Radical Rituals: Abundance
Level Two


In the original Abundance class, you discovered how to feel good about money. Since then, I have LEVELLED UP and learned so many new tricks to juice up my cash flow, and it is the best feeling in the world! In this continuation of the first class, I’ll be loading you up with my latest manifestation techniques to help you see that there are opportunities everywhere, and attract plenty of cash!


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It’s fantastic to change how you feel about your financial situation. But once you’ve done that, it’s time to REALLY step it up. Why not discover how to make money while you sleep? Why not attract really high profile clients who pay you what you’re worth? Why not step into believing that you are truly worth it?

The original Abundance class was an introduction to changing how you felt about money. The goal was to move you from a place of panic to a place of peace, and the results spoke for themselves. They were truly amazing. When you can change your immediate response from fear to one of acceptance, transformation occurs.

The feedback on the original Abundance class — where participants were manifesting $100,000 within two weeks, getting hired for their dream jobs, and receiving massive unexpected bonuses and inheritances — blew my mind.

It’s fantastic to change how you feel about your financial situation. But once you’ve done that, it’s time to REALLY step it up. Why not learn how to manifest money out of thin air? Why not discover how to make money while you sleep? Why not attract really high profile clients who pay you what you’re worth? Why not step into believing that you are truly worth it?

This class is appropriate for everybody, no matter what you do for work and no matter what your financial situation is. In this class, we borrow from feng shui, NLP, and straight-up magic to provide you with a litany of tools so you can walk around abundant as fuck!

Radical Rituals: Abundance Level 2 is jam-packed with easy-to-implement ideas that will help you feel your worth and manifest money even faster. You’ll enjoy detailed videos, uncover easy everyday rituals that have an immediate effect, and learn fun new ways to change your money mindset!

Money is such an enormous and important part of our lives. Let’s master it.




Q. Do I need to take the original class before starting this one?
Yes, I recommend doing the original class first. It will give you a fantastic foundation upon which to build. It is NOT required though.

Q. What’s the format?
When you sign up, you’ll immediately receive an email* welcoming you to Radical Rituals, and your login info!

* If you don’t, check your Spam and Trash folders! If there’s still no trace, email us so we can track it down.

Q. What is your refund policy?
As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs that can be downloaded and viewed. That having been said, I have never had anyone ask for a refund! I’m absolutely confident that if you work through the activities, Radical Rituals will elevate your attitude around money and help you feel joyful and abundant.


"Wow! What an incredible course this was!!!! I am so appreciative and grateful!! I noticed these 'small' yet significant manifestations happening & thought, yep I think I can really actually do this & manifest the amount I wrote down for the 2 weeks - which was $6,870. It seemed huge though, and a bit far-fetched! I must admit I was definitely skeptical.. especially about other people's stories. HOLY SHITE!!!! I am now SO fucking excited as to what I might be able to unfold in my life. I don't think I could describe how broke I've been or how much I've struggled over the years. This has COMPLETELY blown my mind & caused SO many tears - happy tears!!! I manifested...... just over $100,000... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??!!! This was through income, as well as an inheritance that my ex (yes ex!) boyfriend received, that he chose to share with me due to the tough time we had financially when we were together - we broke up over 2 years ago! I am in absolute awe of you & your work, I will be forever grateful!"

Louise Kingston

"OMG GALA! I just got an amazing job offer which not only is in alignment with my values & what I wanna bring into the world BUT ALSO IS HALF OF WHAT I WANNA MANIFEST IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS! Then I met a woman today which is living in an emergency night place. She really needed help and she asked me for 30 dollars to buy painkillers for her leg. I gave it to her... If I'm worthy of living in abundance others are as well. I'm so grateful for this experience and also I didn't feel guilty or in worry for one second that there will be not enough for me. Sending you a big hug!!"

