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Things I Love Thursday: Fabulous Eccentrics!

This Things I Love Thursday is coming to you smack-bang from the middle of The Blogcademy London! It’s day two of our second class & as predicted, we’re absolutely loving it. One of my favourite things about teaching these classes is meeting such a wide range of people. Everyone is so happy & upbeat, they […]

Things I Love Thursday: London Calling!

Tally-ho from London! Hooray, I made it! Freezing rain, a plane covered in snow & a bone-rattling case of turbulence couldn’t keep me from Mother Britain! I got in on Wednesday, shrieked delightedly with Kat, & we promptly ran to Tescos to prepare some midnight snacks. While there, Kat dropped an entire container of mushroom […]

Things I Love Thursday: Silver Star Confetti & Peppermint Hot Chocolate!

This is a special edition “after hours” TiLT! I’m snuggled up on the couch with my loves, & wanted to fire this off before unplugging for the evening! It is super-frozen in NYC right now, & was well below freezing when I walked Dolly (in her knitted skull sweater!) this morning. Bundling up like this […]

Things I Love Thursday: Happiness Is Carbonated Consciousness…

Happy Thursday, baby! Oh, it’s that time again: time to get our happy on! This week has been all about putting the finishing touches on some long-standing projects, & the feeling of relief is fabulous. Now all that’s left is to send my work out into the world with the best of intentions. I always […]

Things I Love Thursday: Life Is Delicious!

Who else could capture this kind of ridiculousness but Lisa Devlin?! I’m back, & breaking my radio silence to do a little gratitude! Hooray! I’ve been on the mend all week, slowly but surely building myself back up to full strength (& maximum evil!). My cough has died down to a low rumble, & I […]

Things I Love Thursday: Thanksgiving Everyday!

My week in Instagram: An amazing beaded shift dress at the ASOS Spring/Summer preview; my new favourite perfume; I wore this entire outfit from a catalogue (yes, pants too!) & loved it; a sticker stuck outside one of our favourite brunching spots; my treasure chest manicure (Marie Antoinette lives!); & the ultimate onesie for Monday […]

Things I Love Thursday: Jumbo-Sized Thanks & Gratitude…

Photo by Lisa Devlin. I read somewhere recently that thank you is the best prayer, so in a way, this is my weekly devotional. I actually started writing this on Saturday November 3rd, because I am thankful for so many things right now. I’m thankful for having the lights turned back on, for hot water, […]

Things I Love Thursday: Adventures In My Favourite City!

This was one of those weeks that really reminded me exactly how much I love New York City. It is the best city in the world, really, truly, 100%. In the past few days, I have taken a boat trip to see the Statue of Liberty, dragged into a photobooth, taught 30 women how […]

Things I Love Thursday: Sequins & Silliness!

Photo by Lisa Devlin. It may have been quiet around here this week, but my real, offline, meatspace life has not! As you probably gathered from our excited Instagrams, tweets & Facebook updates, Kat is in the city & we’ve been causing trouble ALL over town! See? There has been beaucoup du silliness! We’ve been […]

Things I Love Thursday: Getting Into The Halloween Spirit!

Can’t tell you how much I love this quote. It says so much, & is the perfect opener for Things I Love Thursday! It’s all very exciting around here. Kat & Lisa are winging their way across the Atlantic as we speak! We have so much silliness planned, from lunch with Naomi to visiting Nanette […]

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