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Carousel: Learning To Love Your Cellulite, Psychedelics As A Cure For Depression, And How To Diversify Your Life


Oh lord, what a month. It has been so intense. But one upside to a total upending of all things we know to be true and decent? SO MANY THINKPIECES, so much intelligent discourse, so much creativity. So here are a few of the best things I uncovered this month.

For the first time ever, I’ve split this into two sections. All the political pieces that I found valuable are stacked together at the end. If you’re not into it, you can skip it easily. But even if you’re usually not keen on reading about this kind of thing, I really encourage you to pick at least one and give it a go. That old idea that we “shouldn’t talk about politics” only creates problems and a lack of understanding. Being informed and compassionate and action-oriented is sexy. That’s all!

If you’re in a long distance relationship, how should you communicate?

The Psychological Case for Dressing Way Up (or Down) for Work.

“I believe in the power and appropriateness of semiotics,” he said, referring to the study of signs and symbols. “The clothes we wear, the accessories we wear, the way we groom ourselves sends a message about how we want the world to perceive us. It’s a very important responsibility and we need to accept that. I don’t care how people [do it], as long as they own it.”

Shauna wrote about external validation and remembering that you’re good enough.

This guy… There are not enough eye rolls. He got a girl pregnant, insisted she didn’t get an abortion, and now she isn’t involved in raising the child at all. Which is what they agreed upon. This thread… I mean, the arrogance is unreal.

I looooooved Chrissy’s piece on learning to love her cellulite. I experienced a similar personal revolution when I started wearing short-shorts this summer. I thought it would be the END OF THE WORLD. Surprise! No one cares!

Psychedelics as a remedy for depression and anxiety.

In Sweden, there is now a hotline to report mansplaining. Ahahaha.

This Revolutionary Parenting Insight Will Help Your Love Life.

If you learn to be your own caregiver — organizing your emotions through things like journalling, contemplation, and consciously befriending yourself and “practicing autonomy” rather than insisting that the people close to you all text you four times a day — then, over time, you can arrive at one of the more empowering phrases in psychology: earned security. “You do not have to have had a secure childhood to have a secure adulthood,” Hoffman says. “But you have to have a road map.”

I loved this post from Chani on Scorpio season and what it means to take responsibility and be resilient.

 New York is a very different place these days. Sleaze be gone: Buildings that housed New York’s former sex clubs have cleaned up their act.

A Fine Argument for Why Sex Is So Good. As if we needed more evidence…

A better way to understand the way people can lose their sense of selves during the act of sex is with trance, the same way that you might feel a sense of absorption on a particularly good night of dancing, a particularly strenuous yoga session, a particularly deep meditation, or a particularly satisfying run. “Intensely focusing on immediate sensations — such as those produced by rhythmic stimulation — is likely to reduce the amount of mental capacity available for other things.”

 Speaking of which: The One Real Way to Get Better at Sex, According to a Sex Researcher.

 We could probably all use this one about now. A Simple Way to Stay Grounded in Stressful Moments.

This is fascinating! Tim Robbins’s Prison Improv Classes Make Inmates Less Likely to Re-Offend.

If you went a little nuts this Black Friday/Cyber Monday, don’t worry. It could have been so much worse! Here are 5 shopping sprees so wild they made history.

What can you do if you have a gossiping boss? Other than quit, obviously. Hahah.

I love to use light and colour to influence the vibe of a space. If you do too, here are 27 Mood Lights to Keep You Happy, Relaxed, or Focused.

How to (Kind of) Master Your Neuroticism. This piece is great. The opposite of anxiety is exploration!

What does it mean when you feel “fat”?

There are four different types of introverts. Is it just me, or do people love studying introverts right now?

The Abortion-Rights Activist Who Believes in ‘Ferocious Love’.

Kanye was just released from hospital recently. Here are a couple of pieces about that: Kanye West, Celebrity, and Why We Should Be Quiet and Listen and On Kanye West and the Disposal Of Black Women And Femmes’ Mental Health.

