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Imagine receiving a letter every morning which reminds you of your infinite beauty, ceaseless wisdom, and extreme grace. A daily memo to live more boldly, be more exceptional, and take more risks. A personal love letter to encourage you to cherish yourself.

That’s what Radical Self Love Letters are: the beginning of your journey to a one-person romance.

Radical self love is an act of being, not of doing… And Radical Self Love Letters can help you be whoever you want to be.

What are Radical Self Love Letters?

One of the most challenging things about learning to fall in love with yourself is the fact that it is a daily practice, and it requires daily work. But our lives are all so busy and densely-packed that making time to engage in a little self-care quickly slips to the bottom of the priority list.

With Radical Self Love Letters, you’ll be getting a personalised email love note every day. A reminder to live more boldly, be more exceptional, take more risks, be more compassionate, and cherish yourself.

Each letter contains my personal reflections, concepts to think about, a prompt or action to explore, and some wise words to keep your heart light.

Maybe you’ll read your Radical Self Love Letter in the morning, while you drink a cup of tea or chew your toast. Perhaps you’ll let it soak in as you travel to work, on the bus or train or in the back of a taxi. And maybe you’ll read your letter just before you drift to sleep. Either way, it will become a part of your routine; a way of carving out some time to focus on taking care of yourself.

Allow me to show you it’s possible to believe what you want, and do what you please!

You can subscribe for a month or a year, and you can cancel at any time.

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Q. Yay! I signed up. When will I receive my first Love Letter?
A. Hooray! After you click on your confirmation email (which will be sent to you immediately), you’ll get an introduction. Your first Radical Self Love Letter will fly into your inbox in 24 hours!

Q. Hmmm… I signed up, but I never got anything in my inbox. What do I do?
A. Your subscription is linked to your Paypal email address, and that’s where all the emails will be sent. If you want your Love Letters sent somewhere else, forward me your Paypal receipt and let me know where you’d prefer the emails to go.

Next up, check your spam or trash folders for your confirmation email! You will need to click on this confirmation email to activate your subscription.

Additionally, if you have paid by e-cheque, your subscription won’t begin until the e-cheque clears. (It usually takes between 3 and 5 days.)

Q. What time will I get my Radical Self Love Letters?
A. They’ll come through every day at the same time that you clicked on your confirmation email. If you want your letters at a certain time — morning, afternoon, evening — activate your subscription at that time!

Q. I already did a month of Radical Self Love Letters… If I sign up for a year, will the content be the same?
A. Nope! The yearly subscription is brand spankin’ new content. Nice!

Q. Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?
A. Absolutely! (And aren’t you sweet?!) Just sign up as normal, then forward me your Paypal receipt and let me know their name and email address. I’ll hook it up!
If you have any other questions, be sure to hit me up on Twitter!

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