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Things I Love Thursday: Taste The Rainbow!

My favourite bag… And a Disneyland portrait. As much as I love to travel, coming home is just as sweet. I love to lace up my Nike Frees and trot across town, getting reacquainted with my favourite city. I love to cue up Q-Tip and turn my speakers to full blast. I love doting on […]

Things I Love Thursday: Disneyland!

I’m in love with California! …And sorry this is a day late. Shauna, Kat and I spent yesterday at Disneyland with the babes from Made U Look, and by the time we got home, we could barely speak, let alone put together coherent blog posts! But we did, of course, have an incredible day. Can […]

Things I Love Thursday: Portland Madness!

Hello from Portland! Spring has well and truly sprung in the northwest, and it is beautiful. I’m writing this from Shauna’s dining room table. There’s a taxidermy bear keeping guard in one corner, Joey is in the kitchen making vegan tacos, and we’re officially 100% in LOVE with Portland! I can’t tell you how good […]

Things I Love Thursday: Happy Ostara!

Happy Ostara! I’m sitting in our living room, listening to some good beats, candles burning, dogs snoring beside me. I’m doing Haute Neptune at the moment, and feeling like I’m evolving really quickly. I learned a lot of lessons from this last Mercury retrograde — was it the same for you? It’s never easy, but […]

Things I Love Thursday: Carnations!

I’m really getting into the spring mood, and even though it hasn’t been super-warm, the peeks of sunshine and the chirping of birds is letting me know it’s just around the corner! By the time I get back from Los Angeles, I know spring will be in full swing… Last night I presented an award […]

Things I Love Thursday: Moons And Junes And Ferris Wheels…

Dreaming of Disneyland… NYC is a far cry from Disneyland right now… We’re bracing for a storm! This morning, I put Dolly into her black skull and crossbones sweater, and walked her around the East Village amid light snow flurries. We’re being promised a doozy, but you never really know what it’ll be like until […]

Things I Love Thursday: Make Your Own Cloud!

Last night I headed uptown to Dylan’s Candy Bar — which really is the cutest and best candy shop in the world, with its cupcake-shaped booths and candy sealed inside the floor! — for a party with Hanazuki. It was so cool to meet Hanneke and Niko, the creators of Hanazuki, and we even got […]

Things I Love Thursday: Um, Nutella?!

Photo by Juliane Berry. I just had to share this photo, which arrived in my inbox this afternoon. It was taken at the Louvre, which is normally surrounded by tourists. Miraculously, on the day we were there, it was raining & cold, so most of the tourists stayed away… & we had the whole place […]

Things I Love Thursday: A Love-O-Rama!

I couldn’t resist posting this Parisian sneak peek from ultra-talented photographer Shell De Mar — who, you may recall, also shot yesterday’s Blogcademy pictures! Paris was so wonderful, indulgent & luxurious: everything you’d hope for in a European adventure! I’ve been thinking about it — & the best quiche I’ve ever eaten in my life! […]

Things I Love Thursday: Blissed Out Babe!

As I write this, I’m sitting in Virgin Atlantic’s Heathrow Clubhouse, & may I say, wow. This clubhouse — & the 8-hour journey that follows — marks the end of a truly epic trip. I just ate a full English breakfast (hold the black pudding) & had a facial with sublimely-scented Cowshed products, & I […]

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