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Carousel: Palm Reading, Dealing With Anxiety Through Breathwork, And Relationship-Themed Tarot Card Spreads!


Welcome to another Carousel! As I write this, I’m in London, about to fly home to New York City after a whirlwind trip around the Amalfi Coast, Milan, and Marrakech. It has been unreal but I can’t wait to go home!

Here are some wonderful and fascinating things to read this weekend…

A brief history of reading my friends’ palms. By the way, if you want to learn how to do this, check out Palmistry 101: A Guide To Palm Reading For Enchanted Babes!

Janet Jackson as pop royalty.

What does it mean to smell like a man? On fragrant masculinity.

Joanne the Scammer and the man behind it all.

What A Black Woman Wishes Her Adoptive White Parents Knew. This is a beautiful piece, very thoughtful and illuminating.

I am heavy at the thought of what we cannot say. I’m so heavy I cannot wait for him to leave. To be free of his whiteout of an embrace. How can a father hold me and erase me all at once? It is February and Obama has been the President for less than a month and I am wondering what these black men standing beside us are thinking of me as I hug my white father in the place where Oscar’s blood fell.

Dealing with anxiety by learning breathwork.

Here are ten relationship-themed tarot spreads.

Tony Robbins on SuperSoul Sunday.

File this one under “unsurprising”: 67 percent of white social media users don’t post about race. Most of them don’t see others discussing the topic either.

Can personality be changed? Actually, yes. It’s not as fixed as we once thought.

How to Bio-Hack Your Brain to Have Sex Without Getting Emotionally Attached.

OMG, dying over Real Housewives Of Christchurch.

This cracked me up. Police carry out controlled explosion on pesto sandwich. Officers were called to the scene at 4:40pm on Sunday after a brown bag was seen at a bus stop near the Sainsbury’s.

5 pointers for developing freedom-based creativity & work habits. Which is to say, you’ve got to dissolve guilt and rock your own rhythm.

I know my boyfriend is abusive, why can’t I leave?

He—like abusers generally do—wants for you to feel small, or stupid, or worthless. It serves his need for power and control. So no matter what you do, even if it is the most Correct thing in the history of all things, he wants you to be wrong—and to feel wrong—so much that he will change his tactics in order to keep you wrong. It serves him.

Why are the 5 Love Languages so useful? ‘Cause they help you read your partner’s weird mind.

If you’re an introvert,the hangover from socialising can be hard work.

What if you’re nervous about receiving oral sex?

Are you an ambivert (aka an introvert/extrovert hybrid)?

On being gay, and are people really born gay? The answer, of course, is complicated.

September is likeJanuary, redux.

I love you!

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Carousel: Too Needy To Love, Faux-Feminist Men, And Tumblr Witches


Dear God, it’s August. Let’s not talk about it. I’m desperately clinging to the last few days of summer, despite the persistent thunderstorms circling NYC for the next week!

Here are some of the craziest, weirdest, most interesting, and thought-provoking pieces I’ve found over the last month or so. Enjoy!

Daddies, “Dates,” and the Girlfriend Experience: Welcome to the New Prostitution Economy. A growing number of young people are selling their bodies online to pay student loans, make the rent, or afford designer labels. Is it just an unorthodox way to make ends meet or a new kind of exploitation? Nancy Jo Sales investigates.

Ask Polly: When Will My Boyfriend Realize I’m Too Needy to Love?

Decide for yourself instead. Pay attention to how it feels the moment you resolve to address and soothe these feelings of self-doubt and distress on your own. Learn how to tell yourself that you are good and worthy. You are worthy even on your worst days. Learn to believe in the value of caring a whole hell of a lot. Learn to enjoy being your own savior. Learn to ask yourself tough questions, and learn to answer them in reassuring ways.

Justin Bieber’s Marilyn Manson Concert Tee Is His Best-Selling Item at Barneys. I love this line: “If you were to draw a Venn diagram of Manson fans and Bieber fans, there would be roughly one person, maybe two in the center.” I am that person!

Useful Tool Will Help You Determine If Men Are Talking Too Much. Hahaha.

Sleeping cleans your brain! This is pretty amazing, so you should definitely read it… And then get an early night.

Here are the dangers of dating faux-feminist men.

A feminist man makes space for women to speak and to hold positions of power, even when that means stepping back from his own power. He defends and supports women when they need it, especially in spaces where a man’s voice holds more weight than a woman’s (which, let’s face it, is most spaces). He listens to and believes women, instead of interrupting or interrogating us, when we tell him our experiences and our concerns. He advocates feminism not just to women, but to men too, because he recognizes it’s not about winning points, it’s about making change. He unlearns the defensiveness that naturally comes up when we confront our own privilege, and then uses that privilege to do good in the world.

