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New Moon Magic: August 2015

Mmmmm. Do you feel that? Jupiter went into Virgo on Tuesday, and brought with it a huge, magical blast of effervescence. It is SUCH a delicious time, and it’s about to get even better! Why? This Friday/Saturday we’re going to have a gorgeous New Moon in Leo. Beautiful things are about to happen. Life is […]

New Moon Magic: July 2015

Happy almost-New Moon! It has been such a big month for me, and I suspect for you, too: highs and lows, as well as moments of pure magic. It’s a Dark Moon right now (as it always is before a New Moon), which means take things slow, get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and embrace […]

New Moon Magic: June 2015

Happy Mercury direct! PHEW! Was yours as intense as mine?! Damn. Thankfully, it’s done, and even though we’re still in the shadow zone, the bulk of the madness is over. The great news is that in addition to the end of Mercury retrograde, we’re also about to be blessed with a New Moon in Gemini. […]

New Moon Magic: May 2015

Hello, magical babes! I’m so excited to bring you another edition of New Moon Magic. Remember to connect with your fellow enchantresses on the #radicalselflovecoven hashtag! New Moons are about starting fresh and beginning projects, while Full Moons mark the completion of a cycle. If you’re ready to get cracking on something different, we’re launching […]

New Moon Magic: April 2015

Aloha, magical kittens! Well, it’s that time again: time to clear our minds and hearts, to take a look at the the cycles of our lives, and reset our intentions. Remember, if you want to share the way you celebrated this New Moon with our #radicalselflovecoven, be sure to snap a picture and hashtag it! The New Moon […]

New Moon Magic: February 2015

Last month, we had an incredible New Moon in Aquarius, and after the first New Moon Magic post, #radicalselflovecoven on Instagram went crazy! How did you celebrate the New Moon? I woke up just before the New Moon went direct, lit candles, set intentions, and did some spectacular goal-setting with a hot pink marker. It […]

New Moon Magic: January 2015

Welcome to a brand new feature! This is New Moon Magic, a monthly column. I’ve teamed up with my favourite astrologer, Mystic Medusa, to uncover what’s going on, astrologically… And how we can harness that to make our lives much more magical! Every month, we have a New Moon, and the New Moon is all […]

New Moon (+ Eclipse) Magic: March 2015

Hello, witch babies! I’m delighted to bring you another installment of New Moon Magic. I absolutely love getting the opportunity to check in on our hashtag — #radicalselflovecoven — and see what you, my magical sisters, are up to! You’re such a powerful bunch! (Heart-eyes emoji!) Time flies, no? The New Moon happens next Friday, and it’s SUPER-powerful and potent […]

How To Celebrate The Pink Moon

Happy Tuesday, bunny! Tonight is a glorious Full Moon in Libra, known as the Pink Moon. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and art, so it’s a delicious one to celebrate if you’re at all interested in cultivating more love or creativity in your life! I’m on the cusp of releasing my […]

My Honeymoon In Tulum

In Marrakech, on the last night of our retreat, we celebrated choosing ourselves with a moonlit wedding ceremony. Dressed in white, I walked to a mirror illuminated by tealight candles, stared into my eyes, and told myself the words I needed to hear. That evening changed me for good. In that moment, I finally recognised my power, […]

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