I say, wow. This clubhouse — & the 8-hour journey that follows — marks the end of a truly epic trip.

I just ate a full English breakfast (hold the black pudding) & had a facial with sublimely-scented Cowshed products, & I am feelin’ good. Richard Branson, you are a genius. I bow to your brilliance!

But prancing around in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class — more details on this to come! — is really the cherry on top of an incredible two weeks. Two Blogcademy classes, one mini-Blogcademy at a 15th century farmhouse, a three-day jaunt to Paris & a photoshoot in front of le Tour Eiffel… What could be better than that?!

I can’t really believe how much we were able to achieve in such a short time…

London: Sleeping in David Bowie’s one-time bed Massive slices of sticky toffee pudding The sense of relief after having taught 3 Blogcademy classes in a nine-day span The quaint weirdness of the English countryside Re-classifying George Michael as a national treasure (& singing his songs every single day) The Broadway Market Terrifying trips to Tesco Curtain Road Studios, which really was the best place ever to teach a class Morning coffees at a cafe/furniture store The fact that Nubby truly can sleep anywhere! Selfridges & Harvey Nichols: you have my heart!

Paris: A fabulous apartment just around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe Miniature bottles of champagne from Fauchon Perfect cobblestone streets with a view of the Eiffel Tower Hot lemon & sugar crepes …& predictably sticky hands afterwards An almost-empty Louvre The richest, butteriest, flakiest quiche ever Practicing my French Typing “Paris” into the search on 8tracks for perfect photoshoot music Weird little bathtubs Sharing a perfectly fluffy bed with Kat Friendly people everywhere (yeah, really!)

The three of us — Kat, Shauna & I — have been fiddling around with Vine like nobody’s business, pretending to be ballerinas, drinking extremely-strong coffee, dancing in public & quaffing wine! I also strongly considered running away with this giant container of Nutella.

Heaps more photos to come… Obviously!

What an incredible time we’ve had. Now I’m heading back to New York City for a month on the Clean program, a shopping cleanse (eep!), & some major revamping of many areas of my life! I can’t wait to see Mike, Hank & Dolly, get back to the gym & dive headfirst into my regular routine.

Paris, je t’adore, but New York is calling my name!


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