We could definitely use some of Swedish’s untranslatable words for relationships.

Hahah… New Catholic App Will Help You Earn Forgiveness for Your Tinder Gangbangs.

Here’s how to become someone people love to talk to.

Can you believe that Michael Jackson’s Dangerous is 25 years old?! The World It Saw Looks Like the Present.

Have you ever wondered how the kaftan went global?

Here’s an expert guide on how to be a good listener.

Good stuff from James Altucher. How To Diversify Your Life.

Pick the people who will be the most positive in your life. People who you can look up to, who can look up to you. Eliminate everyone else. Not in a cold or cruel way. But in a way that makes sure you put the importance back on yourself. Make sure you are your own center of gravity. Anyone whose gravitational pull becomes too great needs to be put on “Halley’s Comet” status – once every 76 years and that’s it.

We all know this already but it’s nice to have it backed up by science. Comparing Yourself to Facebook Friends Is Bad News for Your Mental Health. (The real question is, what are you going to do with this information?)

Two rad people: James Altucher and Tim Ferriss. I like this bit — ‘The last thing Tim suggested, “Think about what advice your future self would give you right now.”‘

New Moon in Sagittarius: a call to action. I loved this piece about how, during Scorpio season, we butt up against the limits of our own mythic framework. As Sagittarius rolls in, we have to ask ourselves, where will we go from here? How will we constellate meaning from the real, rather than the wished-for? And how will that meaning inspire action?

Why can’t we all take Modafinil?

Man Magically Transforms Into Music Historian While Talking to Women. Hahahah!

Reynolds, who allegedly told Ms. Jones that Bikini Kill was “all about Billy Karren” and “the Frumpies are really good, probably better than Bikini Kill,” also asked whether she had “heard of X-Ray Spex, who are also better” before completely shouting over her answer. Reynolds claimed afterward that he didn’t recall the encounter with Jones. “I did what?” he asked, eyes wide, before lowering his gaze and whispering, “Not again…”


The Gathering Storm Of Protest Against Trump.

Paris Hilton voted for Trump. Honestly, this makes it really hard for me to continue liking her, even in an ironic sense.

Trump’s name has already been removed from these buildings.

After the Election, the White People of Los Angeles Adopted Pets. And uh, I did too.

He didn’t know how he had gotten so lucky. He would go home with this white woman and later she would take off her short-shorts, and he would get to see the remaining eighth of her butt. And if she hit her head and died, and her body lay there for days, he could eat that butt and probably live for a week. I smiled at the woman. “Congratulations!” I said.

How could Obama psychologically manipulate Trump for the better? Fingers crossed, man.

Obama reckons with a Trump presidency. This is a long read but a very good one.

“I think both Michelle and I are interested in creating platforms that train, empower, network, boost the next generation of leadership. … But what we’ll be most interested in is programming that helps the next Michelle Obama or the next Barack Obama, who right now is sitting out there and has no idea how to make their ideals live, isn’t quite sure what to do—to give them resources and ways to think about social change.”

One of the best things I read about the election, which helped me understand why the HELL educated white women voted for Trumpkin in such huge numbers. Why White Women Voted For Trump. Damn.

Good old Henry Rollins! Trump Is Going From Grabbing Pussies to Being One and White America Couldn’t Handle What Black America Deals With Every Day.

A Spiritual Perspective on the U.S. Election by my friends the AstroTwins.



Photo by Philip Lowe.

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Carousel: The Real Jessica Rabbit, David Copperfield’s Magical Homes, And Looking For Love As A Full-Time Job


Happy November! Oh man. Four days until the election and I just want the madness to be over. The clickbait is so extreme that I don’t even want to look at social media. Never forget that where people are pushing fear on you, someone is making money!

So, this I pledge to you: no election-related links. You can get your fill of that elsewhere, if you really want it. But these articles and videos are about anything but the American government. And thank goodness for that. I hope you enjoy this brief respite!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but being a feminist and loving makeup aren’t mutually exclusive. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says so.