A brief history of the Tumblr witch.

Emoji spells! Yessssssssss.

Using Body Language. Yes, I’ve been researching!

The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit: This (free!) program is rooted in social and emotional brain science that engages the emotional brain and heart, as well as the reasoning mind. Its purpose is to teach you how to control troublesome thoughts, manage difficult emotions, have better relationships, and follow through on positive intentions.

Want a Better Marriage? Add Some Emotional Intelligence.

The emotional landscape that occurs when you are with your partner, is a process called emotional contagion. The term refers to the well documented fact that emotions can be likened to a social virus in that they spread from one person to another. Put another way, you can literally catch your partner’s anger, anxiety and depression, or similarly, you can mood infect your partner with confidence and enthusiasm.

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence. Apparently 90% of high performers have high emotional intelligence.

Makeup Magic: Beauty as Ritual, Empowerment, and Reclamation. This patriarchal standard for how people should present themselves creates the opportunity to use beauty as a tool to empower yourself and others, reclaiming something that has long been a method of oppression. This can go beyond the physical act of applying makeup, nail polish, or perfumes, and become a ritualistic practice, weaving magic into maquillage.

Interracial Dating Is Fundamentally Changing America. See also 7 tips for white women in interracial relationships.

Shirley Manson Is Turning 50 and DGAF About What You Think. And her hair is pink.

“Sometimes I look in the mirror, feel my shoulders slump, and am disappointed with what I see,” Manson says. “And I have imaginary voices about what people might say about me having pink hair at 50. But I’m at that point where I don’t give a fuck if you think it’s appropriate or not. Go fuck yourself and be boring! I want to be free to explore the person I want to be. … Sure, I’ll be compared to Taylor Swift or Sky Ferreira. I get that. But age is information. Age is empowerment. I’m tired of being told I must infantilize myself and pretend I’m younger than I am. I’m 50, and I have lived an incredible life.”

Astrological dating is a thing, and there’s an app for it.

What’s it like to be goth at 40 years old?

The Real Reason You’re So Tired All the Time. Worn down? Burned out? It’s probably time to let a few beastly burdens go.

Let the wild accusations fly as we look at the Salem witch trials.

Now That Taylor Swift Is Definitely Less Innocent Than She Pretends to Be, What’s Next?

Success is not a matter of luck — it’s an algorithm.

According to Branson, people who play it safe seldom get lucky. On the other hand, people who see themselves as lucky are also usually the ones who are prepared to take the greatest risks.

5 witchy travel destinations for any intrepid enchantress!

Donald Trump’s ghostwriter tells all… And it sure is ugly.

Get the epidural. It’s interesting that no one cares very much about women doing anything “naturally” until it involves their being in excruciating pain. No one ever asks a man if he’s having a “natural root canal.” No one ever asks if a man is having a “natural vasectomy.”

Why 30 is the decade friends disappear — and what to do about it.

The Kimye and Taylor Swift Feud Has Always Been About White Femininity and Blackness.

I tested the $50 light treatment that makes you trip balls. They have these in NYC too, I’m pretty keen to try!

A Meditation for Leo Season to Unleash Your Highest Self. So good!

Here are 5 signs you need a spirituality detox.

Do you ever feel like your intimate relationships are basically like being in emotional bootcamp? If so, you’re not the only one. Check out Alexandra’s piece on relationships as a path to enlightenment.

Period pride and loving your lady landscape.

Can you really power an organisation with love? (Yes!)

What should you do when you’re extremely unmotivated?

If You Loved Me, You Wouldn’t Want to Change Me. Is it true that we should simply accept our lovers as they are?

The desire to put one’s lover right is, in fact, utterly loyal to the essential task of love – to help another person to become the best version of themselves.

Charge It Up: A Clothing and Sigil Protection Spell.

The New Moon has since passed, but these tips still apply… 8 Ways to Hone Your Creative Genius at the Leo New Moon.

Anna Wintour has a beautiful wild garden on Long Island.

These Polish headdresses and wreaths are absolutely gorgeous.

I loved this interview between Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins.

Love and everything else,

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Carousel: Why You Should Refuse To Worry, Solo Sex Magic, And Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person


Happy July! Despite the insanity we’re experiencing in the USA right now, I hope you’re happy and healthy and looking after those around you. July has gotten off to a roaring start for me, with fireworks, love adventures, and concerts by the sea!

