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New Moon Magic, Solar Eclipses, And Rituals To Join From Home!

Hello witch babies, and happy New Moon in Pisces! The Moon went direct yesterday and we also had a whopper of a solar eclipse. There was a lot of energy flying around — did you feel it too? Solar eclipses can feel like a giving your phone a hard reset, where everything seems to grind […]

New Moon Magic: June 2016

Hello, June! It’s officially Gemini season, which of course means that this Saturday, we’re being gifted with a beautiful New Moon in Gemini. The energy of Gemini is dynamic, clever, funny and enthusiastic, and makes a nice change from the steady, grounded vibe of Taurus that we’ve been dealing with for the past month. If […]

New Moon Magic: April 2016

Who’s in the mood for a full system reboot? I know I am! (In fact, I’ve been feeling a fresh vibe blowing a sassy breeze for the last week or so.) Next Thursday, on April 7th, we’re going to be treated to an Aries New Moon, and it’s time to view ourselves — and our […]

New Moon Magic: March 2016

Feeling dreamy? It’s no wonder, because on Tuesday night, we’re going to be basking in the starry-eyed atmosphere¬†of a Pisces New Moon. But it’s not as simple as all that — it’s also a solar eclipse, which amplifies everything! Sometimes Pisces energy can have us floating away in the clouds, but it won’t feel like […]

New Moon Magic: February 2016

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius… So get ready to innovate! This Monday, February 8th, marks the New Moon in Aquarius, the ultimate sign of rebellion, creativity and fresh change. This New Moon asks us, “What’s your vision for the future?” It’s time to dream big, witch babies! A quick aside: in […]

New Moon Magic: January 2016

Here’s to an extremely exciting and magical 2016! We might be smack-dab in the middle of Mercury retrograde right now, but the energy of this first New Moon in Capricorn makes it feel like we can achieve anything if only we put in an intelligent, concerted effort. And it’s true! We can! That’s what Capricorn […]

New Moon Magic: December 2015

I can’t believe this is the final New Moon Magic column of the year! It has been so much fun to bring these to you, and I’ve loved seeing your rituals and magical workings on Instagram under the #radicalselflovecoven¬†hashtag! This is our last New Moon of the year, and it’s in the wonderful sign of […]

New Moon Magic: November 2015

Mmmm, delicious! We’re just about to come up on a sexy New Moon in Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling a little bit low ebb, don’t sweat it: we’re in the midst of the Dark Moon, which is the time to take it slow. Dark Moon time is when we need to take our radical self […]

New Moon Magic: October 2015

Oh baby! It’s that time again… We’re just about to hit the New Moon, which happens on Monday/Tuesday depending on where you are in the world. (The times are listed below for your convenience.) Just like the Moon influences the tides, it influences us too. Every phase of the Moon has its own unique energy […]

New Moon Magic: September 2015

Happy almost New Moon! It all goes down this Sunday. I’m so excited, because not only is it a New Moon, it’s also a Solar Eclipse, and it’s my birthday! Talk about a big, dynamic vibe to kick off my solar return! To help you make the most of this delicious New Moon, Mystic Medusa¬†has […]

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