Conor McGregor Explains How To Visualize, Manifest and Realize Your Dreams.

The Goosebumps conundrum: what makes a children’s book good? Geeeeeeeez I loved R.L. Stine as a kid!

Tavi’s recent editor’s letter about identity and how it is always in flux is a goodie.

Maybe we feel extra accountable to our established identities because it’s all online, and there have been many times when I’ve wanted to just ERASE EVERYTHING BECAUSE I CANNOT CO-EXIST WITH WHO I HAVE BEEN BEFORE. Recently I was telling a friend that I felt like an impostor when people would say they connected with something I wrote ages ago but which I no longer agree with, because I’m not any of those people anymore. And he was like, “You’re right, you’re not. You’re better. But you had to be all of them first.”

Ever wondered how to talk to strangers? Here are some good ideas.

A question to ask yourself: what do you want to be known for?

Again, not a surprise. Massive Study Proves The Pill Is Linked To Depression, But Nobody F**king Cares. Sigh.

If you’re an atheist, why not have a wedding that reflects your beliefs? Steal these vows!

I am excited about this. Tollbooths are going to disappear in NYC and be replaced with art installations and multi-colour light shows!

David Copperfield’s Homes Have the Magic Touch. The magician brings his passion for story-telling to his multimillion-dollar properties, incorporating arcade games, a collection of artists’ mannequins and an under-construction ‘secret jungle village’. At all of his homes, Mr. Copperfield said he aims not just to decorate, but to create immersive experiences. YES.

We Use Words to Talk. Why Do We Need Them to Think? Yeah, that’s actually pretty weird.

International playgirls take note: Google Trips is a killer travel app for the modern tourist.

This article is old, but it’s about how Thierry Mugler disappeared from the spotlight and re-emerged as a completely new person. Fascinating!

This review of a Rick Owens store is one of the funniest things I’ve read. So, so silly.

He brushed mohair until it almost inflated! Stunning.

Fatal Attraction: Has Instagram Brought Us Too Close to Our Idols? Pop stars are now opting to disable comments and privatize their accounts — if we can’t control our fandom, should we lose our privileges?

Here’s what you should do if you have 36 hours in Mumbai Bombay.

A 100 year old to-do list model that actually helps you get things done.

I’m still really confused by the fact that Billy Corgan became the president of a wrestling organisation, but it just got even weirder: he just filed a lawsuit against his own company.

A Pharmacy Advertised A ‘Man Tax’ And Men’s Rights Activists Lost It. Aahahahah.

MysticxLipstick is one of my favourite astrologers. Here’s a great interview with her.

Oh, wow. At what moment did you realise you were dating an idiot? If you only read one article from this list, make it this one.

…I made the present from the cat. I thought I was being cute and she would make the connection. Instead, she got pissed that my cat got her a present and I didn’t.

Has Justin Bieber outgrown himself?

Entertaining people for a living can be exhausting. It is a perpetual test in how much you can give to others without losing yourself in the process. You really do get the feeling that Justin Bieber has lost enthusiasm for some of the more widely celebrated aspects of his career, like he wants to be someone else but doesn’t know who that person is yet.

I am definitely feeling the Lilith return, how about you?

More about our ovaries: The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret.

So what’s the deal with “reverse racism”, really?

From the creepy file: UFO expert found dead after ‘vomiting black liquid’. WHAT?!

I love this! These Bachelor Contestants Fell in Love With Each Other Instead. Bless!

Hahaha. Saturday Night Live’s ‘A Girl’s Halloween’ is the realest thing that ever existed.

Marie Forleo’s interview with Seth Godin was even better than I thought it would be. LOVED IT!

White Feminists Gotta Go: Amy Schumer’s White Woman Foolishness. By attempting to replicate Beyoncé’s “Formation,” Schumer is firmly placing herself, as a white woman, at the center of a story where she has no place: black women’s self-love and sexual freedom.

My Sex Life Sucks: What I Learned from Attending a Sex Positivity Workshop.

