Bad Witch Workout


WHAT IF YOU VIEWED WORKING OUT AS A MAGICAL PRACTICE? What if you, like me, prefer to wear a serious cat-eye to the gym? What if you’d choose Coal Chamber over Coldplay any day of the week? What if you desire Morticia Addams’ hip-to-waist ratio… And don’t mind using a little bit of magic to get it?!

Bad Witch Workout is a collaboration between Gala Darling and Garnett Strother. We had a joint vision of a room of badass babes doing moves that really work, while listening to Nine Inch Nails, focussing on what they want to manifest, and rocking some epic winged liner. The daydream was so beautiful that we decided to make it happen.

Why not view exercise as another magical practice, another way to manifest your desires? See your dreams while you squat. Conjure when you’re doing cardio. Call all your power back to you while you do planks and push-ups.

What can you expect? A challenging body weight workout infused with ritual and mindfulness to bring about radical transformation, not just of your body, but of your mind and spirit.

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