Good Life Project x Gala Darling

Good Life Project x Gala Darling

Stop: interview time! Today I have a cool little surprise for you in the form of a video.

Not so long ago, I was interviewed by Jonathan Fields for his fantastic Good Life Project. In his own words…

Good Life Project™ is a movement.

A set of shared values. A community. A creed, bundled with a voracious commitment to move beyond words and act. First, as a manifestation of your soul. And then as a quest to have the adventure of a lifetime, and to leave the world around you changed.

It’s about building an extraordinary life, deeper relationships and meaningful bodies of work, businesses and movements. It’s about becoming a creator, a leader, a mentor, a giver, a doer. It’s about telling a story with your life that you’d want to read and share.

Flattered is not the word! I’m so thrilled to have been featured alongside the likes of Seth Godin, Marie Forleo, Leo Babauta, Kris Carr and Lissa Rankin. Not bad for a rambunctious little urchin from New Zealand, no?!

In our interview, we discuss radical self love, blogging, business, and the way they all intersect. And we had a lot of fun, too!

Click below to watch our interview!

Love and lemonade,


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