The German Syrup That’s Like Time-Release Coffee. Hmmm… Interesting. Anyone tried it?

Scorpio SZN: How Astrology Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Drake. This article is a bit basic, but when you discover that he is a Cancer Moon and a Leo Rising, it tells you the WHOLE STORY.

How I Fell In and Out of Love with Cultural Appropriation.

It turns out that looking for love can be a full-time job.

The Book Of Life’s self-knowledge questionnaire is rad.

House-witching politics, or, is smudging your house cultural appropriation? The comments are fascinating.

Who was the real Jessica Rabbit? So cool.



Love always,

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Carousel: Drag Queens And Self-Love, MDMA As Therapy, And Why Women Don’t Keep Their Maiden Names


Happy almost-October! I have to admit that I’m finding all this Fall energy really inspiring. My mind is spinning with projects — I am literally in the middle of four big ones right now! — and all of this in addition to reworking my site. Yes! So exciting. I can’t wait for my new site to go live, and to show you everything else I’ve been cooking up. Something about the fact that the year is coming to a close has kicked my butt into high gear, and I’m loving it.

Without further ado, here are a WHOLE lot of links to finish off your month!

RuPaul won an Emmy and so he has been doing interviews like mad, which of course, I love. Here are some goodies: RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Art of Self-Love. Here’s why the fashion world loves Drag Race. (Duh.) ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Highlights the Struggle for Acceptance. How RuPaul Does It All—and Doesn’t Look Back. And RuPaul on Plastic Surgery and Being ‘Well’. Enjoy!

Instagram ‘celebrities’ are destroying the fashion industry. Substance, substance, substance.

When the fashion industry funds virtual “hearts” instead of real soul, we send a message to future generations that looking pretty is the same thing as creating beauty and building a “lifestyle brand” is the same thing as having a life. That’s just not true.

Apparently people who love gin are psychopaths. Okay then! Good to know!

Yumna Al-Arashi Is Upending the Stereotypes That Shackle Muslim Women. Yumna is great, I love her, and am so happy for her.

Gabrielle Union on sexual assault.

What happens when you use MDMA in a therapeutic setting to strengthen bonds with your lover or family?

Have your MDMA experiences changed the way you deal with conflict? Absolutely, yes. MDMA is egolytic [ego-dissolving] and the power struggle is between two egos. So, the more that the two egos feel separate, the more polarized the power struggle is. [With MDMA] you can empathically toggle between your perspective and theirs.

Here are 10 ways you can increase dopamine levels in the brain without medication.

I loved this. The war on drugs is an epic fail, narrated by Jay-Z and drawn by my girl Molly Crabapple! Here’s the other side of the story, told from a woman’s point of view.

How to be a writer: 10 tips from Rebecca Solnit. Genius.

Listen to your own feedback and remember that you move forward through mistakes and stumbles and flawed but aspiring work, not perfect pirouettes performed in the small space in which you initially stood. Listen to what makes your hair stand on end, your heart melt, and your eyes go wide, what stops you in your tracks and makes you want to live, wherever it comes from, and hope that your writing can do all those things for other people.

It’s hard to find vagina supplies, you know?

Sky Brown is 8 years old and she’s the youngest girl to ever skate in the Vans US Open Pro series. Badass!

I realised a while ago that friendships only deepen — or move past shallow waters — when we are vulnerable with one another, and this piece really sums it up. Friendship and vulnerability from The Book Of Life.

We get close to someone the more they – and we – find ourselves able gracefully to depart from the official story of what human beings are like, and can start to show the awkward truths which underlie the cheerful facade. These are the truths with which we have been lonely for too long: how unlike ‘normal’ sexuality our sex lives actually are; how full of envy our careers are proving; how unsatisfactory our family can be; how worried we are all the time.

Why So Few Women Keep Their Maiden Names. The percentage of women who keep their maiden names is at the same level it was in the 1970s. So why does the tradition persist?

