What I Wore: Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Last week was such an adventure! My parents were visiting from New Zealand for 10 days, and it was absolutely non-stop. On Monday, my parents and I drove to Palm Springs to pick up the wifey Nubby and stay at the Parker. After that, we drove to Las Vegas for two nights, and then back to Los Angeles where we attended an Elton John concert and I wore perhaps the best outfit of my entire life!

In a┬ánod to my old fashion blogging days (y’all! Do you remember that?!), here’s some visual documentation!

Shauna and I by the infamous cinderblock wall at the Parker. We ended up — completely serendipitously — wearing the same outfit: black bodysuit, black leggings, boots, and faux furs. My coat is from Dollskill! I had seen it on the site, dilly-dallyed and not bought it, and then it disappeared! I stalked the site for AT LEAST two months before it reappeared, and I’m so glad I did. It’s one of my favorite faux furs ever!

Two days later, we were in Las Vegas, running around a mall to buy looks for our helicopter ride. These matching neon faux furs made us feel Aspen-ready, and you have to wear aviators if you’re going in a helicopter!

I really believe that you can’t go wrong with a turtleneck bodysuit, high-waisted leggings, and a chain belt. In fact, I’m realizing that a bodysuit and leggings is pretty much my eternal uniform. What really changes is my hair, a coat, or the boots I wear around them!

I couldn’t resist buying sunglasses for ALL of us so that we could match. My parents really are game for anything!

See? I blended in seamlessly! Hahah.

On our way to and from the helicopter, we were treated to a psychedelic limousine ride. I was living all my Hunter S. Thompson meets rock star fantasies!

Later that night, we changed outfits to go and see Billy Idol. I love traveling with Shauna because she always inspires me to try things that are slightly different. I felt very Clueless in this fuzzy cropped polo, and was doing my best to channel 90’s Chanel with the draped gold belt. (But with a Gala twist, of course.)

We had the BEST dinner at Catch before the show. And Billy was incredible — snarling and gyrating with the best of them!

Eventually, we came back to Los Angeles, and even though I told my parents I needed a day off to work, I discovered that Elton John was playing and we promptly bought tickets! Haha.

I’m in a purple wig (I buy all my wigs on Amazon by the way), gold rhinestone Gucci glasses, a black bodysuit (of course), silver sequin pants by Milly, silver chainmail ankle boots, and an insane purple leopard-print faux fur that I bought a million years ago in Australia. I remember that it absolutely did not fit in my suitcase, I think I had to wear it back to New York… But it was worth every moment.

And you oughta know: Elton John was spectacular. If you can catch him on his farewell tour… You should. Never pass up the opportunity to see a living legend!

Love always,