Things I Love Thursday: Make Your Own Cloud!

Things I Love Thursday

Last night I headed uptown to Dylan’s Candy Bar — which really is the cutest and best candy shop in the world, with its cupcake-shaped booths and candy sealed inside the floor! — for a party with Hanazuki. It was so cool to meet Hanneke and Niko, the creators of Hanazuki, and we even got to make our own clouds!

I made a pink one, of course, and gave it ears… and eyelashes. I kinda love it. It makes for a great head replacement, too! (Check out Niko’s cloud! I love it!)

While it was slightly torturous to be in a candy store during my cleanse, surrounded by cotton candy martinis, cupcakes, macarons and all gummy everything, I survived unscathed! They gave me a bucket to fill with candy — which of course I did — but when I got home, I hid the bucket in the back of our pantry. Hahah.

This was my first time debuting my cat ear hat, and it was a huge hit! I bought it from Patricia Field, but couldn’t find it online. This one is similar and waaaaaay cute! I’m also wearing a striped top from Betsey Johnson, a black skirt from Zara and a bubblegum pink belt by Ted Baker.

This time next month, I’ll be in Portland, OR, which I’m so excited about! The Blogcademy headmistresses will be all hunkered down in Shauna’s awesome house, exploring Portland, piling into photobooths and giving a Blogcademy education to 30 fabulous blogcadettes! I’m so excited to see my babes and to meet a whole class of badass bloggers, but of course, there is a lot to do before then… !

Yes please! Secret underground spas Eating enormous amounts of seaweed Morning snuggle times Thinking about the kind of groupies magicians must have?! …And dreaming about a trip to Vegas to see all our favourite magicians perform! I mean, really: LOOK! Twisted by Keith Sweat Tulips on my desk, glorious Sunshine and making the switch from leather gloves to fingerless cashmere — surely a sign spring is coming! Cleaning out my desk and discovering treasures: hundreds of Instax photos, gem elixirs, yerba mate energy shots, and two packets of sparklers! “Pink hair is a gateway drug!” Major excitement over our custom city totes for The Blogcademy! (Turquoise ink for days!) Getting back into using Wunderlist (so great!) Skype dates and maybe I get to see my babe Jess next month?! Spring. Spring. Spring!

I’m listening to a Grease mixtape and life is good!

Born to hand-jive, baby!


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