Aleks Glitzeric

"Alright, this is crazy HUGE! I just figured out the amount of money that I need the next 2 weeks in order to do the things I want to do. Literally seconds after I wrote down the amount, an email pops up in my inbox about a new freelance assignment. Which will be covering half the amount I wrote down. I'm in (happy) tears!"

Jessica LaDew

"Dear Gala, just want to report that I participated in your live tapping for attracting abundance and thus far have experienced really powerful change! I had about two days of emotional purging and doing the tapping each morning and now I keep finding job offers everywhere and!! I realized I had intense fear around my savings account to the point where I was blocking the flow, so I used a portion of it to treat myself and another bit I donated, and then RIGHT AFTERWARDS someone else called me with another job offer! Thank you for your magical awesomeness! Oh PS - should add that the new job offer doubles my current salary sooo any fear I had over "lacking" or not being able to pay myself back went out the window!


"I was a day late starting so today I made my list of what I'd like to buy in two weeks. The total came to an even $1250. The thing is yesterday I received an email confirming a scholarship I'd be receiving and today I checked the value and it is two payments of, yep, $1250 each semester! I am FLOATING! Thank you for sharing your gift and insight!"

Jasmine Redfern

"Did the tapping before I went to bed last night and woke up to $4k out of the blue today! I also had two potential clients reach out to me and if they sign it will be $20k in income! YASSSSS #abundance ... Manifested another $5k, I'm up to $9k so far!"

Jessica Sutty

"Wow! So excited for this. I completed the day 1 exercise and then found out an hour later I had won a competition! (Goodies and toys for my fur babies). I've never won anything before! Can't wait for Day 2!"

Nia Dunbar

"Loving the course so far! So I need to come up with a $4000 in 2 weeks deposit for a laser cutter to expand my business. I’ve been getting surprise sales and orders which is great, but not big enough just yet. Last night, a friend who doesn’t know that I need the money texted me that he’s putting 1k in my account to pre-pay for wall artwork. Yasss universe!! Thank you!"

Amanda Reynolds

More Testimonials

"Thank you so much for your workshop! I wrote down €4450 and all in all I got €4000. It included a Louis Vuitton bag which I wanted to have for years now and I got this bag surprisingly as a birthday gift last week. And the rest I won in the lottery a few weeks back which was amazing! Also I am in for a second interview the day after tomorrow for a job that wouldn't only pay a lot better but is a real "career step" for me. I feel that I have so much! Thank you so much you are truly magical!"

Rebecca Seidler

"Hi Gala! Just wanted to drop in and say that I made my goal for the two weeks $5000. As of this morning I've made $3785 with more coming later today! So grateful for you!"

Brittanny Taylor

"Okay I have to admit I was feeling a tiny bit skeptical since I’ve seen all these testimonials on people manifesting hundreds of dollars out of thin air, and was starting to wonder if my abundance was only going to be coming in the absence of having to spend money (coupons, other people footing the bill, etc—which was all happening). I knew most of my money for the amount I wrote down was going to come from my paycheck but there was a couple hundred I wasn’t sure where it was going to come from. Lo and behold I remembered some old savings bonds I’ve had foreverrrr so they are definitely aged and now worth... you guessed it, at least $200 total. I just did up the math and I will have $29 left over for the two weeks, and that is if I spend all the money I was planning to. I’m a believer now! Thanks for all you do. I’ve been following you for years and you are always a source of high vibration when I need it most."

Siobhan Nichols

"I watched your live broadcast about abundance and did the tapping exercise to get in the right headspace to receive. Our landlords just raised our rent to a ridiculous amount. After freaking out and stressing about it, we decided to just go for it and see if we qualified for a mortgage. Within 24 hours we found a 2 Bedroom Condo, got pre approved, placed an offer, and it was accepted!!! This wouldn't have been possible if I continued to focus on what's NOT in my bank account. I want to say thank you!"

