Announcing My New Book, Radical Radiance: How To Make Love To The Universe And Manifest Anything!

Manifesting is the art of CREATING YOUR LIFE. It’s about focusing your energy and intention to make something out of nothing. Bringing a beautiful relationship, light-filled home, or joyful creative work to fulfillment? That is manifesting. And you are manifesting all day, whether you know it or not! The proof is right in front of you. All you need to do is look around at your life!

The question is, do you like what you see… Or not? If your life doesn’t look the way you wish it did, it’s not that you don’t know how to manifest. You do! You’re simply manifesting what you don’t want, because you’re putting your attention there!

This is an easy thing to do. So many of us fall into the trap of bringing our biggest fears to fruition, simply because we’re not aware that thoughts become things. Ask yourself: what am I thinking about all day? Are you freaking out, focusing on what you don’t have, or worrying about what you don’t want to happen? If so, it’s only a matter of time until these things show up in your life.

Since I woke up to these realizations and started to seriously apply these principles in November of last year, my life has done a complete 180. I have thoroughly revolutionized my relationships, my work, my body, my friendships, my bank balance, my house… Even the city I live in! I am so much more confident, so much more joyful. I feel absolutely at home within myself, full of optimism and excitement. If you have been watching my journey over the past year, you know all of these things to be true. The shifts and changes I have experienced are undeniable!

The life I am living today cannot even compare to the life I was living a year ago. And thank god for that.

We are all gods and goddesses. We ALL have the ability to completely change our lives. This is not a gift that only I possess! It is simply a matter of understanding how manifestation works, and then applying what you know.

You probably have questions… Big, sexy questions! Questions like:

How do I kickstart my manifesting adventure?
 If I’m not sure where to begin, how do I figure out what I want?
Is it okay for me to want… THAT?! (Really? Even that?!)
Is it possible for me to feel good every single day?
What do I do if I’m loaded with doubt and cynicism?
What do I do when everything around me is the opposite of what I want?
How do I bridge the gap between the life I’m living now and the life I want more than anything?
How do I “let go” and trust the process, especially if I’m a recovering control freak?
How do I stay high vibe and in the vortex? What does that even MEAN, anyway?!

These are very important questions, because these are the places where we get tripped up!


Radical Radiance: How To Make Love
To The Universe And Manifest Anything


I have all the answers to these questions, stories, lessons and so much more in my BRAND SPANKING NEW BOOK, Radical Radiance: How To Make Love To The Universe And Manifest Anything!

Radical Radiance is about feeling good no matter what: how when you make feeling good the number one priority in your life, everything around you explodes into bloom and your mouth fills with stars. It’s about how when you let go of your need to control people and circumstances, when you finally relax and give in to the present moment, all of those feelings of stuckness, uncertainty and apathy dissolve. How when you allow the universe to have its way with you, it’ll be the wildest lover you ever had.

I know this for sure: the more fun you have, the more your life will flow. The more abundance you will experience. The more love, joy, and excitement will be in great supply.


Here’s how this book is different.


Radical Radiance will be released as a serial, one chapter at a time, a new one fresh off the presses every month. You will receive a new chapter on the 1st of every month, for the next 10 months!

In addition to the chapter, every month you will receive an MP3 of me reading the chapter aloud. Perfect for listening to while you walk, commute, work out, or fall asleep!

To make sure that it all sinks in, you will also be sent a secret video containing a special tapping routine relating to the subject of the month! This will help you solidify what you’ve read, release resistance, bust through blocks, and truly implement these principles in your life.

And finally, this is not a solo project! I want your input! With every chapter, you’ll be invited to contribute. You’ll be able to make notes, ask questions, and share your experiences. You can ask for more clarification, suggest tweaks, and brag about your successes!

We are going to collaborate on this. Think of this as our working first draft, a way of making the final print version the very best it can be. I’ll read all your notes and suggestions, and include anything that enhances the book. When Radical Radiance goes to print in 2019, you will be thanked in the acknowledgments, no matter whether you submitted feedback or not! The finished book will be available for purchase separately, but as a thank you for being a subscriber, you will get the re-recorded, final version of the audiobook for free. Because baby… That’s just how I roll!


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You can subscribe for $10, or get two months free when you pay $80 up front! EASY PEASY! And this deal is ONLY available until October 1st — the day you get Chapter 1!

Got questions? Just email us!

I am so excited to dive into this adventure with you. We’re going to have the BEST TIME as we experiment on our lives together and create entirely new realities!



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