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Things I Love Thursday: SpottieOttieDopaliscious!

Why SpottieOttieDopaliscious? Two reasons: it is an awesome song, & it is also one of my (many) nicknames for Dolly. She epitomises spottieottiedopalisciousness! Look at her rocking that flower crown! Quelle babe! (I love this outtake too!) It has been a very, very big week, containing three consecutive days of shooting for a variety of […]

Things I Love Thursday: 5 Life Lessons

It’s been a lovely week but that’s not what I want to write about today. There are some lessons I’ve been learning over the past few days; or at least, things I’m in the process of digesting. So maybe this isn’t strictly “Things I Love Thursday” — perhaps it’s Things I LEARNED Thursday?! Here they […]

Things I Love Thursday: Misty Skies & Purple Orchids

Photo by Made U Look Photography. Last night, I was loitering on Youtube when I discovered a video recorded by my friend John “Halcyon” Styn, called 41 & Fabulous: 15 Life Lessons From The Pink Path. It’s a whopping 40 minutes long, & it was made in celebration of the fact that on Monday, John […]

Things I Love Thursday: Make It Funky!

I have to admit: being without Kat this week has made things a little bit less colourful. Yes, it’s sad but true, she flew back to the United Kingdom at the crack of dawn on Monday, & New York City just isn’t the same without her! Pout! But life goes on, doesn’t it, & while […]

Things I Love Thursday: Peonies & Psychedelia!

On my desk: glitter candles, rhinestone bracelets, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine & aqua aura quartz, fortunes, & earrings… There are also magenta peonies in a milk jug & a cookie jar stuffed full of white fairy lights! The highlight of my weekend was spending time at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens with Mike, Asami & Fumi! […]

Things I Love Thursday: Kiss Attacks & Overgrown Buildings!

I love overgrown buildings! This one backs onto my favourite secret garden in the East Village. Heureux jeudi! It’s overcast & grey but I’m listening to Tupac so I’m happy! I hope you’ve had a fun week. Mostly, I’ve been sitting at my desk trying to stretch my brain around various projects! Yesterday at about […]

Things I Love Thursday: Enthusiastic ‘R’ Us!

1960s vixens (& psychedelic sequins)! Why yes, those sequins ARE on a dress in my wardrobe! Hello! It’s Thursday! Yes, it’s almost the weekend — hallelujah! This also means, of course, that it’s time for a little Things I Love Thursday action. Here’s this week’s list! That button was one of my favourite things about […]

Things I Love… Saturday?! & Le Carousel!

Quelle semaine! (What a week!) It feels like I’ve done a million things in the last few days. That’s just another reason why I love spring: life starts to pick up its pace in a major way! So, you might wonder why I’m lying on top of an Expedit full of shoes… The answer is […]

Things I Love Thursday: Hip Hip Hooray!

Fred Perry windows in Soho. Happy Thursday! It’s a gorgeous day in New York City: the sun is shining & I’m whipping my hair back & forth to a new mixtape I just made for you. In my head, I am a superstar DJ… Mixtape to come on Monday! It’s funny how TILT (Things I […]

Things I Love Thursday & Carousel: Heart Heart Heart!

Last night, Rachel & I went to a yoga rave. Yes. A YOGA RAVE. It was pretty amazing. I wrote about it for ChinaShop, so click for all the details! Actually, this whole week has been pretty incredible. Yesterday, I started my day with a session with EFT coach Annie Siegel. I’d never met with […]

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