Lysett McConville

"I haven't yet practiced day 2 but have done day 1. I'm amazed. Today my partner and I have received some inheritance that more than covers the list. Now it may not exactly go on the things on the list but it certainly will cover some of them! I'm so excited to see what else comes along!"

Natalie Stableford

"Your Radical Rituals: Abundance program is amazing. It helps me beyond the money issues. Abundance is so much more. It is love, it is health, it is sex, it is wealth. I decided to go to a sex therapy for couples, healing energies and communication for couples. I decided to buy that fucking wallet. I decided to allow myself to have a good time with a glass of wine. Pleasure drives abundance to me. Thank you for everything Gala."

Lilith Witchcraft

"I just wanted to let you know, I am enjoying and learning so much from this course! I am shocked to see how out of touch I have been with my mind set about money. I have been truly unaware of my thought processes. The insight your course has provided for me is so exciting!!! I would recommend this course to anyone! It's truly valuable. Also the tapping!! Just blows my mind, so great! Thank you."

Julia Mahan

"Well, I decided this weekend that I needed to quit this horrible retail job for the sake of my mental health but again, started to panic about money. I had never really given manifesting or affirmations a true shot before but happen to stumble across Gala's Instagram story. I watched the video and did her guided tapping exercise. I felt so much negative energy and anxiety physically leave my body that I literally passed out & fell asleep afterward because I was exhausted. I kid you not, the day after I did this, I woke up to three inquiries from extremely high paying, soulmate clients and received two more later that day (and two more today that I had to turn down because there are only 24 hours in a day!). On top of that, my husband had an interview that same day and then today received an incredible job offer (that comes with a huge raise) as a result. It's only Wednesday! I've literally achieved more in 3 days than I have in the last 3 months. Because I took 45 minutes one night to focus on myself and my energy. I seriously feel unstoppable right now!"

Makayla Plock Holmes

"Got a random tax return check in the mail today for over $800!"

Vinny Calogero

"Day 2: manifested a 3 month unlimited yoga/massage membership! $0 paid by me and worth way more than that I was calling in! #amazing"

Dr Lisa Dofka

"Yesterday, after this tapping session, I channeled this feeling of trust in the universe; I felt peaceful and safe. This morning I woke up with a little ache in my heart, worrying about bills. I replaced that worry with gratitude. I got to work feeling fortunate. My boss walks in and pulls out his wallet and hands me $200 for "a job well done". I'm slightly freaked out by how incredibly real this manifestation is!"


"Gala!! Guess what! I got home today to discover a letter from the Canada Savings Bond Program. My grandmother had purchased a bond when I was a child and after 20 years (and some compounding interest) I get to claim it. How amazing is that! I did not even know my grandmother had purchased the bond. I immediately started thanking everyone out loud and then thought I will donate some to a charity to show appreciation and help continue the flow of abundance. It also covers the remainder of my Day 1 money goal, so I am now at $0!! Woohoo! I am over the moon!"

Stephanie Byrne

"I'm down to $0 from Day 1! I gotta say I was a bit doubtful, esp since I thought I had my finances pretty much under control... Boy was I surprised what came up during your exercises! ... Another abundance update: guess who just came back from a vacation and got a free upgrade on the flight, a free upgrade on the hotel room, and a free upgrade on the return flight! I didn't even consciously ask for the upgrades, they all "just happened". Coincidence? I think not!!! Thanks for all the work you put into your classes!"


"Since starting Radical Rituals I've had 4 new prospective clients reach out to me! Then today, I received a call back from a corporate gig I did back in August. I'm their first choice for their DISTRICT WIDE wellness day. They want me to teach a few classes that day with possibility of future gigs... OMG it's happening!"

Jenn Rose

"Gala Darling's Radical Rituals Abundance course is INSANE. I love spiritual tools to help break through our blocks and this course is SO GOOD, already seeing my e-commerce store getting a MAJOR BOOST IN SALES IT'S LITERAL MAGIC. I honestly am in JOYFUL SHOCK!"

Diya SenGupta

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