“One family, one name. If she didn’t take my name, I’d seriously question her faith in us lasting as a couple. And I don’t want hyphenated kids,” wrote in Brandon Robert Joseph Peyton, an easily emasculated man-child with four first names.

A response to Marc Jacobs’ ridiculous excusing of white models in dreadlocks.

This is a 3D model of a clitoris – and the start of a sexual revolution.

James Altucher wrote about Dolf Lundgren, but not really.

I threw out everything I owned. But that is not minimalism. Minimalism is when I can throw out the thoughts in my head. The thoughts in my head are usually anxious, paranoid, panicked, etc. But when I have fewer thoughts it’s like watching a permanent sunset. So with each thought, I try to practice this: Label the thought “useful”, or “not useful”. When I am good at doing this I find I bounce back from loss incredibly quickly. When things are really bad, all I have to do is remind myself to label each thought.

I Used to Be a Human Being. An endless bombardment of news and gossip and images has rendered us manic information addicts. This is a really good read. I’ve started to think that we use cellphones the way we used to use cigarettes: as a physical barrier, to keep us safe, and to keep others away.

Rainbow art installations are good for you.

What’s the real reason white people say “all lives matter”? SIGH.

The problem with being “colorblind” — aside from the fact that we’re not really — is that it is really a white privilege to be able to ignore race.

I was interviewed for the Being Boss podcast with my girl Shauna, and we talked about business besties, balancing friendship and business when you go into business with a friend, doing what you believe in (despite the haters), and how to make friends as an adult.

This article is TRULY excellent: 8 ways you can survive and thrive in midlife. At every stage of life, you should be a rookie at something. Fuck yeah! And other great stuff.

Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School describes the eroding effect of short-term decisions — specifically, doing the activity that brings you immediate gratification (such as work) and putting off harder but ultimately more fulfilling activities (such as investing in your marriage and children). I talked with many people who privileged work over family because work brought immediate rewards.

My Weirdly Life-Changing Month Using Affirmation Apps. I love this! Have a read.

Apparently Staying Friends With Your Ex Is Ruining Your Current Relationship. I don’t think this is necessarily true for everyone, but it’s worth a read to see if you recognise yourself in some of these behaviours.

Your Instagram photos can reveal whether you have depression. I’ve been saying this forever! Colour is meaningful!

Ever wondered about all those ridiculous “tummy teas” on Instagram? Check this out: Teatox Party. How laxative teas took over Instagram, one $250,000 celebrity endorsement at a time.

The depiction of NYC apartments in television has shifted rapidly since the heady days of Carrie Bradshaw’s $750/month apartment with a walk-in closet. Fictional New York City Apartments Get Real.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t give a fuck what you say.

The Dirty 30 Commandments of Working for Yourself: How to Slay Like an Unf*ckwithable Boss. YES girl.

Here’s how to DIY a writing retreat that is super-cheap, and super-effective.

Below is a video from my friend Terri Cole about healthy love. You’ll learn how to authentically apologize, why it’s important to show physical affection, how flexibility could change your relationship and your life, when jealousy is actually just insecurity (hint: always!), and how to appreciate every day with your partner.





Have a beautiful weekend!

Photo via Gucci. Meeeeeeeeow.

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Carousel: Palm Reading, Dealing With Anxiety Through Breathwork, And Relationship-Themed Tarot Card Spreads!


Welcome to another Carousel! As I write this, I’m in London, about to fly home to New York City after a whirlwind trip around the Amalfi Coast, Milan, and Marrakech. It has been unreal but I can’t wait to go home!

Here are some wonderful and fascinating things to read this weekend…

A brief history of reading my friends’ palms. By the way, if you want to learn how to do this, check out Palmistry 101: A Guide To Palm Reading For Enchanted Babes!

Janet Jackson as pop royalty.

What does it mean to smell like a man? On fragrant masculinity.

Joanne the Scammer and the man behind it all.

What A Black Woman Wishes Her Adoptive White Parents Knew. This is a beautiful piece, very thoughtful and illuminating.

