Thank you so much for purchasing a product! I hope you love it! Of course, the internet can be a tricky place, and life isn’t always seamless. If you’re having trouble with your purchase, all the answers and information you need are below!

I signed up, but I never received a confirmation email? Help!
You will definitely have been sent a confirmation, as it’s an automated system. (The only time these aren’t immediately sent is when you pay by e-cheque, which can take 3-5 days to clear.) Check your Spam, Junk and promotional folders, and if you still don’t find it, simply search your Inbox for “Gala Darling”. Once you find the email and click to confirm, your program will start immediately!

Still no glory? Check out what AWeber — my email service provider — suggests.

It’s my best friend’s birthday and I’d love to buy her a subscription! How do I do it?
Sign up with your name and email address. You’ll receive a confirmation email, and once you click into it, click where it says Change Subscriber Options at the bottom. There, you’ll be able to change your name and email address to hers. Easy-peasy!

Oh no! I was signed up to one of your subscriptions, but my subscription was cancelled OR I changed my email address. I’d like to keep going, but not start at the beginning. How do I do that?
No problem! Sign up (again) using the normal subscription link, then just flick me an email and let me know you’ve done it. I can change which letter you start with, just be sure to include in the email which number you received last!

How do I change the email address where I receive my letters?
Once you’ve received your confirmation email, simply click the bottom of the email where it says ‘Change Subscriber Options’. From there, you can change your email address to whatever you like!

I cancelled my subscription, but Paypal is still taking money out of my account. Help!
Flick me an email and I will refund your money! However, you will still need to login to Paypal and manually cancel your recurring subscription. To find this area on Paypal’s site, click Profile, My Money, My Preapproved Payments. In the column which says Merchants, click Under Subscription Details at the top is a button which says Cancel. Click it, and you’re all good!

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