Your Top 5 Relationship Questions: Answered!

In this episode, we talked about… How to cope if you’re feeling uncertain and anxious because you are apart from your partner, as well as how to deal with boredom and frustration because of too much togetherness… What to do if you have a mismatched vision of what you both want… How to stay in the present with your partner… What to do if you’re feeling dissatisfied and like you’re settling… And how to get your partner to respect your alone time! (Quarantine problems, you know?) I hope you love this! If you want to learn how to rock your relationship, the HOLOGRAM HEART earlybird ends on Friday morning — don’t miss out! 


A Love Ritual To Change Your Frequency!

04.28.2020 · video

By popular request, my LOVE RITUAL from Instagram Live! Grab your favorite essential oil, and settle in for a magical moment (or five!) with me. Be sure to pick up your copy of HOLOGRAM HEART before Friday May 1st for the ultimate earlybird package!


There Has Never Been A Greater Time For Romance Than Right Now!

04.23.2020 · love

When things are tricky — see: global pandemic! — it’s easy to get mired in the muck of it all. And absolutely, it is a hard time for many of us. But where we really move into a place of power is when we shift our perspectives by asking ourselves a simple question. That question […]


Quarantine Beauty: The Tools And Techniques That Have Me Glowing!

04.18.2020 · beauty

I don’t know about you, but giving daily make-up a rest has been doing wonders for my skin. But in case we’ve never met before — hi, I’m Gala! — I like to maximize things. My train of thought goes something like, ‘Sure, my skin looks good… But what if I came out of quarantine looking better than […]


100 Things To Be Grateful For Right Now

04.13.2020 · favourite things

Life has not been cancelled. Babies are still being born, flowers are blooming, bees are floating around, people are falling in love, artists are making some of their most incredible work. Your existence is not OVER. The circumstances have changed, that’s all — and it won’t be like this forever. But in case you’ve been […]


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How To Celebrate The Pink Moon

04.07.2020 · magic

Happy Tuesday, bunny! Tonight is a glorious Full Moon in Libra, known as the Pink Moon. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and art, so it’s a delicious one to celebrate if you’re at all interested in cultivating more love or creativity in your life! I’m on the cusp of releasing my […]


Carousel: April 2020

04.01.2020 · carousel

My darlings, my babies, my glorious creatures… I know you’re cooped up in your house. Me too! #samesies! Aren’t we all?! If you’ve been slowly going mad, never fear… I have articles, videos, case studies, and all kinds of fascinating literature for you to digest. Here’s a round-up of the best of the web, in […]


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