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Radical Self Love Coven is an international witch school, 300 strong, taught by some of the best teachers in the world. When we gather together, we are potent. We are supported. We are no longer outsiders.

As you learn the basics of witchcraft, you’ll discover your own power. You’ll learn to love and trust yourself. And you’ll uncover just how much you can change the world, simply by being who you always were.


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If you’ve been hankering for a connection with the divine, as well as a genuine girl gang who believe in you and the unique magic you bring to the world, you are in the perfect place. Welcome to Radical Self Love Coven.

What is a witch? What is magic all about? It’s not what you may think. Witches are powerful. We know who we are, and we know what we want. Our minds are clear and our vision is intoxicating. A modern definition of a witch is a woman who’s in control of her life –- someone who harnesses her power, rather than shying away from it.

Radical Self Love Coven is a place where you are seen, not just for who you really are, but for who you want to be. Radical Self Love Coven is so much more than learning to read tarot cards or do spells — even though those things are wonderful, fun, and life-enhancing. In the Coven, you enter into a sacred space, reconnect with yourself, and have that honored by others. In the Coven, you deepen your connection to your intuition. In the Coven, you are welcomed into the support network you always wished you had as a teenager.

I rediscovered my spirituality and connection to magic a few years ago, when my marriage was falling apart. I had stopped listening to that little voice inside which guided me. Throwing myself back into my spiritual practice and connecting with other women changed everything. It gave me the courage to speak up and transform my life.

The process of getting in touch with your spirituality — and in turn, yourself — is an undeniably rich one. It doesn’t just feel good: it is essential to living a satisfying existence. Connecting with the universe, plugging into your own source, and carving out a spiritual practice brings an entirely new depth of meaning to your everyday life.

You begin to live in the moment, and gratitude and joy are so much easier to access. Your intuition starts to become crystal clear. You discover a whole new layer of deliciousness in your daily life. You realise that you are simply having a human experience… And then everything becomes so much more fun!

We are a worldwide Coven. We support each other, we learn together, and we work collectively to activate our highest potential. We believe that our positive intentions and action massively impact this world. We are acutely aware of our power, both individually and collectively, and as such, we don’t shy away from standing up for what is right, for defending those who need our help, or from owning our radiance.

We are an impassioned, empowered collective. And we’d love to have you join us.

Your Magical Curriculum

Radical Self Love Coven officially begins on Monday March 20th, the Spring Equinox. Join us for a livestreaming ritual and welcome that you can attend from anywhere in the world! You’ll get the opportunity to meet and introduce yourself to the other witch babies, and ask any questions you might have.

As the months progress, we will be celebrating the Wheel Of The Year, which consists of all of the seasonal festivals: the solstices and equinoxes, as well as the four midpoints in between. For each festival, we will come together to recalibrate, talk about where we’re at, and focus on the blessings in each moment.

MODULE 1: Starts MARCH 27
CHARMS AND ENERGY WORK with Tess Whitehurst
In this incredible class you’ll learn the essential basics of witchcraft. You’ll learn how to activate your abilities to sense and shape energy so you can create positive change, manifest your desires through manifestation, clear negative energy from yourself and your space, shield and protect yourself, receive guidance from the universe, and craft charms with crystals, herbs and other ingredients to bring your intentions into reality!

MODULE 2: Starts MAY 8
TAROT with Biddy Tarot
In Module 2, you’ll learn how use tarot cards to connect with the divine, make conscious choices, and manifest your dreams and goals. Brigit will cover the basics of interpreting tarot cards, and teach you how to do a 3-card reading for yourself and others. By the end of this module, you’ll be a much more confident — and intuitive — tarot reader.

MODULE 3: Starts JUNE 19
FENG SHUI with Amanda Gibby Peters
In Module 3, with Amanda Gibby Peters as your guide, you’ll discover why love is the real starting point of any conversation about feng shui. You’ll learn how to use metaphor and intention to create a space that empowers and energizes you, brings in blessings, and makes you feel incredible every time you walk through the door.

