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Things I Love Thursday: From The Big Easy To The Big Apple…

I’m still reeling from five fabulous days in New Orleans. We had such a fantastic time, but of course, there’s no rest for the wicked awesome! (I stole that saying from my friend Jake.) I came back on Saturday night & dived head-first into work. I keep saying that one of these days I will […]

Things I Love Thursday: My Birthday!

It’s my birthday! Hooray! I’m 29 today. (Too old for ears? NEVER!) Right now I’m listening to Paris Hilton’s Paris album — seriously underrated, & definitely good time music! — & getting ready for my day. I’m not having a party this year (for the first time in ages); instead, I’m spending the night with […]

(Very) Late Edition: Things I Love Thursday & A Bumper Carousel!

A big hat & my new favourite lipstick; lanterns in a paper doll shop (yes, this actually exists!); a bouquet of flowers in my office; super-bling earrings from Forever 21. Hooray! It’s September, which is, of course, my favourite month! Why?! It’s New York Fashion Week, then my birthday, & then I’m jetting off to […]

Things I Love Thursday: My Cookie Monster Rug!

Happy Thursday! I’m sitting on a blue rug in our living room that reminds me of Cookie Monster fur (it’s so funny, I love it!) & doting on my co-workers (Hank & Dolly). Ha! If only. I wish I could pay Hank to answer my email! He would probably just respond to everything saying he’d […]

Things I Love Thursday: Playing Tourist In My Own City!

I love this mural on Houston Street! (It takes up almost an entire block.) & I’m pretty fond of the floor at Kate Spade, too!   Happy Thursday! My parents are in town so we’ve been playing tour guide all week. This also means plenty of walking, a lot of laughter, & multiple late night […]

Things I Love Thursday: Pigtails & Pink Denim…

A spotted bicycle (it must be the Yayoi-mobile!), some of my weird 1960s pin collection, with a group from my old school, & a wax figure of Yayoi Kusama in the Louis Vuitton window! Hey lovely! What a colourful week it’s been! Sunday & Monday were action-packed, & only got wackier. Suffice to say, tomorrow […]

Things I Love Thursday: Looking Back At Holiday Snaps!

Just looking back at these pictures brings a huge smile to my face! It already seems like a thousand years since I was in Santa Monica with my Virgo BFF, Nubby Twiglet! We had such a good time pretending to be California girls… I can’t wait to do it again sometime soon! Nubby’s always trying […]

Things I Love Thursday: Loungin’!

Loungin’… Just like LL Cool J! Photos by Made U Look, aka MY FAVOURITES! So much has happened since my last Things I Love Thursday column! It’s fantastic: it feels like people are done with summer vacation mode, & now everyone wants action action action! Suits me just fine, & so I now have a […]

Things I Love Thursday: The City By The Bay…

Painting by Federico Saenz-Recio. Last week’s big event was my whirlwind trip to the West Coast. I spent last Thursday, Friday & Saturday in San Francisco, & had an incredible time. I was invited out with 25 other bloggers (!!!) to celebrate the re-launch of, & boy, did they treat us good! We had […]

Things I Love Thursday: Miss Muck!

Bonjour from 35,000 feet! I’m heading to San Francisco for a really fun event, but of course, gratitude doesn’t grind to a halt simply because you’re in the sky! In fact, I think you’d be a bit crazy to NOT feel more elated & enthusiastic about life when you’re soaring above the clouds! Call me […]

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