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Things I Love Thursday: Disco Balls And Rollerskates!

When my BFFs are in town, life speeds up… A lot. Ever since my two favourite rascals arrived, we’ve been firing on all cylinders! From the boundaries of Broadway to the backstreets of Bushwick, we’ve blazed a sparkly trail all over this city. We’ve posed in photobooths, poured champagne into one another’s mouths, twirled with […]

Things I Love Thursday: Palm Springs On Acid Chic!

It has been the longest day ever, in the best possible way! Kat got into New York City last night, and would you believe we were both awake and raring to go at 5.30am?! I guess jet lag is optional when you’re psyched! We spent the day roaming Soho, doing more than a little damage […]

Things I Love Thursday: Psychedelic Skies

It’s been a weird sort of summer, dramatically veering from glowing blue skies to overbearing charcoal clouds and cracks of thunder. I’m making the most of it, though: on beautiful days, I walk for miles, taking photos and listening to music, and when it’s raining like today, I stay inside, hunkered down, thinking and writing. […]

Things I Love Thursday: The Happiest Vampire!

The weather was so unbelievable over the weekend that we were barely in the house. On Sunday we went to the Met to check out the Punk exhibit. It seems crazy when I type it, but Mike and I had never been there together. The reason it’s so wild is that my husband studied at […]

Things I Love Thursday: Life Isn’t Tragic…

It finally feels like summer, and that’s reason enough to be grateful, I think! This morning I went for a walk down to Soho and back across the Lower East Side, and there were so many fantastic things to see: leafy shaded streets, bizarrely thought-provoking art, and killer outfits among them. That’s not to even […]

Things I Love Thursday: In The Middle Of A Storm…

Tell me the truth: have you written a gratitude list lately? I know it’s very easy to get hurled from the wagon and forget all about it, only to realise you haven’t done one in eons. Installing Things I Love Thursday as a feature on my blog has definitely kept me accountable, and I think […]

Things I Love Thursday: Stop Making Excuses!

I’m sitting outside a coffeeshop in the shade. I’m wearing plum-coloured lipstick (#46) with my legs crossed underneath me (always my favourite way to sit). God, it is such a relief to able to sit outside and not have to pull my coat around me! Yesterday I caught two buses and a train up to […]

Things I Love Thursday: Press Play!

I often say that winter feels like life is on pause, and once the blossoms start to appear, it feels like some majestic being has pressed ‘play’ again. And so today I am grateful for the changing of the seasons, for the fact that life is always in flux, for the fact that nothing stays […]

Things I Love Thursday: Blossoms On A Grey Day

One of the funniest things this week was getting back the film from the disposable camera we used in Los Angeles. We bought this camera which has heart, rainbow and star designs on every picture, then got a bit snap-happy. The results are so funny and silly! It reminded me of the 90’s, when disposable […]

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