High Vibe Honey: Week Of 22nd April 2019 + TAPPING That I Am Powerful!

Hi beautiful, welcome to another High Vibe Honey! I’m writing this from Disneyland — YAY! — where I am celebrating Natalia Benson’s birthday. I can’t wait to buy myself yet another pair of ears and ride the Haunted Mansion until ghosts are coming out of my ears!

This week’s High Vibe Honey is about knowing that the work we do is really important. That success is a byproduct of quality and dedication. And remembering that the pain we may have experienced has only made us stronger and more powerful!

Our tapping is about changing our old victim narratives and POWERING UP in a serious way!


By the way, Radical Rituals: Abundance — my bestselling money manifesting class — is going up in price on May 1st. If you want to learn how to manifest COLD, HARD CASH before the price goes up, this is your opportunity!

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