The Galaverse: Hopeless Lingerie And Shopping In Melbourne!

I had such a blast when I was in Melbourne last month. Those of you who have been kicking around for a long time will remember back in the day when I lived there — that was a decade ago! — and it was so weird to be back! Familiar, but at the same time, foreign… You know what I mean?

The main reason I was in Melbourne was to speak to my babes (click to watch the video of the event — that was one of the most fun nights of my LIFE!), but I also had a few days there to chill out and explore. And you know me… When I have free time, I love to SHOP!

One very hot afternoon, I met up with my videographer friend Gina of Amazing Evolutions and we headed out to Hopeless Lingerie and Edgeley for a little dress-up party!



It was so special to finally meet Gabrielle from Hopeless, because we both started our businesses around the same time and have been communicating ever since! In fact, in the video above, you’ll see photos of me wearing some of her early pieces (back in the day when I had platinum blonde hair)! I loved prowling around their offices and rejoicing over all their delicious lingerie. I love their aesthetic: it’s dark but extremely high quality, and everything is handmade, plus the business is totally women-owned. I back this 1,000,000%!

Thank you to Gabrielle and Dominique — seriously, check out their beautiful work! — and to Alice Edgeley for letting me come in and try things on! And speaking of Edgeley, I mean, don’t we all need a magenta velvet turban in our lives? The answer is clearly YES! (I’m pretty fond of that “Rack Off” shirt too!)

I loved making this video for you. Head over to Youtube and let me know if you enjoy these behind the scenes style peeks at my life, and what you’d like to see more of! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get all my new videos instantly!

Love always,


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