Here are a few of the best things I’ve read recently…

This is unreal — About A Virgo. I used to eat at this woman’s restaurant all the time!

The Toast is closing and here’s a piece about how making indie media with a small staff is impossible.

This is crazy. Tarot card reader kept murderer talking for an hour while waiting for police after dealing him death card.

What’s the “big real” of what you’re doing? Encouragement to think bigger from Danielle LaPorte.

This person has spent over $2k on Instagram props so far this year. Here’s a hint: just DON’T.

What’s the prognosis for media? Grim. Vice’s Shane Smith says we should expect a bloodbath within the next year.

New Uber Update Allows Users To File Lawsuit Against Company Directly In App. Lolololol.

Anthony Bourdain says don’t eat airplane food. And never drink in your hotel: find out where the people who work in your hotel drink.

Sorry, Not Sorry: My Apology Addiction by Lena Dunham.

I am a woman who is sometimes right, sometimes wrong but somehow always sorry. And this has never been more clear to me than in the six years since I became a boss. It’s hard for many of us to own our power, but as a 24-year-old woman (girl, gal, whatever I was) I felt an acute and dangerous mix of total confidence and the worst imposter syndrome imaginable.

How weed went from high times to high class.

Found Photographs of Perfect American Road Trips, Fifty Years Too Late and Street Style of the Great American Road Trip.

I’m truly obsessed with this post: The Existential: Ten Tips For Saturn-Neptune Success.

The Tragic, Pseudoscientific Practice of Forcing Addicts to ‘Hit Rock Bottom’.

Szalavitz argues, and argues compellingly, that when it comes to “hitting bottom” and so many of the other pseudoscientific approaches to fighting addiction, the actual goal — or part of it, at least — has always been to marginalize the addict, to set them apart and humiliate them. There’s a deep impulse to draw a clear, bold line between us, the healthy people, and them, the addicts. What clearer way to emphasize that divide than to cast them down into a rock-bottom pit, away from the rest of us?

To Get Happier, Focus on What Makes You Miserable

Americans are going to start wiping their butts differently, and — big surprise — it follows the Europeans by like, a million years.

Here’s why Weight Watchers doesn’t work.

Prince died from an opioid overdose. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin.

Erotic astrology! How does your Venus influence the way you love? How about your Mars?

This is why you will marry the wrong person.

This song by Sun Ra is the best comedown music ever.

Being surrounded by blue (aka water) makes you happier and correlates to less psychological stress. So let’s all move to the Greek Islands!

Wayne White has done a series of serveware at Fishs Eddy!

We are ‘almost definitely’ living in a Matrix-style simulation, claims Elon Musk.

The only expert on your dreams is you.

Don’t get hung up on finishing. Whatever you can do is a gift.

I was interviewed on BroadCast:Broads Building Businesses.

Fuck yes Laurie Penny. Is marriage worth it?

Emotional labour, Weigel reminds us, is not just the cleaning and the cooking and the wiping of snotty noses, but the organisation of households and relationships, the planning of marriage and fertility, the attention paid to birthdays and anniversaries, the soothing of stress, the remembering of food allergies – all the work, in short, that goes into keeping human beings happy on an intimate level. Someone has to do it, and the burden has fallen on women to such an extent that it has been naturalised, made invisible by the assumption that women and girls are just built to take care of all this stuff, if not by God then by nature, with a great deal of pseudo-scientific handwaving over the specifics. The idea that we might not be, and that we might furthermore be fed up of doing so thanklessly and for free, is profoundly threatening to the smooth running of society as we know it.

The reframing of marriage and partnership not just as work, but as optional work, raises real questions for women and girls thinking about “settling down”. Is it worth it? Is signing up for what might turn out, even if you’re lucky, to be a lifetime of domestic management too high a price to pay for limited reward? Do you actually want to spend years taking care of children and a partner when it’s hard enough taking care of yourself?

Lisa Bonet loves coconut oil and she looks amazing. 48! My god.

Here are some awesome and actually helpful Buddhists concepts to apply to life when things get tough. I love this post.

Refuse to worry and be more useful to your friends.

How to practice solo sex magic, and masturbation tips from a sex witch. Hello!

Here’s how to find your edge, and find true healing in discomfort. Aka, pull down your mask!

Stoya Said Stop. She was one-half of porn’s power couple before she accused her ex-boyfriend James Deen of rape. Now she’s trying to fix the industry from the inside.

Apparently the number of men you’ve slept with is a good indicator of how likely you are to get divorced. More than 9 sexual partners increases your risk for divorce by 30%. Whoah.

