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When it comes to heartbreak, the hardest thing is truly letting our ex go. No matter whether it was a marriage or a summer fling, as long as you’re still hung up on your past love, it’s almost impossible for you to move on, feel good, trust yourself, or fall in love again. We’re going to untangle you from your last relationship so you can get out into the world and be your most badass self.


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Love Rehab will help you put your last relationship in your rearview mirror, so you can let it go and move on with your life. Using a powerful mix of psychology, radical self love, and ritual, I will walk you through a series of activities that will bring you closure, relief, and peace of mind. 

I’ve had my fair share of love affairs… And with them, my fair share of break-ups! Through the process of therapy and a lot of radical self love work, I’ve realised that when we’re feeling really sad — or really angry — about a break-up, it’s mostly because the dream we had for that relationship was never fully realised. We’re in mourning for what could have been. That’s the hardest part: letting go of the fantasy. It can be extremely painful to release that vision back into the wild and allow the dream to die, because we’re saying goodbye to what feels like such a huge part of us.

This leaves us with a whole lot of feelings that we have trouble processing. What are we supposed to do with this deep sadness or righteous rage? Mostly it seems like these emotions sit on our chest, preventing us from moving on, finding new love, or doing our best creative work.

At least, that was always how it felt for me. But during my last break-up, I was guided through some activities by my friend Terri Cole, who is a brilliant psychotherapist, that really helped me gain perspective and see my past relationship for what it was. Instead of being stuck in one end of the emotional spectrum, like anger or sadness (which is where we tend to go after a break-up), I was able to zoom out and get real closure.

It was an amazing gift: the gift of emotional freedom. I was able to drop the baggage I’d been lugging around, leave the past in the past, and in turn, give my full self to my new beloved.

In Love Rehab, I’ve married psychological principles with the radical self love work I’ve been doing for the past ten years, and combined it with healing ritual. The result is a powerful process that will move you from sadness, anger, and fixation, to a feeling of freedom and emotional spaciousness.

Best of all, the process is simple. All it requires is a little time and some self-reflection.

Every day for a week, you’ll receive an in-depth email featuring stories and exercises, with activities for you to complete and questions for you to think about and journal on. You’ll make massive emotional strides every day, and as you obtain a sense of closure, you’ll finish up with an easy — yet potent! — custom-designed ritual that will truly set you free and bring you back to yourself.

Everything in life is a matter of perspective, and Love Rehab will help you see things as they truly are, so you have the space to move on. I’m so excited for you to get started, because this really works. Just look at the testimonials below!



Q. What’s the format?
Within the first 24 hours of signing up, you’ll receive an email* welcoming you to Love Rehab, and then the fun begins! You’ll get an email from me every day for the next six days, with anecdotes, instructions, and questions for you to journal. We do everything by email — that way, there are no logins or passwords to remember, and you get the information right in your inbox every day.

* If you don’t, check your Spam and Trash folders! If there’s still no trace, email us so we can track it down.

Q. Do I need any supplies?
Throughout Love Rehab, I ask a series of questions which you are required to journal about. You might want a fresh notebook to do this, but you can just as easily type up notes on your phone or computer. For the final ritual, you will need an essential oil of your choosing, white roses, and some Epsom salts!

Q. What is your refund policy?
As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. That having been said, I have never had anyone ask for a refund! I’m absolutely confident that if you work through the activities, Love Rehab will give you a sense of clarity and relief around your past relationship.


"The free writing was SO THERAPEUTIC- I had never even thought to do something like this after a breakup!!! I usually just cry, drink wine, and try to remember everything I hated about my ex. So this definitely was way more healthy/healing. To be honest it REALLY put things into perspective for me, I had been running around feeling super sad and heartbroken when in fact after I did the writing exercises I realized that he wasn't even someone I wanted to be in a relationship with! ... It was like a heavy load had been lifted. The course was very healing and I feel lighter, happier and ready for the next chapter in my life!"


"Just wanna say that Love Rehab has helped me tremendously! I am still friends with my ex-husband, but the Rehab helped me move on from a "relationship" status to a friendship status without driving me bonkers. The jealousy and heartache has been reduced and now my heart and mind feels so open and free. If I didn't sign up for Love Rehab, I would probably still be moping around thinking about my ex. The 3 questions really opened up my eyes to see this relationship in a different perspective. I have finally had the courage to box things up from my room. Letting go of that energy was intense. It felt like a funeral... Saying goodbye and bury a loved one, knowing that we're both at peace with each other. Thank you again Gala!"


"My husband is taking your Love Rehab course to get over me. Kinda weird he bought your course but whatever works to get him over me. ... I think it has helped him. Yesterday he told me he is no longer trying to get me back. And I think he has a date..."


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"Words cannot express how much this process has done for me. By revisiting the relationship through these exercises, I was able to gain more clarity about what he and I had. I was able to see the reality of it, instead of swinging like a pendulum between romanticizing him and demonizing him. He is just a man, there were things I needed to learn during our time together, but now that time is over and I can move on. It also gave me clarity in regards to what I want (and don’t want) in future relationships. Beyond that the final ritual was so empowering. I felt like I was breathing for the first time in ages. I came out of the bath feeling not like a new person, but like a more authentic more powerful version of myself. Standing in the moonlight, thanking the earth and the petals I felt like a woman grounded in herself. I felt whole. Weirdly enough the day after the bath he actually liked something on my FB. Before this would have sent me into a tail spin, I would have stalked him on social media or even contacted him. Instead It really didn’t affect me much at all. For the first time, ever, I feel neutral and objective in regards to him, and that is such a gift."


"Just a note to say how much I am loving Love Rehab already! I'm on day three and am already making some big revelations and really truly feel that by day 7 I'll be so much stronger and feel ready to take on the world again! Can't believe you released the course at such a poignant time, having only just broken up with my partner of two years. THANK YOU Gala always x x x x"


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