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In these intimate sessions, you benefit from a personalised application of all my transformational tools, from radical self love to relationship work and law of attraction, plus tarot pulls, modern witchery, spells, custom rituals, and business coaching! If you’ve got blocks and want a blast of magic, I would love to help you.


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When we get clear about what’s not working in our lives, we have the opportunity to completely make over our relationships to ourselves, our love lives, and our careers. I’ve been asking the right questions and transforming for the past decade, and I love helping other women do the same thing. Hotline sessions are your chance to sit with me for an hour and get clarity on what to do next. We’ll brainstorm, combine your passion with my knowledge, and focus on bringing your joy back.


In the tarot, the Empress is the bad bitch of the deck. She’s not just connected to her femininity and her sexual power, she is connected to the world. She is alive in the moment, she is the creator of life, she is abundant and she trusts the universe.

She call us to step into our personal power. She doesn’t make excuses.

These are

There are three different Hotline sessions available.

Are you waiting for permission to be your brightest, boldest self? Are you self-sabotaging? Do you insist on playing small? In a Radical Self Love Makeover, we’ll cut the bullshit and you’ll be invited to live as the highest expression of yourself. As an expert on the subject, I’ll issue challenges and homework that will change how you see yourself, as well as the way you operate in the world.

Should you stay or should you go? Has the passion fizzled out of your once-thriving relationship? Perhaps you’d like some tips on how to meet the babe of your dreams: let’s create a map to help you do it! In these Relationship Revolution sessions, we’ll discuss a new vision of love and relationships, and cook up plenty of ideas to infuse any romance with magic.

Does your small business feel like it’s plateaued? Are you not sure how to find the right customers, or feel confused about how to make your Instagram enticing? I’ve taught over 1000 women on several continents how to rock their business authentically and with ease, and I’d love to do the same for you. We’ll make a plan, and I’ll show you how you can rediscover the joy and creativity that made you want to start your business in the first place!


After you sign up for your Hotline session, I’ll send you a questionnaire. Your answers will help us to get to the heart of whatever you feel is holding you back, and gives us a solid place to start. Once you send your responses, I’ll pull a tarot card for you, and I’ll give you a quick reading at the start of our session.

Hotline sessions are conducted via Skype audio, and you’ll receive an MP3 recording afterwards. The sessions typically run for about an hour.

How It Works

1. Click here to pay for your session. Hotline sessions are $300, payable by Paypal. 10% of each session is donated to the ACLU.
2. Once your payment has gone through, keep an eye on your inbox! We’ll send you an email containing a Hotline Questionnaire — which should be filled out and sent back ASAP — as well as information for scheduling your appointment. These are typically booked two or three weeks out.
3. I’ll review your answers, make notes, and pull a tarot card for you.
4. The session happens! You’ll have my undivided attention, and the freedom to ask me anything you want. If you want to talk about something we didn’t cover in the questionnaire, that is totally fine too!
5. You’ll receive the audio recording of our session via email a couple of days later.
6. Take what we’ve talked about and apply it! Information is nothing unless it’s integrated — and I want to see you transform!

Who Is This For?

This is for you if you’re feeling stuck but you’re sick of making excuses. I work with babes who are able to be completely honest about where they’re at, and are also ready to step up and amaze themselves. To me, it doesn’t matter how you got to where you are, all that matters is how we’re going to proceed. If you’re willing to drop the stories and move boldly forward, we will be a perfect match.


"If you ever get the chance to work with Gala, go for it. Even just being in her energy is just magical. I hired Gala when was at a point of my life where my spiritual side was really calling me, and I had all these signs happening to pursue it but didn't know quite how to fit it into my life and the work I was already doing. I felt so so called to work with Gala, I always respected her so much and as the universe would have it, incredible miracles happened to put the path right in front of me to make it happen and I'm so glad I did. She went completely above and beyond for me. She helped me really get in alignment. I have seen huge changes in my life since working with her, and she is one of the loveliest humans alive. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much Gala!"

Reese Evans

"Before the call, I was nervous and feeling a bit lost in terms of my business endeavors and what I felt in terms of my purpose in life. Gala immediately put me at ease. There was ZERO judgment on her part, and she was so super supportive of my belief that a. We shouldn't have to work a job that makes us miserable and b. A 9-5 is no longer the "norm." Gala listened and gave me concrete steps to improve my businesses, my career/money making endeavors as a whole, and most importantly, she gave me ways I could improve my self-love. Gala had me pinpointed to a T within 30 minutes. She was able to describe me and my personality, and we had literally just met! Her ability to read a person is uncanny and makes her super unique, and this ability is also super helpful in terms of her helping others. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend hopping on the phone with Gala. She is soothing, helpful, loving, and truly makes you feel at ease. She provides concrete steps and action you can take to improve any area of your life. She was incredibly easy to talk to, and if I could pay her to have a weekly phone session, I totally would (like.. I would see her over seeing a therapist - that's how amazing she is). I finished our call feeling like I knew what to do and how to do it. I was at ease, and I felt like there was someone out there who fully understood where I was coming from on certain things and didn't judge me at all for feeling a certain way. She helped me believe that my desires for my life were completely possible."

Jessica Sutcliffe

"Coaching with Gala had a profound effect on my business. Her years of experience, no bullshit approach and infinite creativity helped me approach my business in ways that I would have never thought of on my own. Thanks to Gala I am not just having success with my brand, but I'm having so much fun!"

Kitty Cavalier

"I finished my call with Gala bouncing off the walls with inspiration! Before the call, I had a bunch of ideas running around my head and felt like I needed some focus and clarity. My session was jam-packed with SO much awesome advice to take my business to the next level in a strategic way, and Gala was super generous with resources. The opportunity to pick the brain of someone who knows the ins and outs of building and running a soulful business was a dream come true, and I am now armed with everything I need to move forward with joy and confidence. Thank you Gala!"

Rachael Lancaster

"I loved chatting with Gala. In one hour we covered everything from understanding self-love to being real on Instagram to embracing feminine power. I left our conversation feeling inspired and radiant... and with a challenge to love myself shamelessly."

Lisa Zamparo

More Testimonials

"When I initially booked in for my training, I was concerned about the cost - but I left utterly satisfied, and genuinely convinced that the time, effort and sheer volume of actual applicable, real-world advice that you packed into our little London jaunt was worth its weight in gold. The result: I feel so well-equipped with the guidance I need to take my blog to lofty, Eiffel Tower-ish heights, and invigorated and energized to get my butt into gear and do it!"

Caroline Gellatly

"Thank you so very much for a triple dose of mega inspiration, motivation and sharing your wisdom. I absorbed SO much info it's not even funny. My brain is bursting at the seams with ideas and inspiration. Your style of teaching is wonderfully energetic and interesting and broken down so perfectly I could digest it properly. I wish you were my math teacher. I'd have aced that shit."

Stephanie Palmer

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