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Our retreats are a potent mix of radical self love and magic. For five days, you will sit in circle with other women, tearing down what no longer works, creating new rituals, and sharing experiences. Some kind of alchemy occurs when we gather purposefully and allow our walls to come tumbling down. You will leave as a different woman: stronger and yet more vulnerable, braver and yet more sensitive, more joyful and yet more compassionate.

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Habitas Tulum

Upcoming Retreats

Radical Self Love Temple: ADORN in Tulum, Mexico
Thursday October 5th to Tuesday October 10th 2017

Radical self love is about the good life, and ADORN takes that to a whole new level. It is about how we choose to express ourselves: moving our radiance from inside to out, taking risks with our style, and creating our ideal selves through adornment. You will discover how to embody self-love, how to cultivate it around you, and how to move through the world with confidence, grace, and plenty of attitude.


5 day, 5 night stay at the insanely beautiful, brand new, so-cool-it’s-almost-a-secret Habitas Tulum (all rooms double occupancy)
Transfers to and from Cancun airport
Breakfast every day
Morning meditations
Daily radical self love classes with Gala Darling
Nighttime sensuality rituals with Veronica Varlow
 A personal styling session and shopping excursion with Gala
 One-on-one ritual and water reading divination with Veronica
 An individual portrait session to capture your radiance
An incredible sunset dinner party on our opening night
 Falling in love with your new best friends
As much time in the pool, on the sand of the private beach, and in the ocean as you can possibly bear
…And many other delicious little surprises!

Total cost: $3300 USD

The retreat price includes everything above. Installment payment plans are available!

For your airfare, you will fly into Cancun airport (CUN). Return flights from NYC and Los Angeles are around $330 US.

Optional excursions to visit the cenotes, ruins, and boat rides are not included in the price, but they’re inexpensive, and can be easily organised! You can also book massages and body treatments at the hotel for an extra charge. (Yes, please. Every night!)

Connect with my assistant Audrey to sign up or ask questions!

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Join radical self love expert Gala Darling and love witch Veronica Varlow in one of the most beautiful locations in the world for a week of enchantment, pure revival, and a reintroduction to your own magnificence. In the morning, we’ll dive into radical self love exercises, and every evening, we’ll participate in a ritual to help you embody what you’ve learned. The afternoons are free for you to explore Tulum, splash about in the pool, swim in the ocean, or whatever else your heart desires!

This retreat is focussed around the idea of adornment, and how we can express our sense of self with even more confidence. What do you magnetise when you truly love yourself? How can we create a great life fuelled by gratitude, and dive into the adventures that are presented to us? How do we celebrate and enjoy life to the fullest?

You’ll receive dedicated one-on-one time with Gala, where together you’ll explore your own personal style and discover your aesthetic. You’ll also share a private ritual with Veronica where you will be honored and blessed, and receive insight in the form of water reading divination.

The cherry on top? A personal portrait session! We’ll capture your beauty, as well as crystallising magical moments throughout the week.

This will truly be an experience unlike anything else.


You will be staying at the fantastic Habitas Tulum. Habitas is a brand new hotel, built into the jungle, with its own private beach and swimming pool. You’ll be sharing a Jungle Room with one other person, although if you’d like a room to yourself, this is available at an extra charge. (If you’re coming with your BFF, be sure to let us know so we can put you together!)

The hotel has free wifi (so you can fill your Instagram with drool-worthy photos), hammocks, a huge open area to hang out in, and a wonderful restaurant. Our classes and rituals will be conducted on the property.

We’ll eat breakfast together every morning, but you’re free to have lunch and dinner wherever you like. Tulum has plenty of fantastic restaurants. Habitas is perfectly located in Tulum so that you can walk pretty much everywhere and go exploring. You’re going to love it!


You will fly into Cancun airport and then you’ll be picked up by a driver who will escort you to Tulum. The drive takes a little under two hours. If you have any questions about this, please ask!


The first time Gala visited Tulum was to attend a retreat and it blew her mind. She vowed to go back every year, and hasn’t missed one yet!

Tulum is the perfect place to take a step back from your life and seriously recharge. If you’re feeling drained or exhausted, get thee to Tulum! It is a town that will inspire and uplift you: it is a literal energy vortex. The town is full of energy workers, sound healers, massage therapists, and seekers. The ocean is a beautiful turquoise, there are Mayan ruins to explore, and the shops are full of brightly coloured treasures.

