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How To Dress Up A School Uniform

How, indeed? School uniforms are ugly, unflattering & a violation of rights. I wore a uniform for my entire school-going career, so please believe me when I say that I feel your pain. There are various ways of stamping your own mark on these dowdy articles. Most teenagers end up with shortened skirts, their shirt […]

How To Age Gracefully

I recently had an email from a woman who is nearing 60 years old. She is in incredible shape (I should know, I saw the photos) & has great style but is caught in the trap of getting older & being unsure what to do about it. She has thought about getting cosmetic surgery, but […]

Winter Lust

In my opinion, winter is the most exciting time to be in the Northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, I left London on the 12th of October to begin my new life in Melbourne, Australia — which is, very distinctly, south of the equator. (It is regularly hitting 40 degrees celsius here — that’s 104 degrees fahrenheit to […]

Trends For 2007 and How To Avoid Looking Like A Fashion Victim

Trust me when I say I do a LOT of reading on fashion. I often open Google Reader in the morning & read hundreds (!) of articles before having my vitamins. I am devoted to you, see? Anyway, of course with the dawn of a new year, there is a lot of babble about what’s […]

The Ultimate Guide To Unnatural Hair Colouring

My hair has been pink, purple, jade-green, red, black & white… & all within the last three years. I’m often asked how do I get my hair so (insert-colour-here) & what products I use, so I thought I would give you some pointers. (Also, yesterday I got my hair cut REALLY SHORT & I am […]

Marie Antoinette Style

Let them eat cake! I recently saw Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette & really enjoyed it. Normally I loathe period films, & Kirsten Dunst doesn’t do much for me much either, but this was a complete visual thrill. The clothing was as amazing as the colour-scheme & the cakes were incredible. Anyway, I really liked the […]

Frisky-Wear For Fashion Enthusiasts

Who says leather, PVC & latex should be relegated to the bedroom? Whilst normally the domain of hairy men in thongs or goth culture (are the two things really that different?), there are definitely some great things, especially in the accessory department, that can be incorporated into your wardrobe for some unusual flair. Shrinkle: Turquoise […]

Style Essentials and The Balancing Act

Have I mentioned recently how much I love answering questions? I received this one recently… Here’s a very “hypothetical” question for you. How would you start over if some tragedy befell your wardrobe and you were left with formal gowns, lingerie, an old pair of jeans that stopped looking good at least a year ago […]


Last week I received an email from somebody asking me how I got to know so many people. It surprised me, because I don’t consider myself a very “popular” person — I’m no Ben Brown, after all — but thought I would have a go at answering the question anyway, since I certainly have opinions […]

Style and Fashion Resolutions — 2007

Along with the normal New Year’s Resolutions — I mean, small actions — this year I thought I should come up with some style & fashion resolutions too. Most people aren’t completely happy with their appearance, & even if they are, there is always more to buy or lust after. I’m in the first category […]

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