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Things I Love Thursday: Midwest Madness!

Greetings from Chicago! Kat, Shauna and I are sitting in ghost chairs around a big steel table, listening to a 1990s hip-hop playlist and drinking juice. (Green juice, not gin and juice. Sorry, Snoop.) Shauna is quizzing us about all the members of Bone Thugs N Harmony. Something like this always happens when we’re together! […]

Things I Love Thursday: The Magic Of Something New

Hello from San Francisco! Wow, talk about a big month: we started moving out of our old place last Monday, and yesterday Mike handed back the keys. That chapter of our life is officially closed. I’m sleep-deprived and 60% delirious, but thrilled nonetheless. Our new apartment is rocking our world, and I even have a […]

Things I Love Thursday: A Great Strange Dream

Another week down, and April is almost over. By the way, if this has been a tricky month for you, read up on the Grand Cardinal Cross. My take on it (since I’ve been asked by a few of you!) is that if you’ve been actively working on personal evolution and growth over the last […]

Things I Love Thursday: Big Skies And Spring Fever

First up, can we talk about the utter gloriousness of this photograph? It’s got me feeling all swoony. (My husband jumped over a fence to snap the shot for me. What a peach!) Few things are as gorgeous as pink blossoms against a blue sky, don’t you think? There is so much to be in […]

Things I Love Thursday: Pink Trees And Renewed Hope

What a big week it’s been! Firstly, I wanted to say an enormous thank you to everyone for being so sweet and awesome about the redesign. We’re all delighted that you love it, and I’m over the moon to have it finished! There has been such a wonderful reaction to my Pep Talks, and I […]

Things I Love Thursday: Damn, 2014, DAMN!

Can I be real with you? This has been a hard year for me so far. We’re almost four months in, and even though it has had its good moments, mostly it has felt like an uphill battle. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way: it seems like everyone I talk to […]

Things I Love Thursday: The Delight Of A Warehouse Rollerjam!

  It is officially the first day of Spring, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Talk about the longest Winter ever! Tiny buds are beginning to appear on the branches of trees, bright green shoots are sticking up through the dirt, and we’re all feeling hopeful. The sun is out, and it’s almost time to […]

Things I Love Thursday: For Little Dreamers…

It has been far too long since we last did this, and you know what? I really feel the difference. It feels like time to get back on that train. Sure, I think about the things in my life that I’m grateful for all the time, but actually making time to sit down and write […]

Things I Love Thursday: Giving Thanks For An Incredible Year

I‘m taking time out from my turkey-addled haze to get on the gratitude train. (Choo choo!) Now, y’all know that gratitude is my primary attitude, but on Thursdays I make a point of sharing it with everyone else. Thanksgiving is no exception, of course. Walking home through the park yesterday, I thought back on the […]

Things I Love Thursday: Jouissance!

Dress is Plenty by Tracy Reese. 7 flights down, 3 to go. New York to LA to Brisbane to Cairns to Melbourne to Auckland to Wellington to Melbourne (and soon to Brisbane to LA to New York). Wow. These last few weeks have been chockablock with more time in the air than ever. I think […]

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