Want to get excited about it? Check out 36 Hours In Tulum from the New York Times!


Tulum is a very relaxed and beautiful place. You’ll probably only need one pair of shoes, and you won’t wear them too often. When Gala visits, it’s all about swimsuits, kaftans, and colourful sun dresses. You’ll want a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. This is the beach, after all!

But this is also a retreat about self-expression! So we encourage you to bring fabulous kaftans, your favourite accessories, hair glitter, crowns, temporary tattoos, or whatever else lights you up. We will be playing with these elements, and using our imagination to create your signature style.


You can pay for the retreat in one piece, or in installments of 2 or 3 payments. Email Audrey for all the information! Please note that there are no refunds on full or partial payments.


Past Retreats

Radical Self Love Temple: VOW in Marrakech, Morocco / March-April 2017

VOW was about choosing ourselves: deliberately, enthusiastically, and joyfully. There is something enchanting about Marrakech — it is a kind of vortex. When you’re so far removed from your normal life, the revelations and emotional breakthroughs come thick and fast. It was the perfect place for women to get clarity; to turn on (go within), tune in (interact with others), and drop out (discover their own magnificence).

We tore down what wasn’t working and thought about new ways to create change, covered ourselves in oils and learned tantric breathing, journalled as tears fell onto the page, and passed out hard at night. And in between all that, there was excited haggling in the technicolour souk, camel riding, vigorous rhassoul soap scrub-downs in candlelit hammams, and many, many rugs and blankets purchased…

We celebrated our final evening with a collective wedding ceremony. We wore white, whispered promises into a candlelit mirror, and kissed goodbye to the old versions of ourselves.

Read reviews from Amanda Gibby Peters, Wendy Malarsie, Heather Blanchard, and Kirsty Marshall (and part two).


"I feel like a completely different person than when I walked off the plane. Amazingly different. Thank you for the best week of my life! I will hold each and every goddess in my heart forever."

Wendy Malarsie

"I went into the retreat feeling depleted and sad about some personal issues and left feeling joyful, energized and empowered by a fantastic group of women. I genuinely learned something new and took of piece of each of these women with me back home. Thank you to Gala and Veronica for such a strong reminder that connections amongst women are magical!"

Jenn Manzetti

"The most notable thing I got from my week in Morocco was confirmation of my "calling", to help the women in my life that are struggling to get out of the spiritual oppression they are in (something I grew up with and got out of myself). With getting home and back to real life, I was afraid that I would sink into old habits... and yet, I felt the shift so profoundly that I couldn't imagine that would happen. I am happy to say that I didn't sink back into old habits. In fact, I have so many new habits and got rid of so many toxic habits cold turkey, that I have pleasantly surprised myself. In fact, I have never felt so clear headed or refreshed in my life. I used to get anxious a lot, but that has completely evaporated too. I miss the magic of Morocco, but I'm learning that we are the ones that create the magic in our lives."

Cassie Parlotto

More Testimonials

"It was a beautiful retreat, filled with experiences and lessons I will never forget. As someone who has anxiety, I was thrilled that by the end of the retreat, not once did I feel anxious or panicky, despite being in a new place, with new people, and nothing but new experiences. I feel like I've lost 5lbs of emotional baggage!"

Nikki Mandy

"When you receive the offer to attend a Radical Self Love retreat with two of your idols and then that its being held in Marrakesh you can't really say no can you?! I have done a lot of RSL work over the past year or so and this retreat was the pinnacle of all the work I had already done. Before attending the retreat I felt like my body was betraying me and crying out for some rest, relaxation and introspection. I knew intuitively that I needed to take time for me.

The retreat was nothing short of life changing, I met some phenomenal fellow goddesses, got to have talks and share my life experiences with two women who I hold in high esteem and work hard on myself. I have come back home feeling refreshed, liberated, totally in love with my mind, body and soul, spiritually enlightened and most importantly completely at peace with who I am.

If I have to pick the biggest transformation I have noticed it would be that I am no longer afraid or care what other people think of me... I wear bright colours, glitter on my face, carry crystals around with pride and talk about myself with love in my heart! I am forever indebted to the fellow goddesses, Veronica and Gala for this wondrous opportunity to find me again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Kirsty Marshall


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