Your personality isn’t fixed. In other news, science supports the idea that you can literally be ANYONE you want to be.

“People can use their wonderful brains to think differently about situations,” Milgram says. “To reframe them. To reconstruct them. To even reconstruct themselves.”

In one experiment, many student subjects opted to give themselves mild electric shocks rather than sit alone with their thoughts. Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

Layla Martin is THE SHIT, I just discovered her recently and am so obsessed! Here’s her 10 minute sensual yoga practice, but you should go through her whole site because it’s rad.

How can you possibly figure out the value of the world’s largest diamond?

Anxiety magazine covers… This shit is FUNNY!

The lost gardens of NYC are beautiful!

Doubt is corrosive. Someone faced with doubt rarely brings her best self to the table. Doubt undermines confidence, it casts aspersions, it assumes untruths.

The Buenos Aires zoo is setting all the animals free!

Six ways to sexual healing from Alexandra Roxo. Essential reading for most of us.

This is pretty wild: Sexual Reflexology. Flick to page 91 where they start equating facial features with vagina size and you’ll be entertained at the VERY least.

Depression-Busting Exercise Tips For People Too Depressed To Exercise. It’s good stuff!

Here’s why French women swear by cooch coaches. That is not a typo.



This very illuminating David Copperfield interview starts at about 14 minutes.


This song never gets old.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Carousel: Reclaiming The Occult, Toxic Relationship Habits, And The Ultimate Palm Springs Travel Guide!


In the name of all that is holy, it is going to be June next week. WHAT?! (I know I say something similar every month, but that doesn’t make it any less true.) A few days ago, I had a miniature freak-out when I realised that the dawn of June was almost upon us, so I did what any sane Virgo would do: I cracked open a sketchbook, pulled out some neon markers, and started making a list of goals to be completed in the next two months.

If you are feeling similarly adrift and lazy-minded, I recommend it. It was exactly the kick in the butt I needed to make sure this year feels spectacular.

Okay, enough of that. Here are my favourite reads of the month!

The CEO might be her own boss, but she does not have to be her own bitch. OOOH GIRL. You’re speaking my language.

Where did all the Dicks go? The name has been on a steady decline since the 1970s.

The rapid decline in popularity in the ’70s was possible due to a negative association with a very famous Dick: Richard “Dick” Nixon, the U.S. president from 1969 to 1974 who was, by all indications, a raging dick.

Your ex doesn’t want to be your friend. He just wants to bone you. (Probably.) (Duh.)

The Rich Spend More Time With Friends, the Poor Spend More Time With Family. This is not totally surprising.

My new favourite way to start the day is with this five-minute affirmation workout with my babe Patricia Moreno. Seriously, try it. You’ll feel so good afterwards!

How Modern Women Are Reclaiming the Occult. Oh how I love pieces like this.

Dear Trauma, I Refuse. This one is a big, heavy read — and trigger warning to the extreme. But it’s also a beautiful story of healing and radical self love.

Shauna created the ultimate Palm Springs travel guide, so now you’ll know what to see, do and eat when you’re there!

True Erotic Crime Story: A Notorious Sex Temple and Its Ruling Pimp Priestess. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Here’s the totally NSFW penis identification guide.

10 ways to become sexually empowered and start having orgasms like you mean it.

Try an activity before sex where all the emotions floating around in your body from your day are articles of clothing. Now, one by one take them off. Do whatever it takes for you. Move through them alone, or with your partner so you can show up emotionally and physically naked. If there are things you aren’t saying they can easily manifest in between the sheets. If I feel emotional blockage, or unresolved sensitivity it creates a wall for me. I’m in my mind, not my body. I can’t participate fully in the sensations and experience and therefore I don’t come.

This is a good one: 6 toxic relationship habits that most people think are normal.

Why relationship readings don’t work, and 3 provocative questions that can turn your (love) life around.

Kill Them With Kindness. What happens when you ask your Twitter troll out for coffee?

I’ve often been asked in interviews about whether I’ve faced particular difficulties as a woman, getting to the stage I’m at in my career. When I think about it, early on, I didn’t face too much explicit adversity based on my gender. But in the last few years, since reaching a certain level of success and recognition in my field and on the web, the amount of hate mail, jealous remarks, and outright sexism I’ve experienced has multiplied exponentially.

Here are 10 of the best DIY aura-clearing techniques from one of our Radical Self Love Coven head witches, Tess Whitehurst!

Why Do All New Music Videos Look Like a Unicorn Threw Up on Them? Because… PINK IS BEST! Of course!

Beautiful people literally experience life differently than the rest of us.

