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Last week I received an email from somebody asking me how I got to know so many people. It surprised me, because I don’t consider myself a very “popular” person — I’m no Ben Brown, after all — but thought I would have a go at answering the question anyway, since I certainly have opinions […]

Style and Fashion Resolutions — 2007

Along with the normal New Year’s Resolutions — I mean, small actions — this year I thought I should come up with some style & fashion resolutions too. Most people aren’t completely happy with their appearance, & even if they are, there is always more to buy or lust after. I’m in the first category […]

The Benefits of Daily Outfit photos, part two

The other day I wrote about what benefits you may experience from taking photographs of your daily outfits. Continuing from there, I have some more suggestions for you. Have you started photographing your clothing yet? I hope so. (Of course, you don’t have to put any of the pictures online unless you have strong exhibitionistic […]

Some Past Outfits

Yesterday I posted about the benefits of taking daily outfit photos. I’ve been looking through my old ones (they are here if you’re interested), & thought I would sum a few up. Daily Outfit, 1st December 2005. I really liked this outfit when I put it on, & it looks good even in retrospect. I […]

Kissable lips

Kissing is one of my favourite activities. I have spent serious time investigating products & tricks to make it better! Seriously! Other than brushing twice a day, using teeth whitening treatments & flossing, it’s all in the lips. Lipstick? Gloss? Balm? Help! Lip balm is essentially moisturiser for the lips — though the composition is […]

Fashion Help for Recovering Goths

Even though this is my first post here, it is in reponse to a cry for help from a friend in New Zealand. She wrote to encourage me to take the plunge into style blogging, & when I asked what arena she wanted help in, she said:   I guess the first issue would be […]

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