MODULE 4: Starts JULY 31
ASTROLOGY with The AstroTwins
In this class, the astrologers for ELLE and Refinery29 will teach you how to decode your destiny and discover your unique cosmic framework. You’ll deepen your understanding of the zodiac signs, planets and 12 houses, and then learn how to put them all together to interpret any natal chart (like that babe you have your eye on, for example…) You’ll learn all about the practical application of astrology to your love-life, your career and life path!

NUMEROLOGY with Felicia Bender
In this numerology lesson, you’ll discover how your birth code reveals the promise of your destiny and purpose. You’ll gain an understanding of the basic components of the numbers while becoming an expert on the Life Path number, the Personal Year Cycle, and the Pinnacles and Challenges. This module is designed to reveal your over-all life’s purpose while introducing you to the challenges and obstacles that are part of your “playground” in life. You’ll learn how to apply this information for yourself and others in a practical, tangible, and evolutionary way.

LOVE MAGIC with Veronica Varlow
HERBS AND PLANT MAGIC with Contessa Montebello
HOODOO CONJURE with Jessyka Winston
CANDLE MAGIC with Katelan Foisy
HYPNOSIS with Grace Smith
CHARM BOTTLES with Rebecca Shapiro
SEX MAGIC with Veronica Varlow
DEEPENING TAROT with Angeliska Polacheck

Our extracurricular activities are mini-classes which act as a beautiful supplement to the major modules. You’ll get a taste of these subject areas, and also have the opportunity to have your questions answered by an expert.


Radical Self Love Coven includes…

Seven months of in-depth, illuminating and fun classes taught by some of the best teachers on the planet, from spellwork to tarot, feng shui, astrology and numerology
Access to The Temple, a magical sisterhood full of awesome witchy babes, who are on-hand 24/7 to support and encourage you, and answer any questions you might have
Live-streaming rituals and demonstrations that you can join from anywhere in the world (and which are recorded in case you can’t attend live)
Top secret, special additional mini-classes that will massively enhance your experience of the Coven, taught by some of the smartest, most badass witches ever
Radical self love rituals designed by me that you can use anytime in your daily life to give you a boost of confidence, energy and lust for life
Ongoing access to the community and the lessons!

By the end of the year, you’ll be able to read tarot cards for yourself and your friends, know how to interpret your astrological chart (as well as anyone else’s), be living in a space that makes you feel good and optimises your personal power, know how to protect your own energy and create personalised rituals, and be able to use numerology to chart your cycles. You’ll be part of an awesome Coven of magical babes, you’ll be actively performing regular radical self love rituals, and you’ll be a truly badass witch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Radical Self Love Coven kicks off on March 20th. It’s split into five major modules: charms and energy work, tarot, feng shui, astrology, and numerology.

Each subject is taught over the course of six weeks: four weeks of lessons, with two weeks in between for implementation and catch-up. Classes are a mix of video content, written transcripts, and worksheets. You can either work through it at the pace we suggest, or do it at your own speed. It’s totally up to you! During each module, the teacher will be on hand to help you understand the material, answer questions, and lead additional lessons.

Along the way, you’ll be treated to additional rituals, more reading material, lively conversation, and plenty of magical surprises from some of the most enchanting women I know.

Your Head Witches have been hand-picked for their expertise. They’re not just proficient at what they do, they are leaders in introducing other people to their material and turning them into experts too. Your Head Witches are truly some of the best teachers on the planet — do a little research and you’ll discover this for yourself!

If you’d like to know more about who they are and what they do, check out my profiles on Biddy Tarot, Tess Whitehurst, Amanda Gibby Peters, and the AstroTwins.

Sure! We can learn everything online these days, which is amazing. You are absolutely welcome to do your own research and pick up all these skills. But it’s not just about accessing the information — it’s about knowing who to trust as a teacher, what order you should be learning things in, finding people to connect to and bounce ideas around with, and being guided. The value of Radical Self Love Coven is in the experience: in connecting with like-minded people, in learning together, and in having that solid support. There’s a difference between knowing something and implementing it, and within the Coven, you’ll be challenged to do precisely that. It is the very best way to learn.