I am heavy at the thought of what we cannot say. I’m so heavy I cannot wait for him to leave. To be free of his whiteout of an embrace. How can a father hold me and erase me all at once? It is February and Obama has been the President for less than a month and I am wondering what these black men standing beside us are thinking of me as I hug my white father in the place where Oscar’s blood fell.

Dealing with anxiety by learning breathwork.

Here are ten relationship-themed tarot spreads.

Tony Robbins on SuperSoul Sunday.

File this one under “unsurprising”: 67 percent of white social media users don’t post about race. Most of them don’t see others discussing the topic either.

Can personality be changed? Actually, yes. It’s not as fixed as we once thought.

How to Bio-Hack Your Brain to Have Sex Without Getting Emotionally Attached.

OMG, dying over Real Housewives Of Christchurch.

This cracked me up. Police carry out controlled explosion on pesto sandwich. Officers were called to the scene at 4:40pm on Sunday after a brown bag was seen at a bus stop near the Sainsbury’s.

5 pointers for developing freedom-based creativity & work habits. Which is to say, you’ve got to dissolve guilt and rock your own rhythm.

I know my boyfriend is abusive, why can’t I leave?

He—like abusers generally do—wants for you to feel small, or stupid, or worthless. It serves his need for power and control. So no matter what you do, even if it is the most Correct thing in the history of all things, he wants you to be wrong—and to feel wrong—so much that he will change his tactics in order to keep you wrong. It serves him.

Why are the 5 Love Languages so useful? ‘Cause they help you read your partner’s weird mind.

If you’re an introvert,the hangover from socialising can be hard work.

What if you’re nervous about receiving oral sex?

Are you an ambivert (aka an introvert/extrovert hybrid)?

On being gay, and are people really born gay? The answer, of course, is complicated.

September is likeJanuary, redux.

I love you!

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Carousel: Too Needy To Love, Faux-Feminist Men, And Tumblr Witches


Dear God, it’s August. Let’s not talk about it. I’m desperately clinging to the last few days of summer, despite the persistent thunderstorms circling NYC for the next week!

Here are some of the craziest, weirdest, most interesting, and thought-provoking pieces I’ve found over the last month or so. Enjoy!

Daddies, “Dates,” and the Girlfriend Experience: Welcome to the New Prostitution Economy. A growing number of young people are selling their bodies online to pay student loans, make the rent, or afford designer labels. Is it just an unorthodox way to make ends meet or a new kind of exploitation? Nancy Jo Sales investigates.

Ask Polly: When Will My Boyfriend Realize I’m Too Needy to Love?

Decide for yourself instead. Pay attention to how it feels the moment you resolve to address and soothe these feelings of self-doubt and distress on your own. Learn how to tell yourself that you are good and worthy. You are worthy even on your worst days. Learn to believe in the value of caring a whole hell of a lot. Learn to enjoy being your own savior. Learn to ask yourself tough questions, and learn to answer them in reassuring ways.

Justin Bieber’s Marilyn Manson Concert Tee Is His Best-Selling Item at Barneys. I love this line: “If you were to draw a Venn diagram of Manson fans and Bieber fans, there would be roughly one person, maybe two in the center.” I am that person!

Useful Tool Will Help You Determine If Men Are Talking Too Much. Hahaha.

Sleeping cleans your brain! This is pretty amazing, so you should definitely read it… And then get an early night.

Here are the dangers of dating faux-feminist men.

A feminist man makes space for women to speak and to hold positions of power, even when that means stepping back from his own power. He defends and supports women when they need it, especially in spaces where a man’s voice holds more weight than a woman’s (which, let’s face it, is most spaces). He listens to and believes women, instead of interrupting or interrogating us, when we tell him our experiences and our concerns. He advocates feminism not just to women, but to men too, because he recognizes it’s not about winning points, it’s about making change. He unlearns the defensiveness that naturally comes up when we confront our own privilege, and then uses that privilege to do good in the world.

A brief history of the Tumblr witch.

Emoji spells! Yessssssssss.

Using Body Language. Yes, I’ve been researching!