On the Trail of Nabokov in the American West. On his cross-country trips chasing butterflies and researching “Lolita,” the Russian-born novelist saw more of the United States than did Fitzgerald, Kerouac or Steinbeck.

Jack Canfield’s list of 101 lifetime goals is unbelievably inspiring, and really got me excited. He wrote one of my favourite all-time books — The Success Principles — which you should definitely read.

I love Anne Ortelee and her astrological updates on Twitter.

Best friend tattoos are awesome.

What If There Was A Dubstep Song But Instead Of The Drop There Was Just The Seinfeld Theme Song?

No seances are to be performed in this Subway shop. “Sorry ok”

Here are the three pieces of criteria that create your personal level of self-esteem. You should definitely read this.

The single greatest determinant of how much you will esteem yourself is how you compare with your same-sex parent – whether you have achieved more or less than mum or dad.

Vagina art, because, of course.

Here’s your monthly tarot forecast for June, thanks to Biddy Tarot!

More generic male dating profile cliches than you can shake a stick at.

I loved Christopher Pike books. They were legitimately insane in the best way!

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Carousel: Chakra Healing For Your Home, Daria Cosplay, And Female Pharaohs!


Happy Friday! I don’t know how the hell it came to be May already, but here it is, in all its glory… Phew! I’m en route to Las Vegas as we speak, and I’m so excited for a few days of fun. Be sure to follow me on Snapchat (gala-darling) to get a taste of the ridiculousness that occurs…

Walking away, music history, and not trying to heal other people. 9 of the Best Things I Ever Did (Volume 2) from Danielle LaPorte.

Sweet Photo Series Reveals What’s In A Preschooler’s Pockets. Awesome.

James Altucher on how minimalism brought him freedom and joy. I particularly like this line: “Emails are a suggestion but not an obligation.” And this…

I never read random articles on the Internet unless they are by people I know. Mostly I read books I love. A friend asked me, when he heard all of this, “But aren’t you afraid you’re going to miss some information?” I asked him, “What information?” 99% of information we read, we forget anyway. The best way to remember is to “DO”. Otherwise, I look at nothing online. Experiences happen when you disconnect. And I choose experiences over goods or information.

20 Years As an Editor-in-Chief Didn’t Prepare Me for One Day of Working at Sephora. There’s a lot that goes into it.

Aw! Memories. Shauna wrote My New York City Cheat Sheet: 20 Things To Do In The City That Never Sleeps.

This Daria cosplay is so awesome.

Have you ever thought about chakra healing for your home?

Amelia Quint interviewed me and then broke down radical self love by astrological sign! So cool!

Unbelievably cute: Artist Transforms Vintage Vehicle into an Adorable Pop-Up Flower Shop.

Is Staying In the New Going Out? (Yeah, kinda.)

This is a great piece: Why Doreen Valiente is the Mother of Modern Witchcraft.

Rainbow grilled cheese is a real thing! I don’t know if I’d actually want to eat it, but it sure is pretty.

There are no more tv sets in dorm rooms because that is simply not part of the millennial lifestyle.

What the Scorpio full moon teaches us about love.

Some people literally cannot visualise things. Whoooooah.

Let’s talk about LEMONADE. Beyoncé’s LEMONADE is Sweet Tea = best review I’ve read. And this is hilarious. Lemonade and Vulnerability contains gems like this:

When you’ve loved so fully for so long, how disorienting it must feel to have to question all of it, including your own worth, that thing we tether so tightly to men. That she’s looking inward now — and calling upon the introspective musings of the great Warsan Shire, a natural progression from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie — tells me she’s preparing to have to love herself. It’s a lesson all women need to learn, and who better to hear it from than Beyoncé.

A new discovery sheds light on ancient Egypt’s most successful female pharaoh!

New Orleans threw a parade for Prince and it was incredible

The gifts of Mercury in retrograde in Taurus.

This man was taking upskirt photos in China, when a woman confronted him and forced him to eat his memory card!

All women can orgasm.

Arianna Huffington takes sleep really seriously. I love that she packs masking tape when she travels to cover up blinking lights in hotel rooms. Blinking lights and streetlights coming through the window etc. are the bane of my existence. I need total darkness, like a vampire!

Wow, fascinating. After ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight. Contestants lost hundreds of pounds during Season 8, but gained them back. A study of their struggles helps explain why so many people fail to keep off the weight they lose.

It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are. WHOAH.

I’m a bit obsessed with the way Gordon Ramsay makes scrambled eggs.

Heather’s love story is the cutest thing ever.

Love and stars,

Photo by Adam Custins.

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