If you feel inspired and called by our Coven, my advice is to run towards us! When you are engaged with something that inspires you, it will fire up and supercharge every other area of your life!

The Coven is a group for positive babes who are committed to uplifting one another. We want the best for ourselves and each other! We recognise that the success of one is essential to the success of all of us. We are inclusive and real with one another. Your fellow witch babies are here to help you learn, to hold you accountable, and to offer you love and support. This is a safe space where we can share without fear of judgment.

The Coven is not a good place for you if you are competitive with other women, if you cannot take responsibility for your own life, if you are devoted to drama, or you are not willing to make the changes necessary in order to become the best version of you.

The Coven is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or physical location.

While it’ll definitely be easier for you to learn tarot with a deck in your hands, it’s not essential! If budget is a concern (or you’re just on a Marie Kondo minimalism kick!), you can learn without, and pick up extra items if and when you want them. And don’t worry about what you should buy — at the start of each module, we’ll send you a list of suggested supplies.

As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. Additionally, there are no refunds if you sign up for a payment plan and then change your mind about committing to the Coven. However, I’m confident that you’ll absolutely love being part of this class and community!



"I loved the Radical Self Love Coven! It was so exciting receiving every new module and diving in. I really liked the fact that the course is flexible; it was fun to work through each module with everyone else, but I didn't feel a pressure to keep up and I know some other witchy lovelies worked through it in their own time. Everything was presented beautifully and was easy to understand. I felt that this course was helpful and appealing not just for beginners but seasoned witches too. I've been spellcasting for years but still learned from Tess' module, the Tarot unit increased my confidence with readings and the other modules really built on the very basic knowledge I had in those areas. I adore the Facebook live videos, and the FB page and community are wonderfully supportive and insightful. The best part is that we are members for life and can redo the course as often as we like, as well as seeing the community grow and flourish. I think everyone could benefit from having a sprinkling of Gala magic to brighten their day!"

Heather Blanchard

"Radical Self Love Coven was amazing. I've been a practicing witch for a long time and I still learned an incredible amount of new insight. The astrology section was one of my absolute favorite parts. Gave me so many a-ha moments! But overall, my absolute favorite part of this whole thing would be getting to meet other witches from all different parts of the world, from all types of witchy paths, and feeling less alone. Thanks so much for everything!"

Rebecca Shapiro

"Your RSL Coven was absolutely one of my favourite things about last year, it got my spirituality totally back on track! I 'found' The Goddess in 1999 and shortly after that considered myself to be a Witch, something I kept very much to myself, eventually some of my books were found and whilst my close family don't give me too much grief I still get asked if I worry about "going to hell". Finding your book at the start of last year revamped my solitary practice and participating in your Coven led me to a wonderful community! In particular it led me to start reading the tarot, something I can't imagine not having in my life now. Apologies for rambling on but I just want you to know how much you inspire me!"

Nikki Willis

"I found the course to be really informative, the teachers you selected did a fantastic job at relaying information on their topic. Congratulations on making a superb course. I really loved it and it has been great interacting with all the witches on the Facebook group. I look forward to being involved in the next chapter of the RSL Coven."

Zoe Milanovic

More Testimonials

"I loved participating in Coven. I have followed your blog for ten years (can that number be right?) and I've participated in several of your courses. This course was the best in that it connected with others. I've always been interested in magic but was turned off by the woo woo nature of things. I learned tarot a few years ago but your course allowed me to dig deeper into different aspects with others and without weirdness. It has piqued my interest in diving into other parts. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself all these years. It means so much to so many people, myself included."

Alyssa Marcheleta

"The Radical Self Love Coven has been a life changer for me! I was brand new to magic when I joined up in May. OMG. I'm so in love with it all. I love all of the rituals and the chance to feel the energies of all our wonderful witch babies! Thank you again for all of the hard work that you've put into this as well as the world & wealth of knowledge and love that you've shared."

Holly Cortelyou


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