The Emotional Intelligence Toolkit: This (free!) program is rooted in social and emotional brain science that engages the emotional brain and heart, as well as the reasoning mind. Its purpose is to teach you how to control troublesome thoughts, manage difficult emotions, have better relationships, and follow through on positive intentions.

Want a Better Marriage? Add Some Emotional Intelligence.

The emotional landscape that occurs when you are with your partner, is a process called emotional contagion. The term refers to the well documented fact that emotions can be likened to a social virus in that they spread from one person to another. Put another way, you can literally catch your partner’s anger, anxiety and depression, or similarly, you can mood infect your partner with confidence and enthusiasm.

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence. Apparently 90% of high performers have high emotional intelligence.

Makeup Magic: Beauty as Ritual, Empowerment, and Reclamation. This patriarchal standard for how people should present themselves creates the opportunity to use beauty as a tool to empower yourself and others, reclaiming something that has long been a method of oppression. This can go beyond the physical act of applying makeup, nail polish, or perfumes, and become a ritualistic practice, weaving magic into maquillage.

Interracial Dating Is Fundamentally Changing America. See also 7 tips for white women in interracial relationships.

Shirley Manson Is Turning 50 and DGAF About What You Think. And her hair is pink.

“Sometimes I look in the mirror, feel my shoulders slump, and am disappointed with what I see,” Manson says. “And I have imaginary voices about what people might say about me having pink hair at 50. But I’m at that point where I don’t give a fuck if you think it’s appropriate or not. Go fuck yourself and be boring! I want to be free to explore the person I want to be. … Sure, I’ll be compared to Taylor Swift or Sky Ferreira. I get that. But age is information. Age is empowerment. I’m tired of being told I must infantilize myself and pretend I’m younger than I am. I’m 50, and I have lived an incredible life.”

Astrological dating is a thing, and there’s an app for it.

What’s it like to be goth at 40 years old?

The Real Reason You’re So Tired All the Time. Worn down? Burned out? It’s probably time to let a few beastly burdens go.

Let the wild accusations fly as we look at the Salem witch trials.

Now That Taylor Swift Is Definitely Less Innocent Than She Pretends to Be, What’s Next?

Success is not a matter of luck — it’s an algorithm.

According to Branson, people who play it safe seldom get lucky. On the other hand, people who see themselves as lucky are also usually the ones who are prepared to take the greatest risks.

5 witchy travel destinations for any intrepid enchantress!

Donald Trump’s ghostwriter tells all… And it sure is ugly.

Get the epidural. It’s interesting that no one cares very much about women doing anything “naturally” until it involves their being in excruciating pain. No one ever asks a man if he’s having a “natural root canal.” No one ever asks if a man is having a “natural vasectomy.”

Why 30 is the decade friends disappear — and what to do about it.

The Kimye and Taylor Swift Feud Has Always Been About White Femininity and Blackness.

I tested the $50 light treatment that makes you trip balls. They have these in NYC too, I’m pretty keen to try!

A Meditation for Leo Season to Unleash Your Highest Self. So good!

Here are 5 signs you need a spirituality detox.

Do you ever feel like your intimate relationships are basically like being in emotional bootcamp? If so, you’re not the only one. Check out Alexandra’s piece on relationships as a path to enlightenment.

Period pride and loving your lady landscape.

Can you really power an organisation with love? (Yes!)

What should you do when you’re extremely unmotivated?

If You Loved Me, You Wouldn’t Want to Change Me. Is it true that we should simply accept our lovers as they are?

The desire to put one’s lover right is, in fact, utterly loyal to the essential task of love – to help another person to become the best version of themselves.

Charge It Up: A Clothing and Sigil Protection Spell.

The New Moon has since passed, but these tips still apply… 8 Ways to Hone Your Creative Genius at the Leo New Moon.

Anna Wintour has a beautiful wild garden on Long Island.

These Polish headdresses and wreaths are absolutely gorgeous.

I loved this interview between Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins.

Love and everything else,

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