Celebrating The (Almost) End Of Mercury Retrograde: A One-Day Sale!

Mercury retrograde SALE!

Wow. I don’t always feel the effects of Mercury retrograde, but this one was a true doozy. Among other choice events, I stumbled upon some subscription systems which weren’t hooked together (a very costly mistake), and my site was down from 3pm yesterday until 8am this morning. (Imagine me, Mike, and Si all banging our heads against a wall, and you’re getting the gist.)

But, in the words of Professor Farnsworth, good news everyone! Mercury goes direct tomorrow… And it’s time to celebrate.

To mark the occasion, I’m holding a one day sale on Radical Self Love Letters (both 30 and 365 editions), DARE/DREAM/DO, and Radical Self Love Bible School! YAY!

Radical Self Love Letters (30 days), DARE/DREAM/DO and Bible School are all down to $10 from their usual $20, and the annual Radical Self Love Letters subscription is normally $240 in total, but right now it is only $100!

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about…

“I just wanted to send you a little email to say how wonderful DARE/DREAM/DO was! It’s literally changed my life and I’m so sad not to see your emails in my inbox 🙁 I’ve just signed up to radical self love emails so I’ll be getting more soon, phew!” (Gemma)

DARE/DREAM/DO is a 30 day email course which will teach you how to face your fears head-on (and kick their pimply asses!), do some really big dreaming, and then give you tools to help you make those dreams a reality. This is the course for you if you’re ready to shake up your life in a serious, big, bad mama jama way! Click here for more reviews.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your Radical Self Love Letters. On day 18/365, I worked up enough courage and self love to end a four year abusive relationship with my partner. I was sick of the constant emotional and occasionally physical abuse, and your letters helped me to realise I deserved so much more.” (Ilana)

Radical Self Love Letters (30 and 365) are like a boost of love in your inbox every morning. You can sign up for 30 days, or go crazy and get them for a whole year! You can start any time. Want to read more testimonials about how Radical Self Love Letters are truly changing the lives of babes just like you? Click here!

“I signed up for Gala Darling’s course and have been deliberate about it. And loving it. It’s amazing how art in any form you wish can create such contentedness within yourself. I love this project. It’s so special to me.” (Caylee)

Radical Self Love Bible School is a three month course which will guide you through the creation of an art journal designed to put you back into your bliss zone when you need it. You get one email every Sunday morning, with plenty of prompts and examples from my own Radical Self Love Bible for inspiration. Committing to a project like this will catapult you into a new stratosphere of happiness, I promise.

Got questions? Hit me up on Twitter. Remember, this sale only lasts until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, so if you want to start your summer with a bang, don’t miss out!

Eternal love,


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